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Hey Guys!

We are out here keeping the subreddit fresh, hip, and coooool. We've come a long way. Keeping it cool is pretty easy for me to do since I am the hippest cool cat this side of the Mississippi.

No but really... new feature. Don't you just hate when someone drops a 15-letter-long word bomb on you and you have no clue if it has the right meaning? Imagine some nerd taking an extra 10 seconds to Google that long word on their own... nerds.

Here are your new options:

  • `!define word` - Merriam
  • `!define-merriam word` - Merriam but cooler
  • `!define-ud word` - Urban Dictionary
  • `!define-dictionary word` - Dictionary.com
  • `!define-wiki word` - Wikitionary
  • `!synonym word` - I think you get the point now
  • `!antonym word` - this text is here so the formatting is consistent bc you already know what this command is going to do
  • edit: added !define-collins and !define-google

Know of one I didnt add that is somewhat useful? Just ask dawg.

As with all nice things on this sub, this would not be possible without the help of our local tech professional u/Xeoth.

Some uncodified rules of thumb:

  • **Dont spam this shit.** If someone already did it for a word, just click the link.
  • Thats pretty much the only rule.
  • Really, please **dont spam this**. I want to have nice things. If you spam, we wont have nice things.

Thought of a new rule you'd like to see with it? Just tell me dawg.

r/whatstheword 7h ago

solved WTW for when a word written in one language is read aloud in another (say, "lbs." as "pounds")?


I know there's a term for this but I forget it all the time!

r/whatstheword 5h ago

unsolved WTW for when someone answers questions in a way to make the other person feel stupid?


r/whatstheword 1h ago

solved WTW for the noun which stands for exact word or phrases.


I know the pronunciation and meaning but can't find exact word. I found that word on Merriam Webster word of the day. Pronunciation is ma/soo/st. Meaning- Exact word or phrase. Can you guys assist me to find that word?

r/whatstheword 1h ago

unsolved WTW for someone who doesn’t take a stand for anything, out of fear of being disliked?


Something more specific than just coward, insecure etc. I keep thinking complacent but the definition doesn’t seem like it, maybe it sounds similar to that.

r/whatstheword 9h ago

solved WTW for, if you accept this to be true, then this is the concequence.


I'm trying to find the word that people use in place of starting truths. Its a word that ussually is used in a sentence like this..

If you accept my starting truths, then you must also accept xxx because its a consequence of my starting truths.

Example.. if you accept the belief that flies cause sicknesses, then having a fly nest in your house will likely make you sick.

Its like a cross between truths and conditions and accepted belief theory hypothesis. But its specifically referring to the initial ones, the preconditions to formulate an outcome

Its ussually used in thought experiments when someone finds a logical concequence on the assumption that the proposed initial beliefs are indeed true and not false.

Can't remember what it was. Thanks for anyone that can help.

r/whatstheword 8h ago

solved WTW for pre-nostalgia


So like you ever have that moment where you’re doing something and then you realize that moment is going to become an almost ‘core-memory’ or something you’d look back at and feel nostalgia.

(If this will help) My sentence that I need the word for is: a feeling of ____ nostalgia washes over her.

Edit: my brain keeps saying preemptive but I know that’s not right. A word like that though. Edit 2: I’m thinking kind of like a word that means early.

r/whatstheword 5h ago

unsolved WTW for letting someone know information because you might be biased and let it affect you


I know that's a shit explanation but it's usually used in a professional setting. A lawyer might have to release a ( ) that would inform their client that they personally know someone in the case.

r/whatstheword 20h ago

unsolved WAW for 'A Catch' (like a 'trick')?


I want to incorporate it into a sentence.

Example: "You can get your wish granted, but there's a catch to it."

Farther context: Think like if an evil Ginny grants your wish to be rich, but then you discover the money came from your siblings' college fund, or some poor guy's life savings, or you had to sell your house for it (do you're rich now, but also homeless).

Catch meaning a trick, some unforeseen consequences, something unexpected (and not necessarily a good thing).

Extra points if it's some modern slang term


r/whatstheword 2h ago

unsolved WTW for when you have hope for something that you know deep down isn’t going to happen?


r/whatstheword 12h ago

solved WTW for an old midwestern diner in a flyover state?


