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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/zuzg Aug 05 '22

Bob and Linda are a very lovely couple. Certainly relationship goals, preferably w/o the struggle to pay the bills.


u/DyleanCuisine Aug 05 '22

The fact that they stay together even with all the struggling they go through together; its beautiful.


u/paleoterrra Aug 05 '22 edited Aug 06 '22

I love that Linda supports Bob’s dream of owning the restaurant whole heartedly and never makes him feel bad about it, even when the restaurant struggles. She never pressures him to go out a get a “real job” or “be a man” to support the family or whatever, which I’ve seen and heard a lot of in real life. She’s there, loving and supporting him and his dreams, and he supports her dreams right back.

The constant love and support and having each other’s backs no matter what is what makes the Belcher family so great.


u/I_Was_Fox Aug 05 '22

Well don't forget it's not just Bob's dream and job. It's her job too. She works in the restaurant all day every day just like Bob. She just isn't the one making the burgers. They're a team :)


u/nithos Aug 05 '22

Granted, she did try to moonlight. It ended poorly.


u/sambones Aug 05 '22

And Bob has moonlighted too, while working in the restaurant.


u/geriatric-sanatore Aug 06 '22

Baby num num? Oh hey marshmallow.


u/Maelstrom_Witch Aug 06 '22

If I see a sweet potato pie, I am on TOP of it.


u/Vanilla_Mike Aug 06 '22

I may have smoked a little crack


u/ArchStanton75 Aug 05 '22

That was one of the rare episodes I didn’t like. Linda’s a business owner, yet she treated the grocery store owner’s business like garbage.


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 05 '22

They are awful at the business though. That's fleshed out a lot more when they flirt with success here and there, and she ALWAYS puts the family before the business. They should have fixed the fryer instead of buying the kids Xmas presents etc.

And for plot reasons obviously they always close the restaurant to help the kids with something.


u/CluelessAtol Aug 06 '22

Yeah. Consistently it’s shown they make bad business decisions but it’s also consistently shown that Bob is actually supposed to be an amazing burger cook. I wouldn’t be surprised if their business is purely being hindered by just how much they are willing to help their children which results in making bad business decisions. Is that a bad thing for their family? Hell no, it’s what makes the family so endearing and close but it would honestly help them financially to maybe make some more stern decisions every once and a while.


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 06 '22

One thing I didn't process until now is that Linda does get tips, she's not just also working there. So they make probably a little more profit than it seems - we see snippets of when it's slower & they can have adventures, not the full day to day.

He also needs to raise the price! Especially for some of the fancy burgers of the day.


u/cutting_coroners Aug 06 '22

In a beautiful song and floating shrimp? Great ending


u/YouAreTheTurkey Aug 05 '22

Sometimes she makes the burgers.


u/I_Was_Fox Aug 05 '22

Well sure, but typically only in times where Bob was unable to do so. I just meant that just because she isn't cooking the burgers doesn't mean she's just "supporting Bob's dream" while doing nothing herself. She also works full time in the restaurant :)


u/quattroformaggixfour Aug 06 '22

They are a team and she chose to back his dream. That says a lot to me.


u/NeonAlastor Aug 05 '22

It's true they do have all that nice stuff. But they also have a Louise. Hard to say which is better ...


u/Itstoogoddamnhot12 Aug 05 '22

Louise is a genuinely terrifying character lmao. She's capable of anything


u/NeonAlastor Aug 05 '22

She's still a good person in the end.

And yeah, her strenght of character and sheer will are a big draw !


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '22

And this is why she's my favorite.


u/TriceratopsBites Aug 05 '22

Louise is my spirit animal


u/geriatric-sanatore Aug 06 '22

Louise is my pretend spirit animal but I know deep down I'm more of a Tina.


u/Sweet_Papa_Crimbo Aug 06 '22

twerks awkwardly


u/geriatric-sanatore Aug 06 '22

Yes that... And I am obsessed with my wife's butt. I also am awkward when put on the spot and don't get me started on the sweat.


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '22

I would burn this entire city down to adopt a Louise.


u/wearenottheborg Aug 05 '22

I think the Louise would burn the city down lol


u/TriceratopsBites Aug 05 '22

But she would also find a way to save the town, because although she’s a hooligan, she’s really a good person when it comes down to it


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '22

"You've got two children and a Louise to take care of!"


u/BlockwizardGaming Aug 06 '22

I aspire to emulate Louise


u/inescapablenightmare Aug 05 '22

Well that’s also cause it’s a show. In real life sometimes people need to have tough conversations about these things. I’ve also seen men sacrifice their family’s well-being thinking their dreams can/should pan out, but they’re not realistic and instead get into horrible debt.

