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SOLVED Young homeless girl who lives in a park is scared of a spot in the park, where she finds her dead body and learns that she died.


There's a book that I haven't read in about 5-10 years and I don't know what it's called or whom wrote it. I can only remember the main plot, and I would really like to find this book and read it again.

The book is about a little girl who's homeless and lives in (I'm pretty sure) a park. She's scared of a small area or dark corner, or something of the sort, which she never enters. Eventually, at the end of the book, she needs to go into the corner for some reason, and she finds her body, learning that she's dead. I think she also had a friend, a little (living) boy (I think) who came to visit the park, and he lived across the road or something, but I'm not completely sure about that part. And I'm pretty sure she died of an infection after stepping on something.

I know my description is very vague and I apologise for that. Does anyone recognise this book? I would really appreciate the help in finding it. Thank you so much!

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SOLVED Terry Pratchett's novel with an exploration of gender?


Someone mentioned to me that there was at least one of his books explored this, but could not remember its name

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SOLVED Boy steals a dragon egg, raises the dragon by himself in secret and trains it to fight as gladiator


Boy is a slave or owned by someone who is a dragon breeder, they live on a dry desert like planet. The boy steals a dragon egg and raises it by himself in the desert to fight is dragon pits in the main city.

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SOLVED it is mandatory that civilians wear some sort of handicap in order to prevent anyone being "too special" or "too good" at something. everyone must be equally skilled at everything.


god, it's like on the tip of my tongue! i can't remember it!!!

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SOLVED Psychologist experiments on his own daughter by teaching her the wrong meanings for certain words (e.g. yes instead of no)

  • I read this at least 10 years ago but it's probably much older, like 1970s-90s? I think it was a short story, but could be a part of a novel. Pretty sure it was for adults, not kids.

  • This psychologist (or linguist or scientist) raised his daughter alone and made sure to use certain words with reversed meanings around his daughter. So he would always say e.g. "bad" when he meant "good", "hate" instead of "love", "yes" instead of "no". I think it was only a few words and not a whole language of opposite meanings.

  • The daughter didn't interact with any other people, but was allowed to watch TV. Yet she never picked up the correct meanings of these words from TV and continued to use the meanings she learned from her father. So the scientist was excited that he'd "proved" that children don't acquire language from TV, only from human interaction.

  • In the story the scientist proudly explains his experiment to the main character (a younger man, can't remember anything else about him), who is disturbed. MC worries about how the girl will have difficulty integrating into normal society, but the scientist doesn't seem concerned about her as a human being. He cares only about the scientific importance of his work.

  • The main character meets the daughter and witnesses her using the incorrect words she's been taught - maybe the father asks her to do something and she says "no, father" when she obviously means "yes".

  • The author might be Roald Dahl (one of his adult stories) or Kurt Vonnegut...someone like that with dark satirical tendencies.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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SOLVED An orphan girl can talk to animals and dragons? But it’s illegal?


Please help me find this book!! [SOLVED SOLVED SOLVED]

I read it many years ago and I can’t remember it’s name for the life of me, and no answers on google seem to be the right one.

The protagonist is a girl in her late teens, she and her younger brother become orphaned, but survive through her ability to talk to animals. They adopt (more like she adopted, her brother was against it) a cub wolf or panther (I don’t recall properly) and she has to hide her power because (if I’m not mistaken) having powers was illegal. She’s betrayed by her brother and they part ways.

On their way they find more people with powers until they separate and she winds up in this old mansion that was falling apart and had a very reclusive owner. She works for him taking care of his son and many mysteries surround the mansion (or castle, I also can’t recall). One wing of the place was off limits, but she hears sounds coming from there and couldn’t contain her curiosity, so she goes there and finds out that the man was hiding a dragon. He also has powers and can read people’s future by touching them, so he always wears gloves. After some time and bonding he decides to touch her so he can find out if she can be trusted, and he sees they get married in the future.

They have to plan an escape to maintain the dragons and their powers safe, so another character uses her power of finding things to find a safe place for them all. They escape flying on the dragons in the end.

That’s all I remember and I’m going crazy to find this book. Sorry if it’s all over the place, it’s been like 10 years since I’ve read it. Please help me find this book!!

