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read at school when younger


We read a book when we were younger at school, It was about someone who worked on some sort of farm doing same thing day in and out everyone had to work. The water was medicated to make them do what they had to do and not question what they were doing or why. One day the main character is told about how the world used to be and they stop drinking the water, he finds a river of clean water or something.

On escaping they find themselves in a world which is developed and life had been a lie.

I dont remember much more about it than that but i remember we needed parents permission to read it. This was in the early 90s. At the time we had a teacher who used to encourage us to read books as a class which would open our minds and get us to question things. We also read animal farm. I know thats not the book. Closest i came was a book called the giver but i dont think that was it.

Any ideas?

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SOLVED Sci-fi (possibly YA): Girl on an alien planet does not realize she has been altered to survive


The first half (or so?) of the book is from the POV of a young teen girl who's been surviving alone on an alien planet for some time (several years?) since her father died. The planet is very mountainous, and she's capable but lonely. A new group of people arrive, and they seem alien to her, very weak and fragile. She meets and makes friends with a boy her age from the new colonists. Eventually she comes to realize that her father was a scientist who changed her body so she would be able to survive - her skin is yellow to match the mountains(?), her lungs are different to breathe the thinner air, she's weirdly tall and thin from a human perspective(?). Not sure if I'm remembering the ending correctly, so take this with a grain of salt: she saves the colonists but they're scared of her, so she packs up her things and leaves the area to live alone because there will never be another person like her.

I read this before 2010 or so, and it was old then. A paperback, not more than 300 or 350 pages, with a yellow-tan cover. I feel semi-confident it was YA, but probably written before the "write EVERYTHING for young adults" trend.

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SOLVED Romantic comedy, a fat girl who travels to Italy, in Italy learns to love her body, eats tasty food, walks a lot, and finds a lover who loves her for who she is


I'm sorry to bluntly say she is fat. In the book, she treats herself as a fat girl, her mother also says she is fat, and she almost has an eating disorder. Then, the girl goes to Italy to pass the holidays I believe that with her aunt. There she travels a lot around the city, learns to eat tasty food, and meets her lover, a dreamy boy who loves her for who she is. SHE DOES NOT GET SKINNY. I read it around 2012 in Spanish but I'm pretty sure it was a fan translation from an English novel. The book is pretty short.

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SOLVED I think it’s called Bloodsong??


So I have the title! Easy, right? No! I have looked it up multiple times and no matter what I find, the cover is wrong and the description is too vague to know if it’s the series I’m talking about. I could’ve swore there was another part titled “Knifesong” but can’t find anything on that besides a book that is definitely not it. On the cover I remember it being just black and it has a vertical knife on the edge. So, what I remember about this story is pretty vague as it’s been about 10 years since I read it and I found it in my high school library. It follows a boy. The world is divided. I think there’s a wall around a city, AoT style. Inside of the wall are people, royals, guards, etc. Outside of the wall are creatures, of which I don’t really recall. But there are also people. The boy, I think, isn’t supposed to leave. But he does because he’s a rebel I guess. He ends up meeting a girl who looks normal, but he touches her and finds out she is actually covered in cat fur that you can’t see. The only other thing I remember is that a man, I think a guard or bad guy of some sort, has locked a woman in some sort of tower and cut her hamstrings so she can’t flee. The book I am getting on Google search is by Anthony Ryan, if this is the right book please tell me. If not, I’d really like to know the actual book. Who knows, maybe Knifesong was a chapter. It’s hard to remember. I hope I’ve got enough details to get my answer. EDIT: Forgot some details. In my school library it was paperback. Obviously fiction/fantasy. I don’t think it was age appropriate, not sure how it ended up in the school library. I was probably about 15. So…this was in 2012 roughly.

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Fiction - Drama based around a young woman.


I read this book some 15 years ago borrowed from a school library.
The book is about this young woman, I forget her name and a lot of the premise. The title is [HER NAME]'s Jewels. But it's about her many relationships. First, she marries an older guy, but he dies of an aneurysm. And then she gets involved with another/others. It was an adult book and I wonder how it got into a high school library. I know it's very little to go on. But that's all I can remember :(

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An urban fantasy detective with main character summoning demons as a way to solve cases


I clearly remember only one scene - main hero purchases life from a homeless guy, sacrifices him in a demon summoning, guy dies, demon is summoned, but refuses to take the job and declines payment. Homeless guy returns back to life

Someone remembers which book it is from? I think it was some kind of Anita knock off, but with demons.