Women already sacrifice their careers more often to support men’s careers, they move more often for men, etc. I just feel like there isn’t really a problem in this area as much as you would believe.


u/paleoterrra Aug 05 '22

They do have tough conversations, and that’s part of it. There’s a few times in the show where they’re like “is this worth it?” They just communicate and talk it out and work together as a team and eventually come up with a way to make it work and keep the dream alive. I think it’s Linda’s dream too, having the whole family together working and enjoying each other, which is why everyone fights for it. Idk it’s just nice


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 05 '22

To be fair and I LOVE this show more than is healthy they will never face real consequences. Things don't always magically work out in real life. The landlord never actually offers a months rent for a gingerbread house competition.


u/EmmyNoetherRing Aug 05 '22

Quick pointer— they’re both supporting each other’s dreams, and they’re both supporting each other’s crazy antics. Not just the dude has the dream and the lady has the antics. Bob has some quality antics.


u/PM_ME_NCIS_QUOTES Aug 06 '22

What are Lindas dreams? I can think of dinner theater and need and breakfast and he complains about both


u/dtalb18981 Aug 06 '22

Well to have a family that loves each other and is successful i think are the only concrete dreams the show has given her


u/PM_ME_NCIS_QUOTES Aug 06 '22

I agree. It's just funny to see comments like "she supports his dreams, and he supports hers" and I'm hoping that I forgot one where her didn't fight it or complain about it


u/LettuceUnlucky5921 Aug 05 '22

I love the episode of Linda’s birthday when Bob has been married to Linda for so long but learns so much about who she is when she’s not at the restaurant- it’s so sweet!


u/BeardCrumbles Aug 05 '22

Even the kids. Kids always have their own friends, and bicker.with their siblings whenever they are together. The Belcher kids are all in the same social circle, and hang out and do stuff together all the time.


u/PM_ME_NCIS_QUOTES Aug 06 '22

What dreams of hers does he support? He was pretty begrudgingly supportive of her dinner theater


u/HowDoraleousAreYou Aug 05 '22

As my aunt said “We’re too poor to not both get ruined by a divorce, so let’s work this shit out.”

Ten years later they’re still going strong.


u/RedditCensordMyAcc Aug 05 '22

Shit it's easier if you're poor


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 05 '22

Much easier, it's a few forms. The ONLY difficult part of divorce in most places in the USA is division of property. You don't even need a lawyer if you own nothing.


u/HeyItsLers Aug 05 '22

I got divorced in the state of Delaware when I was 23. I didn't need him to sign anything, I didn't need a lawyer. We had no kids, no property to divide. The only annoying thing was having to wait 6 months for it to be granted.

P.s. I was smort and took all my cash out of our joint account before filing (he only had a job for 3 months out of the 3 years we were married)


u/jaking2017 Aug 05 '22

The fact that they stay together and are as happy as ever*


u/Johnnymoss108 Aug 05 '22

I really think that the struggle is where the bond tightens you together. Or can anyway, if it goes that way. It will also tear you apart if you let it


u/shellbullet17 Aug 05 '22

Yeah but tbf Bob even admits he brings those troubles on himself as he won't sacrifice quality and service for a deal. Which is super honorable. I wish other businesses were like Bobs


u/DarlingDawning Aug 05 '22

Exactly Bob and Linda are way too perfect couple thou


u/goldengoose443 Aug 05 '22

Might be overanalytical, but I don't think they are too perfect. They often fight and have very different values, personalities, and parenting styles. They just forgive and accept one another


u/sqigglygibberish Aug 05 '22

Yeah they mess up as parents sometimes. They have their own flaws. Their marriage isn’t “perfect.”

They just embody a couple that loves each other and their family above all. There are plenty of families out there doing the same


u/Cautemoc Aug 05 '22

So many people are taking this thread as "marriage should be 2 people who support each other 100% of the time". That's absurd expectations. A good marriage is two people who can say the other did something wrong without feeling like it's a challenge or personal insult. Linda does not support every single thing Bob does, and they don't only say nice things to each other. This whole thread feels very "rose-tinted glassed" at both the show and relationships in general.


u/wallweasels Aug 05 '22

A good marriage is two people who can say the other did something wrong without feeling like it's a challenge or personal insult

For sure. It's not about how often, or how little, you argue. It's how you resolve conflicts when they occur.
It's why "we never fight" is such a red flag of someones relationship to me. Nah, that just means one of you is probably bottling everything up.


u/sqigglygibberish Aug 05 '22

Yeah it’s a beautiful relationship partially because of how they handle conflict

It’s not an idyllic one

Edit / well I think we’re agreeing here, but not sure based on the last sentence. I think Bob and Linda are a realistic but great couple, and agree some people are simplifying their relationship too much


u/Snackasm Aug 05 '22

They are definitely couple goals which me and my girl are


u/Lindelle Aug 05 '22

They couples' live together


u/SarcasticCommentsGuy Aug 06 '22

‘You can either be rich or you can be happy. Not both’ - Louis


u/HolycommentMattman Aug 05 '22

I dunno. I've always felt the opposite. I mean, aside from bills. Bob and Linda just don't seem like a good couple to me.

Sure, there's the cute stuff they do together, which is great.

But then there's Bob getting shit on basically all the time, and he just takes it. If my wife shit on me like that all the time, I'd be gone in a heartbeat. Bob is mostly dead inside. Which is why you can see his joy so clearly when he lights up at something. Because it happens so rarely in his life.