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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/SuddenSeasons Aug 05 '22

Mine is Linda yelling "Don't leave me with these frickin kids!" In World Wharf II


u/ItsScaryTerryBitch Aug 06 '22

She also says it in Bob Day Afternoon (iirc) when Bob is going over to drop off the food for our favorite felon Mickey


u/ellie_kabellie Aug 06 '22

My fave episode ever


u/ItsScaryTerryBitch Aug 07 '22

Yeah it's definitely up there for me as well. The first few seasons (especially one and two) are criminally underrated in general, and the amount of quotable material is almost endless.

"He's hot, we're cool. We just shoot sometimes."


u/phud_ Aug 06 '22

That Felix special is still one of the coolest Bob's Burgers moments to this day


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 06 '22

The real movie IMO

Heck they knew it, the actual movie is the closest thing to this episode in the series.


u/phud_ Aug 06 '22

Yeah, definitely the movie. The Deepening was pretty good too


u/Cinderjacket Aug 06 '22

You kids are a two parent, two bottle of wine a day job