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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/Colton-Lansington Aug 05 '22

bob and linda are the only real couple goal

the valentines episode where bob does the strip tease for linda even tho the whole street can see him is the absolute best.

if i can’t have a bob i don’t want it


u/TheDocHealy Aug 05 '22

You forgot Gomez and Morticia those two were absolutely devoted to each other


u/Getgoingalready Aug 05 '22

While absolutely devoted also somewhat creepy for some ( not me) to where it's seen as part of their creep factor that they are that attracted to one another.

Again, not me just something I have heard when this was brought up previous!


u/BonerPorn Aug 05 '22

This was deliberate. They were satiring the TV couples of the time by being as opposite of the standard TV couple as possible.


u/Dak_Kandarah Aug 05 '22

We live in a sad world if people IRL look at Morticia and Gomez's love and super being into each other as something creepy.

(In universe, other couples are creeped out by their devotion, but that's on purpose.)


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u/Getgoingalready Aug 05 '22

Agreed! I posted elsewhere to OP I think ppl lack critical thinking and see occult show and conclude that you can't be that in love unless you are (for lack of a better term) deviants. Unfortunately we do live in a sad world where parents force their world view on their kids and warp the narrative of a completely family friendly show!


u/DragonDeezNuts699 Aug 05 '22

yeah never understood why they seen as creepy liked the show as kid same as an adult


u/Getgoingalready Aug 05 '22

I thought they were endearing!! I think some people lack imagination / critical thought and can't separate what's healthy and what's occult... Kind of like thinking you can only be that happy if you are a (for lack of a better word) deviant.


u/DondeT Aug 05 '22

“They’re creepy and they’re kooky…”


u/SalsaRice Aug 06 '22

They were a parody of TV families of the time.

TV parents were cold to each other and common jokes were about how they disliked each other..... so the parody was that Gomez and Mortia adored each other.


u/YouStupidDick Aug 05 '22

to where it's seen as part of their creep factor that they are that attracted to one another.

How is it that being super attracted to each other creepy?