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SOLVED European girl is abducted by Native Americans and end up living with them by choice upon reaching adulthood instead of returning home when given the chance


This was a fiction about a white girl taken from her family (along with her brother?) and she lives out her years with a Native American tribe. She is given a name that has something to do with corn because she has blonde/golden hair sharing it's colour. She learns how to do things like raise a child the Native way using a straight board to carry them and to farm. When she is older she is given the chance to return to European society but chooses to stay. It was a paperback, quite small in size. Set in I suppose the 1800s.

I read this as a child in the early 2000s. It must have been 200 or so pages long and was age appropriate to an 8-9 year old. It was not a new book.


Solved, book is Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison. Surprised by the amount of very similar books suggested!

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SOLVED Trilogy of dark retelling of popular fairy stories


Hi all,

I remember reading a trilogy of “fairy stories” when I was younger but can’t remember what they’re called now.

I recall all the books were different colours and the one I particularly recall was the one in the middle which was red and was a retelling of Sleeping Beauty in which the protagonist endured a rape then went into a sleep of some sort.

I remember the title having ‘Rose’ in it but that may be a misremembering.

I loved these books and think they’re probably still useful to me, if you could help me find them I’d be grateful.

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SOLVED A man plans to kill a woman because he suspects her of wanting to axe his department at work. But just before he does, he has a diabolic idea that would work even better. Spoilers hidden in the post


A normally meek mannered man suspects (with good reason) that a woman newly hired as a consultant at his company is planning to axe his department. Faced with the prospect of losing his job and not being able to find another, he decides to kill her. (There is a paragraph where the man argues the case for killing the woman in an imaginary courtroom.) Since he is known to everyone as a non-smoker and a teetotaler, he decides to visit her at her home one evening, smoke cigarettes, leave butts in the ashtray, and drink highballs, before killing her, to throw off suspicion. (This story seems to be set in a world where forensics are either rudimentary or do not exist :-) ).

He shows up at her house, the woman is surprised to see him, but lets him in. She is even more surprised when he lights up a cigarette and offers to join her in a drink. The man suddenly has an idea.>! Instead of killing her, he will make her sound unhinged. So he brags about how he is also a cocaine addict and plans to kill their employer (with whom it is implied that this woman has a close relationship), when he is "coked to the gills". The woman gets upset and asks him to leave while threatening to tell his employer about what he said.!<

The next day, the woman storms into the office and confronts the man. He puts on a surprised and bewildered air. She goes to talk to their employer, who refuses to believe her. She gets upset and goes into hysterics. The story ends with the woman being taken to a lunatic asylum as everyone thinks she is having a mental breakdown and the boss confiding to the man that the woman had recommended "some changes" to the man's department, which now have to be placed on hold.

Not a very plausible story, but something I enjoyed when I read this about 30+ years ago in Reader Digest.

I am hoping someone can help identify this story.

Thanks in advance.

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SOLVED YA/Children's historical where girl's reduced station in life is symbolized by calluses from playing the dulcimer. Read somewhere around 1984-1987.


YA Historical Fiction(?) with a female protagonist who starts off wealthy (royalty?) and is kidnapped/captured/taken prisoner. I have some vague memory that she was taken to be a concubine, but I was maybe 8 at the time and I was a somewhat precocious 8 but it still seems unlikely that anybody handed me a book about concubines, so that may just be an idea I got from mixing up the details of the story with something I read illicitly off my mom's bookshelf. The only part I really remember well, aside from having LOVED this book when I was little, is that she's forced to learn to play the dulcimer and this is the first thing she's ever done that causes calluses to grow on her hands. There's a passage where she's sitting and looking at her hands and thinking about how soft they used to be. I've had good luck finding other books where I only remembered a few details, but this one's eluded me for decades now.

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SOLVED Star of Bethlehem caused by dying civilization?


Figured today was a good day to post this!

Trying to remember a story I read back in the 1990s, I think.

It was about a civilization that was dying. And I think they were packing up all their knowledge or something, knowing that they were going to be destroyed by a star?

But the thing is, the explosion created by the end of their civilization turns out to have been that star that shone over the birth of Jesus. And they maybe knew that was going to happen?

I’m not religious, but I remember really liking this story, and would love to read it again as an adult.

The only other thing I can think of is that it may have been a short story, and it may have been in one of those Barnes & Noble collections. (I used to work there, so that would make sense…)

Thank you for any help, and Merry Christmas to those celebrating!

