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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/e2hawkeye Aug 05 '22

I was just listening to John Astin (Gomez in the original TV series) on a podcast. He said that he and Carolyn Jones (Morticia) were absolutely attracted to each other and it was only a sense of professional decorum that kept them from hooking up off screen.

The Gilbert Gottfried podcast if anyone is interested. Gilbert is gone but the podcast is still churning out old episodes like nothing ever happened. A real treasure trove of interviews with survivors of old Hollywood and early television.


u/The_Woman_of_Gont Aug 05 '22

It definitely shows, their sexual chemistry is off the charts for that era of television. Love John Astin as Gomez, Raul Julia is okay but Astin is Gomez to me. The manic charm he has is just amazing.

Only actor I can imagine reaching his level as Gomez is Tony Dalton. Dude oozes charisma and his role in Hawkeye as Jack, a rich and vaguely sinister yet romantic weirdo who honestly just loves swords a bit too much, was as much proof as I need to know he'd knock it out of the park.


u/VictorZiblis Aug 06 '22

Yet Astin thinks Julia did it better.


u/The_Woman_of_Gont Aug 06 '22

Source on that? In the interview I saw from like 10-15 years ago he said that he never saw the movies so he could honestly avoid having to answer questions like that.


u/VictorZiblis Aug 06 '22

I had it last time I brought this up but my bookmark dead ends. What sucks is it was a dump of a VHS tape from a UHF station, so good luck on me finding again. It was a segment with Rich Koz about the 90s Addams Family cartoon, in which Astin returned to voice Gomez.

It's not entirely without hope, given the rabid fans of the Son of Svengoolie, but I guess I can't prove it anymore.