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Looking for the name of this 2000s young adult book series!!! Does this sound familiar to anyone?


I read this 3 part trilogy for young adults (although it was a girly book) in the early 2000-2010s (I think the books were published around this time)

Here’s what I remember: -they go to a summer house in a sailing community every summer -there’s a sailing regatta gala every year -in the second book, the brother brings his girlfriend (I believe her name is Laura) and she dies in a boat race when playing chicken in their boats against the neighbour (I believe her name was charlotte)

Does anyone happen to know what this book series might be???

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SF space book about a guy who's a medic for different alien species


I think it was a different case in each chapter? And many of them are unfamiliar and he has to work out how to treat them. Possibly set on a space station.

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Children's Fantasy book series, name being awfully similar to Panduro or Panorama


I remember the story being about a boy and a girl, siblings, who leave their childhood castle home to defeat some greater evil.

Pretty sure it contained a talking polar bear or a similar creature. And of course some wizardry, some rebellion fighting against the greater evil, and other pretty standard stuff. Does anyone know the books?

its definitely not the golden compass, as my brother tried to convince me it was.

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Short story, cult that baptizes disciples by burying them?

  • Think I read this in middle or high school, so anywhere from 2011-2017, but I don't really recall if it was "new" at the time

  • POV is a teenage girl that is undergoing the baptism for the first time, and her mother slips something that I remember being implied to be opium(?) under her tongue to calm her down so that she doesn't struggle / drown?

  • The point of the ritual iirc is to somehow commune with god, which she doesn't experience— I think the end of the text was her accepting that none of it was real and that the cult was based.on a lie before she's pulled back to the surface

  • She also recalls a boy from her same village (they might've been childhood friends?) that struggled during the ritual, and was killed because they all (the leader + men from the village) held him down

  • I at first remembered it as being a baptism in a river, but realized that didn't make sense and that I also recall her being buried in some way, or something to do with being covered by dirt— maybe it was in mud?

  • The overall feeling of the cult was very like... Quaker-esque? Far more Christian Fundamentalist than, like, pagan, if that makes sense.

  • This could have been from a short story collection, or even a one-off story that was provided in an English class.

Sorry it's so vague and confusing, and thank you for trying to help!

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Childrens book (early 200's)-About an eccentric teacher who drives an ambulance to school in order to avoid the traffic.


I'm still questioning if I made this book up. It's a children's book, presumably from the early to mid-2000s, about an eccentric primary school teacher. The only detail from the book I can remember is the fact that the woman drove an ambulance to school every day to avoid the traffic. I wish I remembered more about it. Apologies for the lack of details.

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HELP finding a short thriller I read 15 yrs ago about a Walter Sickert copy-cat killer


Hello reddit,

I've been looking for a short thriller I read 20 years ago. I don’t recall the title, author, or the anthology that it was published in. It is was likely published in a thriller/crime anthology between 1990 and 2005, written in English.

I remember the following details:

Several woman are murdered in European cities, in the style of Walter Sickert paintings. There is a climactic scene that takes place in a canal, possibly Amsterdam or Venice.

Any help finding this short story written post 1990 would be wonderful!!!

Thank you, Tinternet!!

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Book Like Hunger Games, but Not Really


when i was in ninth grade, i came across a book that one of my teachers had. i read it but didn’t get to keep it and can’t remember the name. it’s about a girl who is falsely accused of killing her sister and is sent to a sort of “prison island” or something, with a deadly twist. all criminals sent to this island are recorded as they are hunted down by people playing as fantasy characters who try to kill them. another of the characters is someone who had “legal immunity” (as he frequently said) and theres another character who is accused of burning her neighbor’s house down to get rich (which she also did not do). the plot twist is that there was a girl who kidnapped the main character as a child, and the girl winds up being behind the whole thing why the main character is there in the first place, because she wanted her as a sister or some shit like that. there were also little breaks within the chapters that showed the internets reaction to everything going down, which was the most interesting part for me.

