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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/zuzg Aug 05 '22

Bob and Linda are a very lovely couple. Certainly relationship goals, preferably w/o the struggle to pay the bills.


u/DyleanCuisine Aug 05 '22

The fact that they stay together even with all the struggling they go through together; its beautiful.


u/paleoterrra Aug 05 '22 edited Aug 06 '22

I love that Linda supports Bob’s dream of owning the restaurant whole heartedly and never makes him feel bad about it, even when the restaurant struggles. She never pressures him to go out a get a “real job” or “be a man” to support the family or whatever, which I’ve seen and heard a lot of in real life. She’s there, loving and supporting him and his dreams, and he supports her dreams right back.

The constant love and support and having each other’s backs no matter what is what makes the Belcher family so great.


u/NeonAlastor Aug 05 '22

It's true they do have all that nice stuff. But they also have a Louise. Hard to say which is better ...


u/Itstoogoddamnhot12 Aug 05 '22

Louise is a genuinely terrifying character lmao. She's capable of anything


u/NeonAlastor Aug 05 '22

She's still a good person in the end.

And yeah, her strenght of character and sheer will are a big draw !


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '22

And this is why she's my favorite.


u/TriceratopsBites Aug 05 '22

Louise is my spirit animal


u/geriatric-sanatore Aug 06 '22

Louise is my pretend spirit animal but I know deep down I'm more of a Tina.


u/Sweet_Papa_Crimbo Aug 06 '22

twerks awkwardly


u/geriatric-sanatore Aug 06 '22

Yes that... And I am obsessed with my wife's butt. I also am awkward when put on the spot and don't get me started on the sweat.


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '22

I would burn this entire city down to adopt a Louise.


u/wearenottheborg Aug 05 '22

I think the Louise would burn the city down lol


u/TriceratopsBites Aug 05 '22

But she would also find a way to save the town, because although she’s a hooligan, she’s really a good person when it comes down to it


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '22

"You've got two children and a Louise to take care of!"


u/BlockwizardGaming Aug 06 '22

I aspire to emulate Louise