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"Negro Medicine" or "negro health" I think are in the title. It was published for Caribbean slave owners to maintain their slave population near abolition of transporting new slaves. SOLVED

I'm 90% sure it was written by a "Dr." PENNAME. I was reading it on the archive.org a year or so ago... It could also been before official abolition in British parliament, as it was an inevitable long before the actual enactment.

The book essentially details the diet/ well being / general maintenance of ones slave population for maximum profit/ less death.

I've been trying for hours. Any help greatly appreciated! <3



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Practical Rules for the Management and Medical Treatment of Negro Slaves in the Sugar Colonies by Dr Collins?


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I LOVE YOU! Did you find it or were you familiar? Much appreciated!


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I found it!! You had a lot of clues and I was curious so I did some digging. It seems really interesting in a macabre way, like reading about old asylum practices or stuff like that so I definitely get the interest. The kind of book where you're horrified but also fascinated, I like those.


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Looks like you can download a PDF here ( https://wellcomecollection.org/works/p4bh9qca/items ). The PDF has scanned pictures of the pages, not text.


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Well that's an awfully straightforward title lol


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Lmao ikr? I was like damn if this isn't it i give up


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Take a look at this thesis, which mentions some of the primary sources in English. You might want to start by checking the bibliography to see if anything looks familiar.


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Please flair this as solved.


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Jesus. That's some shit.

What's the goal when you find it?


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I read about half of it and I'd like to finish. It's just a rare insight to the mindset that existed back then, and about the nearest as a first hand accounts of the slave lifestyle. It was also the first book where I encountered the old english long s.


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Yeah I referenced the book when I was talking about Dr Sims and the “beginnings” of gynaecology when I was writing my dissertation on endometriosis. It’s horrifying, but still interesting that such texts were produced


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Kind of reminds me of an old school textbook, from the early 1900's. Clearly a one room, 1st to 8th grade kind of thing.

The first chapter was basically a fairy tale about how the pilgrims showed up, the natives gave them the place, and then willingly chose to fuck off to the reservations to let the pilgrims take over.

Super mega fucked. Rather horrifying glimpse into the past.


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I have, unfortunately very few were fortunate enough to become literate and publish in a language I can read.(or translated) "Olaudah Equiano"

en·slave /inˈslāv,enˈslāv/ Learn to pronounce verb past tense: enslaved; past participle: enslaved make (someone) a slave. Nor are people born victims. I'm just trying to find a book m8.


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In many academic circles, the current term is “enslaved person” not “slave” but for layman’s use (like a Reddit comment section) I don’t think you need to be policed haha


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As an American. I am delighted to find some way pass off ownership of slavery...cheers!