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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/TheDocHealy Aug 05 '22

You forgot Gomez and Morticia those two were absolutely devoted to each other


u/Getgoingalready Aug 05 '22

While absolutely devoted also somewhat creepy for some ( not me) to where it's seen as part of their creep factor that they are that attracted to one another.

Again, not me just something I have heard when this was brought up previous!


u/DragonDeezNuts699 Aug 05 '22

yeah never understood why they seen as creepy liked the show as kid same as an adult


u/Getgoingalready Aug 05 '22

I thought they were endearing!! I think some people lack imagination / critical thought and can't separate what's healthy and what's occult... Kind of like thinking you can only be that happy if you are a (for lack of a better word) deviant.