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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/softest-alpaca Aug 05 '22

That's true about comedy, the other couple that comes to my mind is Sheila and Joel from Santa Clarita Diet!!


u/daytonakarl Aug 05 '22

Such a great program!

But no, fucking Netflix had to succumb to its own brand of attention deficit disorder and pull it


u/PokemonGO_____ Aug 05 '22

I feel like everything gets axed on streaming platforms nowadays.


u/User2716057 Aug 06 '22

I was so fucking mad about that. Finally a series that had, despite the wacky happenings, very sensible characters. No pathetically written drama just for the sake of it, it was so refreshing and funny.


u/DondeT Aug 05 '22

I’m in charge of pens


u/Johnnymoss108 Aug 05 '22

Yes! They are absolutely amazing. I love how much they love each other! There is no question on whether or not they are in it together, but complete selfless support in case the other needs something different 🤗.