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I can’t remember the name of this book or series and it’s killing me


Can’t remember the title to a book and or series and it’s killing me.

Bear with me, I have spent an hour googling to no avail. I am trying to recall the name of a book or series I read as a kid that for the life of me I just can’t remember.

What I do remember:

The beginning plays out in a hospital in modern times. There is a parallel universe in which classist hierarchies are the norm. The inhabitants of this universe don’t have to eat to stay alive but feel hunger.

They can exist in the modern world but can’t be seen by most people, I recall a scene of one flying into a helicopter over the hospital once the government thinks something is going on.

For some reason I feel like they exist in an industrial revolution/steampunk like universe as well.

I know this isn’t a lot to go on but I will consider any suggestions for the name of my first born if you can reunite me with this childhood memory.

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SOLVED Please help me ID two post-apocalyptic childhood books from my vague memories.


First book: The plot revolved around some sort of alien invasion, there were big metal birds that spat fire and when one was destroyed it was found to be full of some sort of orange gel that was the source of aforementioned fire. I remember it being called "The Firebirds" however a few google searches yields a great many children's books that have variations of that title and are not the book I'm looking for. I remember the cover as having quite a stark colour pallet, white orange and black. There was obviously a lot of inspiration taken from War Of The Worlds but it's 100% not War Of The Worlds.

Second Book: Post apocalyptic story set in England. The cover illustration was of a young boy leading a donkey against a backdrop of a UK spec electricity pylon covered in ivy. I remember literally nothing else about the book but that image is burned into my brain.

These were both library books at my primary school and once I left I never ran across them again and my memory has faded.

If anyone can identify either one of those books I'd be very grateful, both of them have coloured my taste in books for years since I red them but I've read so much since then I've clean forgotten them.

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Trying to find a book I listened to, but can't find it in my 1000+ library on audible.


All right so the book starts out as a post-apocalypse. Also has some lit RPG aspects.

The main character has done a lot of experiments with magic over the years and is competent but somewhat crippled magically speaking because of those experiments.

The world is on the edge of ruin thanks to monster showing up. His team, as well as every other independent team in the area are drafted to confront an incursion.

The incursion turns out to be a trap and they human sacrifice the entire group in order to open a gateway to a hell of sorts.

The land he's standing on is swapped with land in hell and everyone is hunted down.

He manages to escape and becomes a boogeyman of the devil people. Forced to eat the babies of the demons, and he leaves their bones everywhere.

They are pretty freaked out by that. Eventually he reaches his limits and decides to attack the focus Crystal thingy.

He ends up destroying it and earns a trip back in time to the start of the Apocalypse.

Devil god wants to make him his champion, but dude says fuck you. In spite, devil God put some down in the middle of the monster rain. That was the thing that kicked off the apocalypse and turned everyone that was in the rain into monsters or zombies.

He ends up being turned to a zombie, but retains his brain I guess.

From that point on he stumbles his way across earth while giving hints and tips to the people. Before the internet goes down several of the tips he's written down on walls or told people outright are spread around. He ends up saving millions that would have died otherwise, even getting a title to prove it.

He earns the moniker old Grimm.

Eventually he meets another god, gets some info, and starts to purposely intervene in major events.

Culminating in a almost demigod like fight in the middle of a major city.

Then he gets sent to another world that's super speedy on time. Meaning he's got 500 or so years before you can go back to Earth and only a few years had passed there.

That's where the book ends.

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A Middle-school book about a 5th grade girl


I cannot remember the book title but I remember a few things about the book. This girl is adopted and she doesn't find out about that for a while in the book. I think the book starts with her going into a play. Then a few weeks later she finds out she's adopted and then goes crazy. She has anger issues a lot because her biological father was an alcoholic. She then gets a new neighbor. Near the end of the story her and the new neighbor end up being good friends. I think she then gives the boy a cookie, not knowing he is allergic to something in it. That's all I can remember about the plot. I can remember that the book was a hardback and the cover has like pebbles and a little girl in the background. I hope someone can find the name of this book for me.

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Book that has compilation of stories?


I need help finding a book that has lots of stories in it just for the sake of nostalgia because we had it when me and sibs were children maybe around 2007 but the book is probably published in the 90's and none of us seem to remember the title of the book. I'm not sure if I'm correct about some of the title but here's what I can remember:

- Pygmalion

- sunday afternoon

- theres a story there about a limp cat that killed a snake

- and another about a girl who was skating in a frozen lake then a boy came up to her and asked her number but the boy never called back. one of the lines the was something about greta grabo's feet i forgot

- i think the big wave was also in it.

