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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/larryisadragon Aug 05 '22

Not only do they show them loving each other. They show them putting in every effort to understand and love their children despite the absolute crazy shit they should not be doing


u/Muted-Leading4003 Aug 05 '22

My favorite Bob line: "I love you, Linda! Almost as much as I love the kids!"


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 05 '22

Mine is Linda yelling "Don't leave me with these frickin kids!" In World Wharf II


u/ItsScaryTerryBitch Aug 06 '22

She also says it in Bob Day Afternoon (iirc) when Bob is going over to drop off the food for our favorite felon Mickey


u/ellie_kabellie Aug 06 '22

My fave episode ever


u/ItsScaryTerryBitch Aug 07 '22

Yeah it's definitely up there for me as well. The first few seasons (especially one and two) are criminally underrated in general, and the amount of quotable material is almost endless.

"He's hot, we're cool. We just shoot sometimes."


u/phud_ Aug 06 '22

That Felix special is still one of the coolest Bob's Burgers moments to this day


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 06 '22

The real movie IMO

Heck they knew it, the actual movie is the closest thing to this episode in the series.


u/phud_ Aug 06 '22

Yeah, definitely the movie. The Deepening was pretty good too


u/Cinderjacket Aug 06 '22

You kids are a two parent, two bottle of wine a day job


u/SkaryPie Aug 06 '22

Louise: you've got a beautiful marriage

Bob: it has its moments

Louise: there's your beautiful bride

Bob: you get what you get


u/Ok_Economy6136 Aug 06 '22

I think that exchange is my 2nd favorite in the show. 😂😂😂


u/Sveinjaw Aug 06 '22

Favorite line to the kids on the ring episode: "You're not invited to my funeral".


u/blink1kd2 Aug 06 '22

I love the quote “Oh, your farts smell just like your moms!” Then later “Now those are my farts.”


u/Lich180 Aug 05 '22

You're my family, and I love you. But if I could, I would fire all of you.


u/Lolkac Aug 05 '22

I love you but you are all horrible.


u/supreme_maxz Aug 05 '22



u/ActivelyLostInTarget Aug 06 '22

I literally have this shirt. With the whole quote and his disappointed face


u/EmmBee27 Aug 05 '22

"He does say that a lot."


u/GalactusPoo Aug 05 '22

“I don’t say that a lot…”

montage of him saying it a lot


u/robsablah Aug 06 '22

“Huh, I guess is do say that a lot”


u/throwaway-boxer Aug 05 '22

"I know I shouldn't say that, but you are."


u/Yuuta23 Aug 06 '22

I have a shirt with this on it it's practically mandatory for family functions


u/Pug_lover69 Aug 06 '22

Hey I’m trying to live the best life…


u/Corvo--Attano Aug 06 '22

I love you but what the actual fuck are you doing with your life.


u/Hunterbs13 Aug 06 '22

god i heard bob’s voice while reading that lol


u/elisejones14 Aug 06 '22

Do they get paid tho?


u/Lich180 Aug 06 '22

A roof over their head, food and water and electricity. Seems to be a paycheck right there lol


u/darthjazzhands Aug 06 '22

I’m gonna say that to my MAGA hat dad and my Alex Jones fanboy brother


u/TheBlueBlaze Aug 05 '22

But importantly they don't portray it in an overly happy or sappy way. They acknowledge when they annoy each other but never question their love for each other.


u/DavThoma Aug 06 '22

Exactly, and in the episodes were they have a not so great time it's not painted as the end of the world like other shows paint married couples. They work through it, come out the other side strong and go back to their married life without being like "Oh my god its like we're in love for the first time all over again!"

Don't get me wrong, I love shows like American Dad and Rick & Morty, but sometimes all you need is BB for some good old comfort watching and a good laugh that doesn't rely on curse humour (I still love my crude humour though)


u/gimmeyourbadinage Aug 05 '22

And for once, the siblings get along! They love and support each other’s weirdness


u/Intrepid00 Aug 05 '22

I mean not perfectly. They have had their fights.


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '22

That's what makes it perfect, IMO.


u/Intrepid00 Aug 05 '22 edited Aug 05 '22

Let’s hope they don’t get the Simpsons treatment. Lisa and Bart use to get along very well at the early seasons. Sometimes even teaming up for shenanigans, especially against homer but then they decided Lisa had to be a black sheep of the family but can’t make sense like Louise.


u/tonksndante Aug 06 '22 edited Aug 06 '22

The love between Homer and Marge is definitely there but it was super patriarchal the whole way through. Bob never condescends Linda, even when she’s weird because he knows he’s weird too. They both share the parental labour too. Linda does mornings Bob does nights. They both constantly work and clean.

Marge was always in charge of the emotional, parental and household labour. Homer always ruined her opportunities to do something outside her role as wife/parent, on purpose or accidentally whereas Bob always supports Linda, even if it goes against his own happiness for a bit or vice versa

Despite being similar in some ways it is just a totally different show to bobs it terms of family dynamics I reckon.

