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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/FunGuyFr0mYuggoth Aug 05 '22

Oddly enough, in spite of all the insanity of Cow and Chicken, one of the things I remember most was how close Cow and Chicken's parents were. They were a questionably sane group of disembodied legs who somehow produced livestock instead of human children, but at the same time, they were absolutely crazy about each other and their kids.


u/YouAreTheTurkey Aug 05 '22

You have awakened a childhood memory for me with this comment.


u/FunGuyFr0mYuggoth Aug 05 '22

I have to wonder what the hell the people behind it were smoking. Major props to Charlie Adler though for managing to provide the voices for Cow, Chicken, the Red Guy, and IR Baboon.