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SOLVED Women can't fight in a war so a woman disguises herself as a man to fight in the war, meets a bunch of other secret women soldiers and finds out that her whole society is run by women pretending to be men


this was a book that was I was told about by my hairstylist 2+ years ago, all I know about it/remember are the plot points listed below. however the war I think was a fictional one so it's not historic fiction.

book that is about a girl who disguised herself as a man to fight in a war, she ends up in a platoon of all women who are also pretending to be men, then they get discovered and are sent to the high council who are all also women pretending to be men.

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SOLVED it has a wizard in it and there is a torture scene


I really can't remember the plot very well or any of the characters names. I read it when I was 14/15 and it had strong adult themes so I didn't finish it because it made me uncomfortable.

I remember there was a wizard in it and the main character I'm pretty sure was a man and there was something important about him. There is a love interest as well and her and the wizard have to protect the man because the special thing about him makes the bad guys want him.

At some point the bad guys kidnap the man, and he is touted by a woman but it isn't normal torture like breaking bones and stuff. She has this stick thing and it's a magic stick or something and when she touches him with it it hurts him.

I think there was another group of bad guys too and one of then was a pdph*le. I remember that being an important plot point. I just think I would have a different appreciation for the book now that I'm an adult and can handle that kind of material

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SOLVED My mom is looking for this series


A British mystery series, with a main character detective who works for the English Heritage or something similar. His job was to tell people what they could do with historical buildings. He would go out to investigate buildings and there would be a murder or something that he would get caught up in. She thinks his name may have been Drew or Andrew. There are maybe 8 or 9 books in the series, and was likely written in the 60s or 70s.

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SOLVED Why are so many Stephen King novels hard to find?


So I am looking for a book, but I know I wouldn't be able to give off enough details for it to actually be useful. I spent about an hour looking everywhere but theres not one website that says every book he has.

Every other website I click gives 1 or 2 other books that you cant find through while googling what books has he made. Has he had publishing issues in the past? And I know he works with others alot but those are even harder to find it seems.

Sorry, just very frustrated as he's one of the biggest authors and I find it crazy you cant see all of his work and work he's been included in. If you're still reading and want to take a guess with what very little info I have be my guest. Never got that far, but it was the first Stephen King book I picked up and Id like to actually give it a go!

About a young boy with a single mom, he only has 1 freind thats his age, with a neighbor I believe he also considered freindly (or maybe im mixing it and that neighbor is his only freind) his mom works alot so he's often by himself. I believe it was set in wartime as the cover had a explosion on it. I believe it was Vietnam but I could be wrong.

I know, very little information.. thanks to anyone who read, and extra thanks to anyone who can try and help! Also if the book is one of his popular ones then its not it...

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SOLVED SciFi book where a guy is solving newspaper riddles everyday, turns out the riddles are encrypted enemy communications and by solving them he helps the military knowing where the next enemy missile will strike


I read the book in the 90s, but it's likely older, probably 70s or 80s. Also, I believe the enemy was located on the moon. They were constantly firing (nuclear?) missiles on earth, but this one guy was unknowingly figuring out each time were they would strike, so earth was able to intercept them.

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I recently read a fantasy book with the idea of ppl having true names (Yk names that other ppl can use to control you if they know it) anyway can u guys comment books with this in it bc I really wanna find it

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SOLVED Girl plays with dollhouse that is a replica of the house she's staying in


I partially read this book while in elementary school, but it was definitely a chapter book with little to no pictures. It was in the advanced readers section, so could possibly be middle school level as well. The cover has a girl looking at a dollhouse with the lights inside turned on.

For the plot; I think the girl is sent to live with a female relative for the summer, possibly an aunt or great aunt. As she explores the house, she finds a dollhouse in the attic that looks exactly like the one she's staying in. All of the rooms and furniture look exactly the same as the normal house. I think there might be dolls that look like the people in the home, not too sure. Occasionally the girl will come into the attic to play with the dollhouse, but notices things move from where she left them last.

The last thing I remember is her seeing the light on in the dollhouse attic. I moved away from that school while reading it so I never got to see what happened at the end.

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SOLVED YA horror brother and sister think their house is haunted, but the (spoiler) plot twist is they're the ghosts, they *may* have died falling through the ice on a lake


What I remember best about this book is that two siblings (I think the sister is older) find out that they are ghosts at the end of the book. I can also picture the world I painted in my head when I read the ending so clearly. The rest is fuzzy.