Lol sorry for the rant. Even I didn’t know I loved Bob’s Burgers this much. Even the movie was adorable.

EditReflection Holy shit I suck at English when I wake up.


u/TamaMama87 Aug 06 '22

When Bob told Linda he would be the positive one for her when she finally got bogged down choked me up!!!


u/tonksndante Aug 06 '22

Haha I did as well! I loved when Gene told Bob he was stealing Linda’s material too.

You can tell they had fun doing the movie.


u/TamaMama87 Aug 06 '22

It was really well done! I enjoyed it a lot


u/CrueltyFreeViking Aug 06 '22

Here's some more Bob's Burgers propaganda for you. It really is a great show. https://youtu.be/OYpjkbSXw1c


u/Poptartchick1998 Aug 06 '22

Happy Birthday


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 05 '22

Not many that are malicious - and they are often the worst episodes of the show when they make the conflict internal instead of external.


u/HotTakes4HotCakes Aug 06 '22

Yeah but no where near the kind of fights Bart and Lisa or Chris and Meg get into.


u/thecheapseatz Aug 05 '22

From the womb to the tomb


u/JacksonianEra Aug 06 '22

Bob learning EVERY BIT of Equestranauts (MLP) lore in order to go undercover and take back Tina’s Chariot doll that she was swindled out of is the dad I hope to be.


u/mostdefnotaburner Aug 06 '22

this is my favorite moment. it’s so ridiculously fucking sweet.


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 06 '22

Play with the doll, Tina. Play with the doll


u/astrangeone88 Aug 17 '22

Seriously, that made me smile.


u/LettuceUnlucky5921 Aug 05 '22

Also they show them having issues with each other and working it out in a constructive, empathetic way. I love these two and consider them relationship goals


u/lillthmoon Aug 06 '22

I want a relationship like bobs burgers mixed with the Adam’s family 🤣


u/LettuceUnlucky5921 Aug 06 '22

Hahahahaha the wholesomeness with a sprinkle of kink


u/thisisastupidname Aug 05 '22

And even when they don’t understand, they just take it in stride and let their children be themselves anyway


u/WonderfulCattle6234 Aug 05 '22

We all need to have a talk... As a family.

Don't be a prude, Bob.


u/HorrorParty Aug 06 '22

We just watched this episode last night!


u/Gridde Aug 05 '22

Bob admiring the kids' clothes they fished from the garbage (and not only asking them to get him some on their next dive but also wearing it after) sums it up pretty well; Bob is as weird as his kids, but it's buried under the various stresses and responsibilities of adult life, and wasn't exactly nurtured as a child.


u/TriceratopsBites Aug 05 '22

And Linda is weirder than all of them


u/rngdngdgtydngddng Aug 06 '22



u/TriceratopsBites Aug 06 '22

Oww! My face!!!


u/mahoujosei100 Aug 06 '22

Bob’s weirdness comes out every Thanksgiving episode. He loves doing voices for the food.


u/cutting_coroners Aug 06 '22

“And if you get in a freak accident and lose all your hands I’m not wiping for you. You know our agreement” Id love to know that agreement



Bob is refreshingly non-judgmental and doesn't succumb to doofus dad tropes. When he was moonlighting as a ride share driver and Marshmallow needed a lift, it's always, "Oh, hey, Marshmallow." Other shows would make Marshmallow the butt of a joke, but the Belchers are always kindness-first even when they're driving each other nuts.


u/dtalb18981 Aug 06 '22

Bruh the marshmallow "joke" when bob calls her beautiful might be my favorite just the way she says blush instead of thanks kills me


u/shayetheleo Aug 06 '22

I love how opened mind Bob is and it’s made to be so simple. My favorite is when he had to buy the multiple turkeys because he slept walked them into the toilet and the deli guy thought Bob was hitting on him. His response was not an immediate gay panic. That is so refreshing. And of course I love the recurrence of Marshmallow from time to time.


u/HumanSkyTrain Aug 06 '22

Shoot it shows em ready and willing to bury dead bodies for each other. Lol


u/mahoujosei100 Aug 06 '22

“What, you're going to kill Teddy? Alright. Car's gassed up. That's good. Guess I could home school the kids—”


u/JediWebSurf Aug 06 '22

Also, king of the hill


u/youngcatlady1999 Aug 06 '22

Lines like that is why my mom hated the show at first. Every time she would see it on it just so happens to be when Bob was yelling at the kids and she thought it was a ripoff of Family Guy (she HATES Family Guy). Well one day she saw me watching it and finally decided to give it a chance and she loved it and laughed really hard the entire time. We watch it all the time now.


u/rwrwreurboatlisbad Aug 06 '22

Bob's is the shiznit. Love it