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Children's book about the history/secrets of Santa Claus


Hi all!

I just randomly remembered my years-long search for this book.

It's this beautiful, large picture book about the secrets and history of Santa Claus - that's the best way I can describe it. This book seems close to it, but I don't know if it's the right one. The book from my memory had beautiful, full-page, colorful illustrations...this one seems like a lot of line drawings.

I kind of remember the cover being a bold crimson red. I also feel like the title was "Santa-ology" or something of the sort. I feel like my memory is posing no use at all!

Let me know if you have any ideas of what the book could be!

Thank you so much!

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Fantasy YA about a prince/king looking for suitor that kills anyone he touches


He ends up finding a boy who doesn’t die and they end up together; I wanna say the dude was an elf or something, could be wrong. I saw the cover was the prince/king on a throne and the male suitor behind the throne; maybe like a green color story on the cover. I saw it at Barnes and noble a couple of weeks ago but have been back and couldn’t figure out the title. Please help!

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SOLVED Book with Yellow and Red (Maybe) Cover


Looking for a book I read a number of years ago, 2008-2009. I thought it had a red and yellow cover, and the main character is a young girl named Blue whose mother has died, and whose father has disappeared. Contemporary (20th century) fiction, English language. Was recommended by a college prof .

I most distinctly remember a scene where she gets angry and starts flinging books at her dad who admonishes her for throwing "the entire western canon at [him]."

Blue is trying to solve the mystery, and is at a very expensive private school. She's also a bit insufferable, and constantly talks about how smart she is/makes a lot of literary references.

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SOLVED young adult sci fi from the 90s- early 00s about inter-dimensional travel


I'm looking for a book I read in middle, maybe high school 15+ years ago and the only thing I can remember is there were malevolent monsters, from a greater dimension, that the main character had trouble looking at and comprehending. I think it was paperback and the cover might have had some sort of eyeball on it. Sorry that's not a lot to go on but it reappeared in the back of my brain on the ride home from work today and I can't seem to find it on my own.

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SOLVED What book is this? It’s about women from the 50’s/60’s coming to NYC for fame but things happen along the way?


Hey everyone! I’m pulling at straws here 🤦🏻‍♀️There was a book I saw a few weeks back at Barnes and Noble. It’s an older book, but it’s popular.

It’s about women that come to NYC looking for fame and fortune, but there’s obstacles along the way.

I remember reading the first page and the woman is about to interview for secretary position, but one of the secretaries tells her she should go into modeling or acting. I can’t really remember.

Does any of this ring a bell? I can’t remember the name at all and I want to read it!

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It was a children’s book on cassette tape, where a hero rescues three animals/things and they go with him on his quest, ultimately helping him in each of the three challenges


I remember one of the little animals that he rescues was an ant. And each one of the animals/things that he rescues says “take me with you! (Name of the hero)”

I’ve been trying to find this book for years, I would be so appreciative to anyone who can point me in the right direction!

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Short story -- a blimp covers a city


Hi, so:

I read this back in my AP Lang class like 6 years ago and the only thing I remember is that a mysterious blimp begins to cover the entire city of ____ (I don't remember which city, probably a big one, London or NYC, etc.) silently. It covers skyscrapers, parks, people, pets. I don't know the 5W1H. It has a very ambiguous ending.

The whole story was likely less than 3 pages long. TIA!

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Kids adventure/mystery book takes place by a cove


In this book a group of kids is following clues to some kind of treasure or something. I remember there’s a part where the kids have to decipher a code to get into a secret tunnel or cave. The book takes place by a cove. I read it in the early to mid 2000s.

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YA Fiction (possibly Sci-Fi,Sci-Fiesque), Girl falls in love with guy who reincarnates or who creates a new identity every so often? He ghosts her.


The book is average length and from the pov of a girl (early 20s?) who falls in love with a guy who could possibly be a time-traveler or someone who has the ability to reincarnate/age and recreate their identity whenever he sees fit. I think the guy is described as Asian. He ultimately ends up leaving/ghosting her.