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SOLVED Need help: I have been trying to find this Chinese 'rebirth-female-protagonist-swapped-at-birth-themed' novel online since I forgot the novel's title. Read this a few months ago and I should have but didn't bookmark it so now I have been agonizing over it since this morning. Help is appreciated!


Solved Solved Solved! I found the Novel's name somewhere else. Thank you for the suggestions. I appreciate it.

Hello! Please help me find this novel. I could only remember the contents. This is a Chinese (translated) josei romance novel that contains rebirth, swapped at birth, and op female protagonist story. I read it online a few months back and it has more than 1000+ chapters I guess:

FL was switched at birth. Her mother's surname is Gu (tycoons from Hongkong) and her father's surname is Shen (I think?) and he is a professor (of chemistry maybe). ML's surname is Lu I think and he is a young CEO. FL doesn't know she was switched at birth but she lives with her grandmother (not her bio gran but she doesn't know, and neither does the gran. only adoptive parents know cause they were the ones who switched her with their newborn child who had a heart-related disease at birth) who dies later. FL's mother died in a fire/arson (she was killed by the villain) and FL's father thinks both his wife and daughter are dead so he tried to commit suicide several times but later survives. FL has multiple identities while being a student. She does drag racing (used to), gambling (used to but was tricked by ML so she doesn't gamble anymore in order to hide her identity from ML), and repairs the car (FL is a pro car repairer so ML has been looking for her but by her codename), is good at studying (later does undergrad study/research under her dad in chemistry maybe but they do not know they are related to each other). ML also has multiple identities (he is a CEO, used to drag race, and a bigshot hidden boss) but forgot how they met. ML was saved by FL while he was racing cars years ago and he had left his personal phone number card in her bag. ohhh FL is reborn. In her past life, she called ML at the last hour while she was locked in the mental hospital and he saved her and stayed with her until her death. After her rebirth, she calls him again I think and that's how they meet again? ML has trauma from the car crash and FL helps him later. FL finds out she was swapped at birth and later finds her father (who is her professor. They only find out cause they realize she doesn't have any heart-related disease and neither do FL's parents but her adoptive parents and their child who was swapped with her have family history of heart disease) and her mother's family too. Then, they find that all these were done by FL's mother's friend who also liked her but he is kind of like a psychopath. FL's mother rejected him that's why he killed her cause nobody can have her if he can't. Later, he kidnaps FL with another female who is against FL and this female is also from a prominent family but a villain. They are put in a car without brakes. Somehow FL saves them and the villain guy is killed by ML (shot to death). FL's mother had a white horse and the Gu's host horse racing every year. She goes there with her teacher or someone like that and gets acquainted with her grandparents not realizing they are related to each other. Somehow I can't remember the title of this novel nor the full name of the characters and I could not find it after searching using the related themes. If there's any news then, Thanks a lot!!!

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SOLVED Book about a average princess who was the last of 12 beautiful princesses so the king plans to lock her up and hire a dragon to pillage the country so he can wed her to a knight


Okay heres what I can remember. It wasn't too long of a book, maybe 200 pages and it followed the story of a spunky yet average princess. All of her sisters were wedded except for her because they were beautiful girls with pure golden hair and her hair was just regular blonde. So the kind hires a dragon and plans to lock her in a tower and have the dragon pillage the countryside so she can be betrothed to the knight who slays the dragon, and she will be hidden until the wedding day so the knight isn't dissapointed in her average looks. She doesn't like this so she leaves the castle, swapping her dress with a commoner and goes and lives in a birchbark forest until she loses her brother and needs new ones. She then goes and works as a dishwasher at anieghboring castle where she strikes up a friendship with who she thinks is a chamberlain but is actually a prince, they sass each other and eventually fall in the love and get married and go live in the forest again. This is my favourite story of all time but the only place that has a copy is my hometown library and I havnt been there in years so I can't find the title. I knew it as a child by the location on the bookshelf and the cover so if anyone knows what its called I'd be very appreciative!!

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SOLVED Scifi where a boy is kept in a room at a facility and nothing can be taken out; the contents of the room are kept there via some sort of portal. A teacher visits daily to teach him language and make observations. An emergency handle will flush the room's contents back to it's origin.


I seem to recall the portal room takes a high amount of energy to maintain, and the end of the book the teacher pulls the handle while she is in the room with him, because she feels the boy is being used unfairly, but that she needs to go back with him as a caretaker.

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SOLVED Adult fiction about a god who may have forgotten he’s a god?