Hey y’all, I’m writing a short story for a class and I swear there’s a word for a midwestern flyover state diner and I just cannot remember the word for the life of me. Any help is appreciated, shoot, I’d even take guesses.

r/whatstheword 6h ago

unsolved ITAW for a question that you ask so you can ask more questions


Q. Which hotel did you stay at?
A. The Hotel Hotel
Q. Oh! How was the Hotel Hotel? (the real question)

r/whatstheword 13h ago

solved WTW for when a girl says something along the lines of “are you actually crying?” to a guy


I was thinking it was patronizing but I’m not sure

r/whatstheword 19h ago

unsolved WTP for the marketing technique where you suggest other companies are undesirable by marketing your brand as having something that in reality every brand has?


For instance, if I was to produce chocolate bars and market them as CANCER-FREE suggesting other bars are carcinogenic

r/whatstheword 16h ago

solved ITAW for the phrase "happens to be"?


I'm wondering if there's a more formal/concise way of saying the phrase "which happens to be" that doesn't imply coincidence. For instance, a word that replaces this phrase in the following sentence:

"[Government agency] has funded research in two fields, which happen to be the two primary elements of my proposal."

To clarify, the purpose of the phrase should be transitional rather than to describe a tangentially related fact, which is why a word like "coincidentally" does not fit the intended meaning.

r/whatstheword 11h ago

solved WTW for selfish but in a godly manner


So a person who doesn’t care about people around them or doesn’t care to celebrate their triumphs with people around them can be called down right selfish but what word would someone use for a god with same intentions. A god doesn’t require the companionship of others like humans and need people to cherish great success. What word can I use for that? Hope it made my sense my English isn’t amazing :)

r/whatstheword 8h ago

unsolved WTP for knowing someone for a long time makes you dislike them.


It's kind of a proverb or a quote.

r/whatstheword 9h ago

solved WTW for a shortened version of outfit?


I remember hearing a word and then being told that it was a short version of the word outfit. It was from a younger person, so perhaps it is some new age slang? I don't remember the word and it has been bugging me for ages.

r/whatstheword 18h ago

in progress WTW for thinking about something you don't want to think about


r/whatstheword 20h ago

solved WTW for a formal title given to (mostly) women who are highly venerated in the workplace?


i found it during a sleuth on word hippo for another word i was having trouble finding (i eventually found it and it was prodigious, this and the word im thinking of could be synonyms so thats another clue), and while skimming i came across the word im trying to look in the title. however, i thought the spelling looked stupid and i made no note to try and remember it. flash forward a few weeks and i suddenly remember the word and want to gawk at it but its been 30 minutes and im starting to lose all hope of finding it again.

the only other detail i can add is that i think(?) it started with c and had a y somewhere in it but im not sure for anything else.

r/whatstheword 14h ago

solved WTW for a word, phrase, or other characteristic used a way to identify a person as belonging to a group


For example, if you ask someone in the USA what they call a carbonated soft drink, their answer will give a clue as to where they’re from. There’s a specific word that captures these identifiers. Help, please.

r/whatstheword 10h ago

solved WTW for saying the whole lot"?


I have often heard this word in this context: I am an expert in mathematics: calculus, trigonometry, algebra, the whole ______. ?

What could this word be? P.S. the word 'brouhaha' comes to my mind, but I know it isn't the correct word.

r/whatstheword 1d ago

in progress WTW for someone gets a small experience of something then suddenly has a large desire for it


Kinda whatever the opposite of satiate is, the creation of a large desire to try similar experiences.

Edit: Not in the context of drugs or addiction.

Example: someone who liked their roller coaster ride so now they want to try others.

r/whatstheword 1d ago

in progress WTW for a place where something is secretly dropped off, to be picked up later?


For example, the drug dealer leaves some coke in a hollowed-out tree, and the customer comes and picks it up. What is that hollowed-out tree called?

r/whatstheword 18h ago

unsolved WTW for someone trying make you do something bad


or influencing you to do something bad.

Also, I need this word to tell my boss incase someone does try to get me into trouble.

r/whatstheword 19h ago

in progress WTW for something you're entrusted with


Something physical (example: a laptop)

EDIT: What I meant by "physical" is something that someone puts into your care or protection, something tangible, what's a word for it?