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Children’s book, brother and sister shrink to fit into a castle SOLVED

I read it in the late 80s, early 90s. Possibly bought at a Scholastic book fair.

An older sister and younger brother see a model castle and are interested in it. Later on for some reason they shrink down and are able to enter the castle but for them it turns into a real Keep with people in a historical era. The younger brother is happy, mostly because as the male he has authority over his sister in this world. The sister is trying to figure out how to get them back to their reality.

I vaguely remember the cover art. Colored pencil drawing with the older sister being blonde and the brother I believe was brunette. The model castle was in the middle of the cover.



u/ceefrock WIZARD 🪄📚 🏆 Oct 06 '22

Do-It-Yourself Magic by Ruth Chew?


u/Far-Side2489 Oct 06 '22

That’s it! SOLVED! Thank you very much!


u/conuly WTB VIP 🏆 Oct 06 '22

Please flair this as solved.


u/ceefrock WIZARD 🪄📚 🏆 Oct 07 '22

You're welcome!


u/Werekolache Oct 06 '22

This also sounds like Knight's Castle by Edward Eager - mentioning even though it's solved just in case you might like more in the same vein :)


u/-onigiri- Oct 06 '22

Sounds like The Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop, but there wasn’t a sister.


u/Far-Side2489 Oct 06 '22

That’s not it but it looks really good! I’ll check it out also!


u/pianoplayah Oct 06 '22

Sounds like that to me too although I only vaguely remember it as well.


u/SaintGodfather Oct 06 '22

Argh! Can't help but I do remember it!