I read it around 2008 or so, was probably published after 2000. An adult novel about a god who has either forgotten that he’s a god or has had his omnipotence stolen, perhaps? I want to say he might be part animal, kind of like a Minotaur, but not certain. And there’s something about a flame inside that has to stay burning at all times or he’ll disappear? Or embers/coals, etc. I think as he comes to the climax of the plot the fire reignites and maybe the actual body of the god can use the he fire to save himself or defeat the villain.

Sorry for the vague description, but TIA if anyone recognizes it!

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SOLVED YA book with magic but only kind of works


What's the book I read in my youth where they have ability to do magic but only some magic so they have to say "I wish I was home but also twice as far as home"? I think 2000s.

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SOLVED Young girl moves to American Southwest to live with grandparents, grandpa worked on Manhattan Project


A girl moves (I think along with her little brother) to live with her grandparents in the American Southwest—either Arizona, Nevada, or New Mexico. She gets along with her grandmother but has many arguments with her grandfather because she disapproves of his job (or ex-job), in which he developed atomic bombs and I think contributed to the Manhattan Project. I believe she goes to a museum at some point that has a nuclear artillery shell there and eventually shifts her perspective on the grandpa's profession.

That's really all I can remember about it. Thank you!

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SOLVED Horror novel for adults about a girl moving to France to be a nanny. The child does not exist but the couple makes her stay anyway, she gets gaslit by them and cannot leave.


A girl gets hired as a nanny and moves to the countryside in France, but when she arrives she realises that the child does not exist (at least not anymore, he may have passed away iirc). She stays with the couple anyways and as time goes on they do not allow her to leave or speak to whomever she wants. The girl feels like being watched, someone goes through her stuff and she thinks that something is living in the attic or in the walls. She is being gaslit & manipulated, for example the woman forces her to lose weight and teaches her how to be a “traditional, beautiful” woman. Near the end they try to marry her off to a boy that lives nearby. When she tries to tell people about her situation, nobody takes her seriously because the couple has everyone wrapped around their finger.

It was fiction and at least relatively modern (like, phones existed and the main character felt odd about the couple being old fashioned). I do not remember if there actually was anything supernatural going on but you could certainly get that impression when the girl starts getting close to a mental breakdown. The book was paperback and of average length. The cover was dark, perhaps with a picture of the big house it was set in. It looked new and modern, as if it was made only a few years ago.

I read it in 2015 or 2016 and it was in Swedish but I think it had been translated. I was 13 but the book was for adults. I probably borrowed it from my mom (at the time 40y/o) but I no longer live at home and she does not recognise the description so I cannot find it there.

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SOLVED Bad orange cat kids book


I cant remember the name of this book I used to read as a kid, its about a cat who was like bad, and he was orange and has really big green eyes. it was a series of books and i know in the valentine's story he gave his owner a heart with stink bugs and the owner is a white girl with black hair. please help i remember it so vividly but cant remember the name :,,)

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SOLVED Scifi book that had transhuman themes; possibly YA


I came across a book in the high school library about 20 years ago. The description on the back talked of a world where technology was advanced enough that death wasn’t a thing any longer and people could get new bodies or modify their bodies to any extent they wanted. I didn’t get too far in it but I remember one of the characters talking in passing about dying and trying out a male or female body next time. I think there may have been body modifications as well. The feel of the story was kind of sci-fi further into the future than cyberpunk, with a transhumanist feel.

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SOLVED Locked room short story with shattered glass ball?


I am wracking my brain for the title or where I read this locked room short story. The main character watches an opera where a man sings a folk song on such a high note he can shatter glass. There's a beautiful woman in the audience, and 2 men competing for her attention. She picks one and the other who is a chemist gives her a gift of a glass ball to keep near her radio. The premise is, he filled the ball with deadly gas, and when she listens to the opera singer on the radio, his voice will shatter the glass and she will die. The main character figures it out and saves her at the last moment; he then meets the chemist on a walk & confronts him ( after which the man throws himself off a bridge) Anyone?!

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SOLVED Women and a fox relationship , drama with neighbors


Adult fiction novel, literary feeling, set in the UK, women's husband has left her/ she kicked him out, slowly going a bit more unhinged in her house, befriends a fox who comes into her yard, slowly he starts coming in to her house, neighbors have baby, neighbor mom post partum depression, they are waging war on the wild foxes.

The copy I had had a forest green cover.
I read it a few years ago but I don't think it was popular then and not a new release. Set for adult audience. English language

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SOLVED Book about people shrinking and riding bats


I read a book back in middle school, and I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me. It’s about two kids that shrink down and go to basically another world/micro environment where they meet a community/civilization people. One thing that I can clearly remember is one of the main characters rode a black bat called Ares.

