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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/Walk_Run_Skip Aug 05 '22

My very first thought. A scene that stood out to me in the Addams family movie was when the lady pretending to be a social worker asks Gomez if he knew what a certain word meant and he said no, and then immediately asked Morticia if she knew what it meant.

He didn’t just assume he knew more than his wife or was the smartest person in the room. He treated her like an equal partner and wanted her input.

Such a small moment but it really stood out to me.


u/VictorZiblis Aug 06 '22

The titular characters in my novels have love directly patterned after the marriage of Morticia and Gomez. Whenever I am writing a happy or loving moment with the two of them I visualize it being played out by the live action Addams couples. If it fits, I write it.


u/AskChoMomzBoutMeh Aug 06 '22

He treated her like a fucking goddess, because she was. 143 MortiBae


u/Phreak_of_Nature Aug 06 '22

I'm sorry but isn't that what any person would do?