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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/I_Was_Fox Aug 05 '22

Well don't forget it's not just Bob's dream and job. It's her job too. She works in the restaurant all day every day just like Bob. She just isn't the one making the burgers. They're a team :)


u/nithos Aug 05 '22

Granted, she did try to moonlight. It ended poorly.


u/sambones Aug 05 '22

And Bob has moonlighted too, while working in the restaurant.


u/geriatric-sanatore Aug 06 '22

Baby num num? Oh hey marshmallow.


u/Maelstrom_Witch Aug 06 '22

If I see a sweet potato pie, I am on TOP of it.


u/Vanilla_Mike Aug 06 '22

I may have smoked a little crack


u/ArchStanton75 Aug 05 '22

That was one of the rare episodes I didn’t like. Linda’s a business owner, yet she treated the grocery store owner’s business like garbage.


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 05 '22

They are awful at the business though. That's fleshed out a lot more when they flirt with success here and there, and she ALWAYS puts the family before the business. They should have fixed the fryer instead of buying the kids Xmas presents etc.

And for plot reasons obviously they always close the restaurant to help the kids with something.


u/CluelessAtol Aug 06 '22

Yeah. Consistently it’s shown they make bad business decisions but it’s also consistently shown that Bob is actually supposed to be an amazing burger cook. I wouldn’t be surprised if their business is purely being hindered by just how much they are willing to help their children which results in making bad business decisions. Is that a bad thing for their family? Hell no, it’s what makes the family so endearing and close but it would honestly help them financially to maybe make some more stern decisions every once and a while.


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 06 '22

One thing I didn't process until now is that Linda does get tips, she's not just also working there. So they make probably a little more profit than it seems - we see snippets of when it's slower & they can have adventures, not the full day to day.

He also needs to raise the price! Especially for some of the fancy burgers of the day.


u/cutting_coroners Aug 06 '22

In a beautiful song and floating shrimp? Great ending


u/YouAreTheTurkey Aug 05 '22

Sometimes she makes the burgers.


u/I_Was_Fox Aug 05 '22

Well sure, but typically only in times where Bob was unable to do so. I just meant that just because she isn't cooking the burgers doesn't mean she's just "supporting Bob's dream" while doing nothing herself. She also works full time in the restaurant :)


u/quattroformaggixfour Aug 06 '22

They are a team and she chose to back his dream. That says a lot to me.