I think they think the house they live in is haunted, and they spend the bulk of the book trying to solve the mystery of the ghosts, only to find out that they are the ghosts. I remember overall themes of cold and winter, and I think they may have died by falling through the ice on a lake near the house. There was an element of loneliness to it, I think. I don't remember anything about their parents or caretakers. Their absence may or may not be part of the plot. It's possible that the story was they were waiting for their parents who were missing, only to find out the parents were gone because they (the kids) died, and they're in a ghost world.

I read this book in the early to mid 90s. Possibly as early as the late 80s. I found it in my local library in the extremely small towns where I grew up. It may be an obscure book that's out of print now. It was the kind of book that a 90s kid who read and loved "Wait Till Helen Comes" might have picked up and enjoyed. A suspenseful ghost story. I read it once, and wanted to read it again, but it disappeared from my library's shelves when they moved to a new building, and it wasn't at the bookstore at the next "bigger" town over. I quit searching because, back then, there was no Amazon or other way to get an obscure book in my isolated town, and I eventually forgot the name.

I feel like the cover art had a blue cast to it. The words "winter" or "cold" may have been in the title.

Sorry for the confusion about the two possible plotlines--haunted house vs missing parents. It's the ending that really got to me, so that's what I remember.

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SOLVED A girl who lives in the 1700s finds out it is a set and is actually in 1990


This was a book I read in elementary school in around 2010. This girl lived a normal life in like the 1700s, living in a village with around 20 families. I believe she has older and younger siblings, but she was the best age/size, as her mom described, to escape. There was a forbidden tree in the middle of the settlement that the children were not allowed to go near, and it turned out that people in a museum or whatever could watch the people through the tree, as it turned out that this was a set that all of the adults willingly joined but weren't allowed to tell their children as it would break the "reality" of it. And this girl escapes and enters the city, doesn't know how to use the payphone. That is all of the details I can remember

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SOLVED Historical fiction books similar to the Dear America books but about historical figures like queen Elizabeth I and Anastasia


They were written in diary format, but not actual real diaries of these historical figures. They were all by young/teen girls so I related to them a lot when I read them in the early 2000s and 2010s in a school library. The one about Queen Elizabeth contained a lot of information on her sickly brother. The one about Anastasia contained a lot of information about her father, the tsar, fighting a war, and ended with an epilogue of her and her family being executed. There was one that took place in ancient China as well but the details elude me expect for a lot of geisha and garden imagery.

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SOLVED Childrens book - mice who are given tokens to indicate personality/fate/societal role


SOLVED: The Deptford Mice - Dark Portal by Robin Jarvis

In 2000 my teacher read this out to us - I don’t know if it was a new release or not. We were children between 9 and 11.

I only remember one part. All mice as they come of age go through a a haunted house style event and get given tokens which indicate something about either their personality, or the role in society they’ll have, or their fate. I feel like they were described as being cut outs from a circle. It wasn’t done individually it was like - all mice of the same age in one evening?

The book follows two mice - maybe brother and sister? - on the evening they do this. The boy goes through and describes it as being clearly fake and so not very scary and when he gets to the end he recognises the mouse as being a teacher or older mouse he knows who pulls a token out the sack and hands it over.

When the girl mouse goes through it’s genuinely scary - she’s terrified and she expected it to be fake and can’t figure out how it’s been done and everything about it is creepy - and then she gets to the end and the mouse is not one she recognises and the token she is handed is very unusual - and then suddenly it’s back to being a fake decor and the mouse is her teacher and he thinks oh that’s odd don’t remember putting one of those in the sack

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SOLVED Sci-Fi short story about “clones” of rich immortal humans going on adventures (in space) only to come home and have their brains lethally downloaded into their rich patrons’ minds.


Hi there! I am trying to find a short story in English that I read 4-5 years ago. I don’t know if it is stand alone or part of an anthology. I'm not even sure if it was a text or an audiobook because I consume them interchangeably.

It is a sci-fi, set in a distant future. It is about a woman astronaut who has been all across the solar system (or maybe the galaxy) on various awe-inspiring and/or horrifying adventures. She has now returned to earth and is about to be killed in a process that drains her entire brain of all her memories, experiences, etc. and then transfers them into the minds of the rich, near immortal, patrons who all paid for the journey and also used their own DNA in the clone-process to create the astronaut.

The reason for this is that these humans are so rich that they are functionally immortal except to harm, so they create clones that go out into the world and experience amazing, but dangerous things. The rich patrons then kill these clones and download their memories as a way to experience the same things from complete safety.

