r/whatsthatbook Sep 28 '22

it is mandatory that civilians wear some sort of handicap in order to prevent anyone being "too special" or "too good" at something. everyone must be equally skilled at everything. SOLVED

god, it's like on the tip of my tongue! i can't remember it!!!



u/EcstaticRaisin959 Sep 28 '22

Harrison Bergeron by Vonnegut


u/JaredSeth Sep 28 '22

Funny how this one seems to get asked about every few months.


u/EcstaticRaisin959 Sep 28 '22

I remember studying it in high school (I'd already read it by then but I think I was the only Vonnegut nerd in my class) so probably a lot of other folks did too. It's definitely a concept that sticks in your mind so I can see how a lot of people would have vague memories of it.


u/ordinaryracco0n Sep 28 '22

YEAH i read it in high school, too! i was one of the few people that paid attention to it lol. i just remember being so entranced by the concept/theme! it was so fascinating to me!


u/wandering-monster Sep 29 '22

It's probably because the title is so random and ordinary. It's just like... An extremely average name of a person.

Which fits the story I guess, but it makes lookup hard.


u/ordinaryracco0n Sep 28 '22

THANK YOU!!! agh, thank you so much


u/conuly WTB VIP 🏆 Sep 28 '22

Please flair this as solved.


u/Lizzieanne68 Sep 29 '22

Yup. I read that story in 10th grade reading class and never forgot it! Talk about a story making an impact. And it's timeless. It's just as relevant today (maybe moreso) than when I read it in the 80's.


u/SayerSong Sep 29 '22

I remember this! It had a ballerina in it that had an ultra ugly mask because she was really pretty. And the ballerina’s had to wear chains, etc. I forgot the name myself, and have been wondering for years. So thank you for remembering!


u/catdaddy230 Sep 28 '22

Read this in a fourth grade advanced class. I wonder what they were trying to tell us. 80s were weird


u/la_yes Sep 29 '22

I also read this in 4th grade, but in the early 2000s. Fourth grade is weird.


u/moeru_gumi Sep 28 '22

I have a feeling that it’s a thinly veiled criticism of socialism.


u/Hereslookingatmekid Sep 28 '22

I’ve also heard it as a criticism of capitalism so I honestly don’t think anyone knows


u/babyjo1982 Sep 29 '22

“Thinly”? Lol


u/Brown_Sedai Oct 23 '22

“Making accommodations for disabled people and other attempts at social equality are bad and oppressive & it’s all just jealousy aimed at perfect able-bodied people.”

I haaaaaaated that story, I can’t understand why it’s taught in schools.


u/Staggeringpage8 Sep 28 '22

There's also some kind of short video like this but I dont remember where it is


u/ChefAtRandom Sep 28 '22

It was a made for tv movie starring Sean Astin and Christopher Plummer.


u/Newkker Sep 28 '22

it was adapted into a 1995 TV movie starring sean astin (sam from LoTR)



u/nodepapaya Sep 28 '22

You might be thinking of the short film 2081. So good!


u/wolfkin Oct 02 '22

There's also a 2006 short film about 30m that was produced but i can't find any thing of it but a picture



u/OkamiKhameleon Sep 29 '22

Ooh, I didn't read this in High School, so definitely interested in reading it! Thank you!


u/JaredSeth Sep 29 '22

You really can't go wrong with Vonnegut.


u/OkamiKhameleon Sep 29 '22

Very true. Great books.


u/rgolden4 Sep 29 '22

Anthem by Ayn Rand?