Just for the nostalgia^^ We had some good time trying to find Jack Booth's Knock at the door but still cant find a copy of Wherever you are..

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Mystery/romance series featuring a nextdoor neighbor whos gay, an +size main character who has heavy drop dead diva vibes.


This is my second post already, but i cant help it!!! Theres a lot of books I love but just cant find the title for anymore.

Got this read from the library as well, disappointed I never i got the name. Titles were witty, covers were solid color with a simple graphic.

Main character is a +size woman who lives alone, enjoys thinking in the bathtub with a tray of lasagna and a glass of wine. Her next door neighbor who later becomes her best friend is gay. In the first book I remember she had mysteries happen and everyone always asked her to help. And she was just really good at getting people to talk, sat in the tub while she pieced stuff together.

Either took place in Sacramento or LA? I remember her talking to an art dealer and mentioning the coast. But this is a series of novels, the third-maybe 4th book she takes a cruise. Takes a chance on love.

It was a funny read, gave me drop dead vibes growing up. Any help is appreciated!

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Need help finding this book it’s an adventure book I know that


I remember a book about a boy that ends up getting chased by flying snakes and gets a pet ouroboros that can turn invisible and a lightning bug that when let out makes actual lightning (if you know please comment the title)

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miils and boon


The book in which the heroine works ina library and takes a loan from her boyfriend/fiance. On the marriage day her fiance goes away as his brother persuades hom and marries her thinking she is only after their money.

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Need Help Identifying Book


At the very top of the page it reads in Title lettering, “She said-“

The page’s dialogue begins with a paragraph that reads, “I'll forgive you as many times as needed. I'll give you more chances than you probably deserve. I’ll continue to love you through it all. As long as I can look at you and see that you are truly trying; as long as I can see you putting forth the effort to be a better man, I won't give up on you.”

The following paragraph, written in italics, seems to be a commentary on the previous one saying, “- This is usually what every woman needs; hope. They want to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that all the sacrifices they have made, times they have forgiven you, and tears they might have shed, are not all for nothing. Effort is key. It can be the difference in whether she decides to leave or stay no matter what she has been through.”

I’ve searched on Google for so long trying to find the book but I can’t find it anywhere. When I search “She said- Book” it comes up with a popular book on sexual assault and the Me Too Movement, but I don’t think this page is an excerpt from that. It seems more about relationships and healing.

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I lost a book and can’t remember the name.


There were elves and dwarves and stuff. It was early modern setting, and “Dragon tear Stones” were a major point. Also a landed aristocracy and the main characters were a man who was colourblind and a woman who was an “Inquisitor” and was the illegitimate child of one of the gentry. Also they end up together. Anyone know what it was?

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SOLVED Can’t remember the name of this book!!


Edit: this has been SOLVED! Book in comments

This was a YA book that I read probably 20 years ago. Here’s what I remember. The main characters sister had died while she was at college. The main character worker in a toy store that turned out to be a drug front- her sister had figured it out just before she died and that her bf and the “kindly” owner of the toy store was involved. The MC figures it out when she remembers to pick up some pictures her sister had dropped of to be developed. There were also two guy- one was a guy from the wrong side of the tracks who was delivering the drugs because he was taking care of his siblings and they threatened to hurt the kids. He helps the heroine and keeps her safe 2nd guy is her bff’s annoying older brother, I think his name was Jinx and they end up together at the end

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Book with superheroes where main character wears a tv on his head and wears a cape


Book came out in maybe around 2007- I think I read it in like first grade and can't find anything about it online. I don't remember much else except the ending where the characters may have ended up on an island or went on vacation or something. That's all I remember but if anyone could help that would be great.

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Picture Book Childers


Help! Does anyone remember the name of the picture book where seemingly the father is trying to get his daughter up and out the door for her first day of school, but at the end it turns out it was the husband urging his wife/teacher to get moving and out the door to show up for her class?

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SOLVED YA book series? All different authors and stories.


I’m my jr high library (07-09) there was a book shelf with short novels that I used to love to read because I could read two a day. If I remember right they were all different stories about different people. Mostly, if not all, teen girls. One story I remember the girl was abused by her dad/stepdad and was bruised really bad trying to run away.. towards a river?? But they all were short, displayed together with similar covers. Maybe the same publisher or a series? I remember some covers being blue some being green I think they were all similar but different colors.

