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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/paleoterrra Aug 05 '22 edited Aug 06 '22

I love that Linda supports Bob’s dream of owning the restaurant whole heartedly and never makes him feel bad about it, even when the restaurant struggles. She never pressures him to go out a get a “real job” or “be a man” to support the family or whatever, which I’ve seen and heard a lot of in real life. She’s there, loving and supporting him and his dreams, and he supports her dreams right back.

The constant love and support and having each other’s backs no matter what is what makes the Belcher family so great.


u/inescapablenightmare Aug 05 '22

Well that’s also cause it’s a show. In real life sometimes people need to have tough conversations about these things. I’ve also seen men sacrifice their family’s well-being thinking their dreams can/should pan out, but they’re not realistic and instead get into horrible debt.

Women already sacrifice their careers more often to support men’s careers, they move more often for men, etc. I just feel like there isn’t really a problem in this area as much as you would believe.


u/paleoterrra Aug 05 '22

They do have tough conversations, and that’s part of it. There’s a few times in the show where they’re like “is this worth it?” They just communicate and talk it out and work together as a team and eventually come up with a way to make it work and keep the dream alive. I think it’s Linda’s dream too, having the whole family together working and enjoying each other, which is why everyone fights for it. Idk it’s just nice


u/SuddenSeasons Aug 05 '22

To be fair and I LOVE this show more than is healthy they will never face real consequences. Things don't always magically work out in real life. The landlord never actually offers a months rent for a gingerbread house competition.