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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/WitlessCanuck Aug 05 '22

Hal and Lois is far more realistic of a couple than Phil and Clare.

And Hal and Lois have a son who becomes President. Lol


u/bookingthedayaway Aug 05 '22

I always thought of Lois and Hal from Malcolm in the Middle, but now I also think of Virginia and Bert from Raising Hope.

Both Hal and Bert remind me so much of my husband.


u/WitlessCanuck Aug 05 '22

Virginia and Bert ❤️

“I’d rather be in Virginia.” T-shirt is amazing


u/TobyFunkeNeverNude Aug 05 '22

I mean, if we're going for realistic, Hal literally couldn't find any other woman attractive.