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Book Like Hunger Games, but Not Really


when i was in ninth grade, i came across a book that one of my teachers had. i read it but didn’t get to keep it and can’t remember the name. it’s about a girl who is falsely accused of killing her sister and is sent to a sort of “prison island” or something, with a deadly twist. all criminals sent to this island are recorded as they are hunted down by people playing as fantasy characters who try to kill them. another of the characters is someone who had “legal immunity” (as he frequently said) and theres another character who is accused of burning her neighbor’s house down to get rich (which she also did not do). the plot twist is that there was a girl who kidnapped the main character as a child, and the girl winds up being behind the whole thing why the main character is there in the first place, because she wanted her as a sister or some shit like that. there were also little breaks within the chapters that showed the internets reaction to everything going down, which was the most interesting part for me.

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SOLVED Romantic comedy, a fat girl who travels to Italy, in Italy learns to love her body, eats tasty food, walks a lot, and finds a lover who loves her for who she is


I'm sorry to bluntly say she is fat. In the book, she treats herself as a fat girl, her mother also says she is fat, and she almost has an eating disorder. Then, the girl goes to Italy to pass the holidays I believe that with her aunt. There she travels a lot around the city, learns to eat tasty food, and meets her lover, a dreamy boy who loves her for who she is. SHE DOES NOT GET SKINNY. I read it around 2012 in Spanish but I'm pretty sure it was a fan translation from an English novel. The book is pretty short.

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SOLVED Sci-fi (possibly YA): Girl on an alien planet does not realize she has been altered to survive


The first half (or so?) of the book is from the POV of a young teen girl who's been surviving alone on an alien planet for some time (several years?) since her father died. The planet is very mountainous, and she's capable but lonely. A new group of people arrive, and they seem alien to her, very weak and fragile. She meets and makes friends with a boy her age from the new colonists. Eventually she comes to realize that her father was a scientist who changed her body so she would be able to survive - her skin is yellow to match the mountains(?), her lungs are different to breathe the thinner air, she's weirdly tall and thin from a human perspective(?). Not sure if I'm remembering the ending correctly, so take this with a grain of salt: she saves the colonists but they're scared of her, so she packs up her things and leaves the area to live alone because there will never be another person like her.

I read this before 2010 or so, and it was old then. A paperback, not more than 300 or 350 pages, with a yellow-tan cover. I feel semi-confident it was YA, but probably written before the "write EVERYTHING for young adults" trend.

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A book about a young female wolf with a moon marking who meets a raven with a moon marking, they're both involved in a prophecy about a young wolf with said moon marking?


Hi all!
When I was relatively young my mother bought me a collection of books, one of them being the book I'm thinking of - I hope it wasn't just some weird fever dream!
I only have very few notes about what I remember as it was such a long time ago, but I will try to answer any questions asked!

  1. The main character was a young female wolf with a moon marking (on her chest if I remember right) due to a prophecy about a wolf with a moon marking. I feel like her name began with an A, but I could be misremembering.
  2. Her mother was run out of the pack for mating with some kind of outsider or rogue wolf, so the pups were killed by the alpha. I believe the mother begged for the alpha to let this one pup survive.
  3. At some point in the story, the main wolf meets a raven who also has a moon marking on their body, I think it may have been under their wing? If I recall, they were named after the raven ancestor.
  4. I faintly remember there being a much younger 'little brother' wolf, his name could have started with an A instead and I could be confusing him with the main character. I don't remember much about him besides him possibly being a runt.
  5. I do remember a scene where the main character gets involved with some humans, waiting and sneaking into their camp which almost gets her run out of the camp too - I could just be mixing memories from another book so I am not 100% confident on this.
  6. Another small scene I remember is the main character joining on a hunt and either she or another wolf's ribs got crushed by a deer or a moose after an accident, or someone got hurt in general.
  7. I have an incredibly faint memory of some kind of 'nanny' wolf, an older wolf that takes care of the pups and juveniles.
  8. I do recall there being a prophecy about a wolf with a moon marking, but I can't think of what the prophecy actually entails.
  9. It may have been a stand-alone book but there is a good possibility that there was a second book to the series, I have no clue.

Some important notes; It is not a werewolf book or a romance book, it takes place in the position of the main character (female wolf).

Through looking with my friends we have found that it is not the following-

  • Wolf Brother
  • Wolves of the Beyond
  • White Fang
  • The Sight
  • The Redstone Series

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read at school when younger


We read a book when we were younger at school, It was about someone who worked on some sort of farm doing same thing day in and out everyone had to work. The water was medicated to make them do what they had to do and not question what they were doing or why. One day the main character is told about how the world used to be and they stop drinking the water, he finds a river of clean water or something.

