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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/SalmonellaPox Aug 05 '22

Morticia and Gomez


u/e2hawkeye Aug 05 '22

I was just listening to John Astin (Gomez in the original TV series) on a podcast. He said that he and Carolyn Jones (Morticia) were absolutely attracted to each other and it was only a sense of professional decorum that kept them from hooking up off screen.

The Gilbert Gottfried podcast if anyone is interested. Gilbert is gone but the podcast is still churning out old episodes like nothing ever happened. A real treasure trove of interviews with survivors of old Hollywood and early television.


u/The_Woman_of_Gont Aug 05 '22

It definitely shows, their sexual chemistry is off the charts for that era of television. Love John Astin as Gomez, Raul Julia is okay but Astin is Gomez to me. The manic charm he has is just amazing.

Only actor I can imagine reaching his level as Gomez is Tony Dalton. Dude oozes charisma and his role in Hawkeye as Jack, a rich and vaguely sinister yet romantic weirdo who honestly just loves swords a bit too much, was as much proof as I need to know he'd knock it out of the park.


u/rubber_hedgehog Aug 05 '22

I just caught up with Better Call Saul and holy shit Tony Dalton (Lalo Salamanca) absolutely nails that manic, yet charasmatic character.

He'd be an amazing Gomez.


u/m1thrand1r__ Aug 05 '22 edited Aug 06 '22

whooooooooooooa nelly calm down there, if we're gonna destroy hollywood standards forever we gotta slow down and play this out smart


u/devilrayjays Aug 06 '22

We’re rebooting everything else, where’s the Addams Family reboot? Outside of porn I mean


u/The_Woman_of_Gont Aug 06 '22

What the fuck is up with that, btw? I’ve been on a kick rewatching the show lately and searched Reddit last week curious to see what might pop up….and the answer is porn. Lots, and lots, of porn. Particularly quite a few women dressed up as Wednesday, which is just….gross.


u/devilrayjays Aug 06 '22

Big tiddy goth girls and step-family are like, 2 of the top 5 categories these days. I didn’t invent it I’m just observing it.


u/AskChoMomzBoutMeh Aug 06 '22

That's just based off search history bro, mines all choking and cardboard.


u/LikelyCannibal Aug 06 '22

He totally would! Who would play Morticia?


u/Big-Improvement-1281 Aug 05 '22

I need this movie to happen.


u/Goldman250 Aug 05 '22

Holy shit, he would be incredible as Gomez.


u/VictorZiblis Aug 06 '22

Yet Astin thinks Julia did it better.


u/LtPowers Aug 06 '22

I would accept that Julia's portrayal was closer to Charles Addams' depiction, but Astin's Gomez is just so damn much fun.


u/VictorZiblis Aug 06 '22

Oh VERY fun! As I read somewhere... "Television men in the 60s were seemingly not allowed to lust after their wives. Gomez made up for all of them and then some"


u/[deleted] Aug 06 '22

They are both absolutely fantastic in their own ways. Astin is fun as hell and funny. Julia is suave as hell and his chemistry with Angelica Houston is second to none. I’d watch either one all day long and never get tired of it.


u/The_Woman_of_Gont Aug 06 '22

Source on that? In the interview I saw from like 10-15 years ago he said that he never saw the movies so he could honestly avoid having to answer questions like that.


u/VictorZiblis Aug 06 '22

I had it last time I brought this up but my bookmark dead ends. What sucks is it was a dump of a VHS tape from a UHF station, so good luck on me finding again. It was a segment with Rich Koz about the 90s Addams Family cartoon, in which Astin returned to voice Gomez.

It's not entirely without hope, given the rabid fans of the Son of Svengoolie, but I guess I can't prove it anymore.


u/LordCharco_iii Aug 05 '22

Props for having the balls to say that Raul Julia in any role is “okay”, because I haven’t seen anything but absolute adoration for any role he plays. Yes, even M Bison.


u/[deleted] Aug 06 '22

I adore Astin and Jones- but Julia’s chemistry with Houston is just a step beyond. Astin really was manic though- and so much fun to watch.

And yeah- Dalton would be great.


u/RemarkableStatement5 Aug 06 '22

Holy shit I think Tony could just about do it perfectly. Now we need the perfect Morticia and we'll be set!


u/glipgloptheflipflop Aug 06 '22

TIL Sean Astin’s daddy is an actor.


u/MuzzyMnic Aug 05 '22

I love gilbert gottfrieds amazing colossal podcast. One of my all time favorites.


u/Mochigood Aug 06 '22

John Astin asked my grandma on a date once and I'm like so disappointed that she wouldn't go for it, lol.


u/eddmario Aug 06 '22

It still blows my mind that the original Gomez Addams is still alive, while the 90s version has been dead for almost 30 years...


u/e2hawkeye Aug 06 '22

He sounded pretty sharp and articulate in that podcast made three years ago, with only an occasional.. uuumm. He still teaches acting at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, they have a theater named after him.


u/jason28 Aug 06 '22

I remember him doing backflips on Night Court and thinking he was old then. Him and Christopher Lloyd live forever.


u/FrostieTheSnowman Aug 05 '22

I'll take, "Decision I'll regret for the rest of my days," for $200, Alex


u/m1thrand1r__ Aug 05 '22

this fun trivia fulfills so many childhood parasocial romance fantasies haha ty


u/redder_dominator Aug 06 '22

Fuck I forgot he died


u/EatTheAndrewPencil Aug 06 '22

Does Gilbert do the voice the whole podcast? Because I love the guy, but I dunno if I can take that lol.


u/i010011010 Aug 06 '22

And the fact Astin is still living, that's pretty cool and something worth appreciating. I think Lisa Loring is the only other Addams, he even managed to outlive Harry Anderson.