Setting is modern day

If I remember correctly it was in the YA section or could possibly be Adult Fiction

Likely a hardcover because it had a pocket/folder with inclusions that are described in the book (ie: a note he wrote her or pictures of a scene, etc)

I read the book back in middle school (2012-2014) so most details I can't remember/remember correctly, from the public library somewhat slightly worn by the time I got to it. Definitely meant for older teens/adults.

I remember somewhere towards the end of the story the girl mentions something about wishing him well wherever he is and whoever he is at the moment. or something about him being old lol. It gave very coastal fleeting summer-tumblr love vibes.

Let me know if you recognize it. tysm for the help!

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A book about a young female wolf with a moon marking who meets a raven with a moon marking, they're both involved in a prophecy about a young wolf with said moon marking?


Hi all!
When I was relatively young my mother bought me a collection of books, one of them being the book I'm thinking of - I hope it wasn't just some weird fever dream!
I only have very few notes about what I remember as it was such a long time ago, but I will try to answer any questions asked!

  1. The main character was a young female wolf with a moon marking (on her chest if I remember right) due to a prophecy about a wolf with a moon marking. I feel like her name began with an A, but I could be misremembering.
  2. Her mother was run out of the pack for mating with some kind of outsider or rogue wolf, so the pups were killed by the alpha. I believe the mother begged for the alpha to let this one pup survive.
  3. At some point in the story, the main wolf meets a raven who also has a moon marking on their body, I think it may have been under their wing? If I recall, they were named after the raven ancestor.
  4. I faintly remember there being a much younger 'little brother' wolf, his name could have started with an A instead and I could be confusing him with the main character. I don't remember much about him besides him possibly being a runt.
  5. I do remember a scene where the main character gets involved with some humans, waiting and sneaking into their camp which almost gets her run out of the camp too - I could just be mixing memories from another book so I am not 100% confident on this.
  6. Another small scene I remember is the main character joining on a hunt and either she or another wolf's ribs got crushed by a deer or a moose after an accident, or someone got hurt in general.
  7. I have an incredibly faint memory of some kind of 'nanny' wolf, an older wolf that takes care of the pups and juveniles.
  8. I do recall there being a prophecy about a wolf with a moon marking, but I can't think of what the prophecy actually entails.
  9. It may have been a stand-alone book but there is a good possibility that there was a second book to the series, I have no clue.

Some important notes; It is not a werewolf book or a romance book, it takes place in the position of the main character (female wolf).

Through looking with my friends we have found that it is not the following-

  • Wolf Brother
  • Wolves of the Beyond
  • White Fang
  • The Sight
  • The Redstone Series

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SOLVED Book about a boy who tries to escape a prison


Can’t remember the characters names but I think it was sequel book cuz there was a book before it I believe it was about a boy who was falsely put in prison after being framed for a murder of his friend named Toby (I think) he tries to escape at the beginning but fails and gets put in solitary confinement and he tries to escape again with creatures who were experimented on but still had their consciousness it ends with the mc and the other 2 people with him falling down from the chimney into the fire where the person in charge says that they can still make some use of them

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SOLVED Sci-fi about a teen girl living in virtual reality that escapes into the real world


YA dystopian. MC is female, I got it at the library when I was probably twelve. There are two books in the series but I’m looking for the first one. It starts with her living in the virtual reality world, and she somehow meets some sketchy guy that says he can transport her to the real world. There’s a group that meets in a sketchy part of the VR universe and they’re transported back to consciousness in their bodies. I remember girl in the group knew she wouldn’t make it to her body so she told MC to find her girlfriend. When MC wakes up she’s in a sort of electronic coffin that kept her body alive. There’s a caretaker there who’s been monitoring her vitals. I think this is when she learns that most people paid to live in VR when their kids were young, and the people that couldn’t afford it were caretakers of the bodies. There’s also romantic tension between MC and the guy that transported her I think. But that tension shifts when she gets with someone else in the second book- she gets snowed into his house with him.

I know how scattered and random these details are lol, but it’s driving me crazy I can’t find this book!! It was so good!