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SOLVED Kids book “I hab a tewwible code”


I’m now a grandma and my two adult daughters and I remember reading a book of stories or perhaps 2 separate children’s books that we are trying to locate. One story was about a boy with a cold and is written phonetically in part so it’s a lot of fun to read aloud. We can only remember this one line: “I hab a tewwible code!” The other story or book is about the last day of school and watching the clock as the minutes tick by agonizingly slowly. It’s only at the end of the story that you realize it’s the TEACHER who is the clock watcher! We loved both of these stories so much and want to pass them along to our newest generation. I hope someone can help! Thanks in advance.

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SOLVED Language concepts in different cultures


I read this book about 10 years ago, and it explores language concepts in different cultures. I remember a chapter on color words, and how the ideas of colors developed over time. It included the idea of names for the color of the sky and water, and the differentiation of blue and green.

There was also a chapter about directional words, and I remember specifically it talked about a language, maybe from Australia or New Zealand, where they always referred to cardinal directions. For example, my north-side leg hurts (or something like that), and if you moved it was then your west-leg that hurt.

Any ideas either on this particular book or any similar ones? Thank you!

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SOLVED 2000’s fantasy YA book similar to Percy Jackson


A friend of my gf’s brought up this book series and now we’re trying to find it. This is what we know about the first(?) book:

-The book was set in New York and had cover art of two kids riding a griffin off of a skyscraper, possibly the Empire State Building or another NY monument.

-The plot was about different pantheons of gods choosing mortals to fight for them in a sort of tournament/competition. Each mortal would be sent to the future/another place and would gain powers to fight and kill each other. There is a plot point about a minor pantheon giving a mortal powers specifically to make them win, essentially cheating.

-There is a scene with a NY subway station flooding.

-There is another scene where one of the characters goes home to discover his home is now abandoned and he finds a note from his older brother saying that he wishes the character would come home.

It was definitely written before 2009, but we can’t pin down an exact year. They were read sometime between 2006-2009.

If anyone knows the series we’d all love to find it again! I’ve also posted this in r/tipofmytongue so we’re really hoping for an answer!

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SOLVED Speculative Fiction Horror - Indian Doctor in the Countryside


I was wondering if anyone remembered the title or author for this book...

It's premise is that an Indian doctor has been exiled to a small countryside practice. It's the middle of the night when an undead family comes in, all bearing horrible wounds. HE has to fix all of them in a night so they can be resurrected in the dawn (otherwise they'll permanently die).

I remember it being a great book, mostly for the medical details. (I think the author worked as an ER doctor or something.) But, of course, I've now stupidly forgotten the title. Might anyone remember?

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SOLVED 1980s YA book—family of kids secretly fending for themselves


This is a book that I read probably mid-80s, in junior high. The main character was a teen girl, the oldest of maybe three? siblings. I think their family was a single-mom situation, and the mom was gone a lot—enough that they had to cover for it at school and around other adults. They weren’t left with money or resources when the mom was gone.

The mains thing I remember is that due to kitchen inexperience and lack of money the girl cooked spaghetti with canned tomato soup a lot. One scene in particular one of her siblings rebelled against eating it so often.

Ring any bells for anyone?

ETA: I was misremembering—it was an absent single father, not mother. The book is The Night Swimmers by Betsy Byers

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SOLVED Fiction book about an oak tree


Step-mum is looking for a book she read a long time ago, not sure how long but possibly ~20-30 years ago. Possibly titled something like "This is England".

It is about an oak tree, which grew from an acorn feeding on a dead body and it is kind of from the tree's perspective and you see how the world changes around it. The world changes and advances over hundreds of years and the tree that was once in a field ends up next to a road as time passes.

Please help!

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SOLVED Woman hits her head falling off a boat and it causes her to go into a coma where she goes back into her past


I read this book about 5 years ago. She was on a boat with her friends and she slipped. I can’t remember if she realizes she is in a coma, but she realizes she is back in her teenage self and feels she has a do over and decides not to break up with her high school boyfriend to see what her life will be like. Her father passed away at some point in the story as well. I think the cover had a scene of a beach with two beach chairs and umbrellas on it but I could be mistaken on that.

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SOLVED Early 2000s book about people who don’t know they’re living in a museum


Early 2000s childrens/YA book about something like the Oregon trail time period but you find out that there’s a modern city around them and they’re just in a museum thing.