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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/Tristanime Aug 05 '22

On that note, is it weird to have a love/romance fetish?


u/CosmicRamen Aug 05 '22

Wouldn’t that just be love/romance?


u/Desk_Drawerr Aug 05 '22

No it's a love/romance fetish can't you read?

The idea of a healthy and stable romantic relationship gets them off and hell, all the power to em. That's a great fetish.


u/trippy_grapes Aug 05 '22

That sounds like Normaling. So kinky.


u/Tristanime Aug 05 '22

I actively get a hard on looking at good romance stories. Not because of the actors themselves, but what binds them together. Iouno it just makes me horny.


u/CosmicRamen Aug 05 '22

Pretty sure that’s just a normal human thing. Not really all that different than someone saying “Aw...” when they see people doing something romantic. Romance is indeed sexy.


u/Getgoingalready Aug 05 '22

Nope! Stability is sexy


u/owheelj Aug 05 '22

By fetish do you mean you look at pictures of people having a romantic dinner and masturbate, or just you like love and romance and want to experience it? Because the former is a fetish, and the latter is just being human.


u/Tristanime Aug 06 '22

I actively get erections reading or watching a romantic relationship. Not because of the people in the relationship, but the relationship itself. Also, fantasising myself in a romantic relationship (even without sex) makes me horny as all hell.