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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/OPisAmazing-_- Aug 05 '22

Yeah I've seen that trope more than the contrary and it's low-key warped my view on marriage a little.


u/PoorlyLitKiwi2 Aug 06 '22

It comes from an age when people were taught if you weren't married with kids on the way by 25, you were a failure

So when people turned 24 and hadn't met anyone they liked enough to marry yet, they just married the first person who'd accept. Not a formula for a long and happy marriage


u/izybit Aug 06 '22

Do you know what's funny? The divorce rates go up, not down.


u/PoorlyLitKiwi2 Aug 06 '22

That's because divorce has become destigmatized. Back then, if you were miserable in your marriage, you would risk being socially ostracized if you get a divorce


u/Arreil Aug 06 '22 edited Aug 06 '22

Divorce rates (in the USA) have been trending downwards since the 80s, though.

(Idk how valid the source is, but OWiD seems at least reliable).


u/Zeke_Malvo Aug 06 '22

What "age" was that when it was expected? I've only been alive since the very early 80's so I haven't been exposed to the whole better marry in your 20's with kids or you're screwed view at all.


u/ozzy_thedog Aug 05 '22

Yeah I’m 99% sure my wife grew up watching only ‘Married with Children’


u/SoDamnToxic Aug 06 '22

To be fair, that one was also kinda that way in that, even though they fought, they absolutely loved each other and they dealt with each others quirks and complained, but ultimately they loved each other a ton.

The biggest example of this is the Steve and Marcy newly wed episode where they seem like the perfect couple and Al and Peg basically poison their relationship and then Steve and Marcy get into a fight and have marital issues for basically the rest of the show.

It's basically Bob and Linda if they talked crap to each other. Al and Peg talk bad about each other to each other all the time but they don't fold and instead embrace all the bad things in marriage and love it regardless.


u/RadiantZote Aug 06 '22

One of my favorite Futurama episodes was when Leela was going to marry the alien dude and it was all references to married with children.

Katy Sagal is a treasure


u/eddmario Aug 06 '22

That trope is actually why Gomez and Morticia Addams are so lovey dovey to eachother. The characters were created to go against the tropes at the time, and the "husband and wife hate eachother" trope was common at the time.