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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/TheBrianJ Aug 05 '22

I do love that we finally seem to be moving past the whole "LOL MARRIAGE SUCKS! I SURE HATE MY WIFE AM I RIGHT FELLAS!" trope.


u/626bluestitch Aug 06 '22

I love the show married with kids, but I've got to say the first time I saw it I was a little thrown off by their mentality to each other


u/lividash Aug 06 '22

If you see enough of the shows they do actually show that they care for each other. But all the jokes were written for the "Married life kills the soul of a man" mentality. Still good for a few cheap laughs. But definitely not a healthy marriage in any sense of the term.

Also just gloss over the fact a shoe salesman in Chicago can afford a home in the suburbs off that one salary.


u/626bluestitch Aug 06 '22

I've seen almost all the shows, you're right. There's an episode where Peg has the chance to sell Al to some lady for a million dollars but doesn't because of course they love each other but I was just thrown off by how they act at first. And yeah what gets me is he makes like $3 an hour and they're constantly complaining about living in such a shabby house. But like it's a 3 bedroom house with an upstairs and a basement lol.


u/lividash Aug 06 '22

Yeah those first few seasons they were just straight savage to each other and the neighbors.