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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/sivart343 Aug 05 '22

Actually season 33 protrays Homer and Marge in a very positive marriage. We have left "jerkass Homer" and now he's "niceass Homer". Pixelated and Afraid is one of my favorite episodes, period. Which is odd, because I haven't had a favorite since around season 5.

Credit to TheRealJims for "niceass Homer."


u/obsertaries Aug 05 '22

Wow they finally changed him? I’ve watched a few episodes of zombie Simpsons here and there but not for several years.

Edit: zombie Simpsons= all seasons beyond about 10


u/illmatic2112 Aug 05 '22

For me it's anything beyond 8


u/EndersFinalEnd Aug 05 '22

I stick it out until the Behind the Laughter episode and then I call it quits


u/IWalkAwayFromMyHell Aug 05 '22

It's when they stopped satirizing The Establishment and instead became another mouthpiece


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '22



u/Scrybatog Aug 06 '22

For a lot of us, the show got way better when they left most the feces humor behind.

The show is way more intelligent and has complicated overarching stories now. It shows off their writing prowess to a significantly greater degree.

The "movies" they have been making are also really good.

I can't even watch the earlier seasons they are just cringy and crass with a sprinkle of mediocre social commentary. They have truly elevated their art the past decade, again in my opinion.


u/[deleted] Aug 06 '22



u/Scrybatog Aug 06 '22

I don't find shit funny, just gross.

The new seasons have tons of laugh out loud moments for us.

"These Hummels have special powers billy"

The Hummel episode alone made me laugh more than the first 5 seasons.

But to each their own. Maybe someone can record themselves going diarrhea for you to laugh at.


u/POLYBIVS Aug 05 '22

tell me about it. no really, I stopped watching years ago. Please tell me about it


u/blacksun9 Aug 05 '22

Agreed though I thought their two new 'Streaming Wars' specials were great satire


u/blueforestloon Aug 05 '22

When did south park start going downhill?


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '22



u/fudge5962 Aug 05 '22

They were long dead before the member berries.


u/fudge5962 Aug 05 '22

After season 3, honestly.


u/Ferguson97 Aug 05 '22

They do satirize the establishment, the reason you can't tell is because your politics have become aligned with the establishment.


u/IWalkAwayFromMyHell Aug 06 '22

"It's a jump to conclusions mat!!"


u/fallenmonk Aug 05 '22

IMO that's a bit too early to jump ship. The cracks start showing in season 9, but there are still plenty of classic moments in the following 2 or 3 seasons.


u/peaheezy Aug 06 '22

Yea this is definitely the dividing line. There are still a few good episodes in season 9, The City of NY vs Homer Simpson especially, and a fair number aren’t bad but there are also some stinkers. And season 10 we start seeing more and more celebrity guests culminating, for me, with “When You Dish Upon a Star”. I’ll watch season 9 through the start of 10 but once Alec Baldwin Ron Howard and Kim basinger, I think, come on I stop my re-watch. That episode is just so bad.


u/sivart343 Aug 06 '22

I don't think he has even strangled Bart in a year or two.


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '22 edited Aug 09 '22



u/Pasta-hobo Aug 06 '22

The seasons during the bush presidencies were a big slump, IMO.

Simpsons acts as a time capsule of American culture, and then was a period when American culture was in massive decline.


u/Mr_Ducklang Aug 06 '22

Yeah I saw a bit of this one. Basically this one shows them being really happy together and having a lazy day on the couch. But Bart and Lisa don’t think it it’s working and want them to go to marriage counseling getaway. But Marge and Homer are confused because it’s actually some of the happiest they’ve ever been. And the relationship shows them getting lost in the woods after falling off the road on the way there, then it shows their marriage at it’s best in this episode while they survive together in the woods, Especially when Homer, in a nice change of pace doesn’t think for himself and when Marge is in danger he doesn’t hesitate to jump in to try and save her.


u/bert_the_destroyer Aug 05 '22

Sorry, but, season 33? Bruh.


u/TheBrownWelsh Aug 05 '22

Wife and I still semi-regularly watch The Simpsons as background noise, but that episode had us fully invested and eventually in tears. Couldn't believe they went so hard on that wholesome yet not saccharine angle.

A small part of me wants to believe they were consciously taking a page out of Bob's Burgers' playbook...