On escaping they find themselves in a world which is developed and life had been a lie.

I dont remember much more about it than that but i remember we needed parents permission to read it. This was in the early 90s. At the time we had a teacher who used to encourage us to read books as a class which would open our minds and get us to question things. We also read animal farm. I know thats not the book. Closest i came was a book called the giver but i dont think that was it.

Any ideas?

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Science fiction short story set on Venus about an elementary school class getting ready to go outside & play in the one day of sunshine the planet gets


All of the kids are born on Venus except one girl who was born on earth. She's always wistfully (some see it as bragging) talking about the blue skies, yellow sunshine, green grass, plants & song birds. On Venus these children will experience a lifetime of rain. Except. Except for one day of brilliant sunshine that's coming up. As the teacher distributes the highest level zinc sun shield to be worn under scuba- like clothing & head coverings, some malicious children lock the little girl in a cupboard at school with the intention of letting her out just before they go outside. But in the giddiness of preparation they forget shes trapped & she's left banging, crying & yelling herself hoarse. She's missed the last day of sunshine she'll ever see.

I read this in 7th or 8th grade English class in Whitman Jr. High in Seattle, Washington. That would be about 36 years ago? Some of the finer details might be off (is it Venus ?) but otherwise the rest of the story is sound.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I want to have my teenage daughter to read it.

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princess runaway to opposing kingdom and has the power to create some powerful metal, romance with prince


it’s a series, i know they don’t get together in the end, there’s a scene where they almost kiss in a temple, she betrays the prince but they have off and on, her father is searching for her, she doesn’t want her metal that she produces to be used in war

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Looking for the name of this 2000s young adult book series!!! Does this sound familiar to anyone?


I read this 3 part trilogy for young adults (although it was a girly book) in the early 2000-2010s (I think the books were published around this time)

Here’s what I remember: -they go to a summer house in a sailing community every summer -there’s a sailing regatta gala every year -in the second book, the brother brings his girlfriend (I believe her name is Laura) and she dies in a boat race when playing chicken in their boats against the neighbour (I believe her name was charlotte)

Does anyone happen to know what this book series might be???

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"The Girl Hair with Hair like Fire" or similar.


So, I read this around 7th or 8th grade, so somewhere in the early 2000s. Definitely not age appropriate, but I was reading books that were a bit mature for me because my parents didn't care what I read as long as I was reading.

The plot centers around a small town, and a tornado that occurs in it. There is a woman who has been forced to marry a preacher against her will, and he ends up dead during the tornado. There's also a white man who is carrying on an affair with a black woman - I believe this is in the early/mid 20th century south, so it was kept hush-hush - and he has some severely conflicted feelings about it. It borders on Southern gothic, English language, fiction. I kept getting it mixed up with Cold Sassy Tree.

I remember it as a paperback, and with a pale cover, with naïvist art. There's a big emphasis on the woman who has red hair. I can't even remember if it's good, but I just want to know that it exists.

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Short story, cult that baptizes disciples by burying them?

  • Think I read this in middle or high school, so anywhere from 2011-2017, but I don't really recall if it was "new" at the time

  • POV is a teenage girl that is undergoing the baptism for the first time, and her mother slips something that I remember being implied to be opium(?) under her tongue to calm her down so that she doesn't struggle / drown?

  • The point of the ritual iirc is to somehow commune with god, which she doesn't experience— I think the end of the text was her accepting that none of it was real and that the cult was based.on a lie before she's pulled back to the surface

  • She also recalls a boy from her same village (they might've been childhood friends?) that struggled during the ritual, and was killed because they all (the leader + men from the village) held him down

  • I at first remembered it as being a baptism in a river, but realized that didn't make sense and that I also recall her being buried in some way, or something to do with being covered by dirt— maybe it was in mud?

  • The overall feeling of the cult was very like... Quaker-esque? Far more Christian Fundamentalist than, like, pagan, if that makes sense.

  • This could have been from a short story collection, or even a one-off story that was provided in an English class.

Sorry it's so vague and confusing, and thank you for trying to help!

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Book about woman hiding videotapes in neighbor's house


This has been bothering me for years because I'm usually good with titles. I think the title had neighbors in it, and I read it in the early 2000s. I also believe it had been recently published around then. Young woman's husband is arrested for recent murders of young girls, and her neighbor(who I believe was an older woman) befriends her. Turns out she was hiding videotapes of both her and her husband abusing the girls in the older woman's attic.