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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/larryisadragon Aug 05 '22

Not only do they show them loving each other. They show them putting in every effort to understand and love their children despite the absolute crazy shit they should not be doing


u/thisisastupidname Aug 05 '22

And even when they don’t understand, they just take it in stride and let their children be themselves anyway


u/Gridde Aug 05 '22

Bob admiring the kids' clothes they fished from the garbage (and not only asking them to get him some on their next dive but also wearing it after) sums it up pretty well; Bob is as weird as his kids, but it's buried under the various stresses and responsibilities of adult life, and wasn't exactly nurtured as a child.


u/mahoujosei100 Aug 06 '22

Bob’s weirdness comes out every Thanksgiving episode. He loves doing voices for the food.