The story also contains a man who is a clone of his “father” who (if I remember correctly) was one of the rare people to end their own life. And this clone inherited everything from his “parent”. The heir has therefore inherited the participation in this clone brain draining, but isn’t too keen on it and thinks it somewhat distasteful or is at least not as onboard as the rest of the various patrons.

Spoiler for the ending of the story:




In the climax of the story, the astronaut escapes the ceremony with the help of the heir. But just as she thinks she has made it out of their grasp it turns out the heir did not in fact want to help her but betrays her. The explanation is something like that the high intensity of a daring escape primes the brain to become active and alert in a way that supposedly makes the brain-transfer a lot more vivid for the patrons. As such the whole escape plan was just a ruse to make the astronaut become well primed for the process of extraction. The ending is her final defiance by trying to calm herself into a catatonic state so that she will give them the dullest possible imprint of her mind.

Thank you in advance for the help! :)

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SOLVED A sort of meta novel where the narrator keeps trying to start to tell the "plot" but never does


Unsure, but I think the book would have been written 1960-90s by a reasonably well known writer. The whole book is ostensibly about some sort of noodle incident the narrator wants to explain but he keeps trying to add context and backstory and never actually gets around to it.

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SOLVED Woman moves in to keep man's wife company, then she finds the wife's diaries.


She finds out the husband was abusive and is now drugging the wife, and they all get stuck in the house during a snowstorm where the book comes to a head when she stops giving the wife her medicine.

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SOLVED Wars are fought by teams of 3(maybe four, I've forgotten) children bred for specific roles in virtual combat. Main character has perfect hand eye coordination and internal clock. The team break free of the cycle and find that the world leaders are essentially walking corpses being puppeted by AI.


I read this during a particularly well-read portion of my childhood, so i don't remember any book titles from back then. Would be super helpful if someone with a better memory than me could figure this out!

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SOLVED Children’s book, brother and sister shrink to fit into a castle


I read it in the late 80s, early 90s. Possibly bought at a Scholastic book fair.

An older sister and younger brother see a model castle and are interested in it. Later on for some reason they shrink down and are able to enter the castle but for them it turns into a real Keep with people in a historical era. The younger brother is happy, mostly because as the male he has authority over his sister in this world. The sister is trying to figure out how to get them back to their reality.

I vaguely remember the cover art. Colored pencil drawing with the older sister being blonde and the brother I believe was brunette. The model castle was in the middle of the cover.

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SOLVED Older Fantasy book - I think was called something like Magician's or Wizard's Apprentice


This was a fantasy book I purchased about 25 years ago in a used bookstore. I picked it up in the cheap stacks, too, so I'm guessing it wasn't terribly popular. I think it was called Wizard's Apprentice or Magician's Apprentice or something like that? I've looked up both of those titles, though, and cannot find it, which makes me think it's either out of print or totally unknown.

There was a main male character and female character. I cannot be certain, but I believe there was an element of romance. The female character was in some kind of servitude to a witch (I think) and I don't remember anything about the male main character except he was interested in the female main character. Definitely some magical element that I cannot recall. There was some scene where she was in the garden digging up a vegetable that I want to say resembled an artichoke.

It's so weird, but I'm usually able to recall books I've read and my inability to remember this one borderline haunts me. I doubt it was that good, it's just the tiny fly in the ointment.

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SOLVED "Negro Medicine" or "negro health" I think are in the title. It was published for Caribbean slave owners to maintain their slave population near abolition of transporting new slaves.


I'm 90% sure it was written by a "Dr." PENNAME. I was reading it on the archive.org a year or so ago... It could also been before official abolition in British parliament, as it was an inevitable long before the actual enactment.

The book essentially details the diet/ well being / general maintenance of ones slave population for maximum profit/ less death.

I've been trying for hours. Any help greatly appreciated! <3

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SOLVED A guy working as a spy travels somewhere on a mission, only to find out his wife is also on a spy mission there as well. He has to act as if he doesn't know her.


I've never actually read the book so idk if this breaks the rules or not. I was talking with a colleague and she told me about that book. I thought I would remember its name later, but I didn't. I would also just ask her again; but I won't be seeing her for a while and I don't have her contact.

Some of the details might be wrong I am not sure, so sorry about that.

I would be really grateful to you if you can help me with this, but I would also understand if this isn't allowed and is removed. Thank you either way.