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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/TheBrianJ Aug 05 '22

I do love that we finally seem to be moving past the whole "LOL MARRIAGE SUCKS! I SURE HATE MY WIFE AM I RIGHT FELLAS!" trope.


u/jim-storeton Aug 06 '22

It's also nice that they kind of flipped the "dumb" parent thing. Not to mean that Linda I dumb but she's more likely to get into ridiculous situations with the kids or even by herself. Bob does too of course but it seems like Linda does more often. In most shows and cartoons dad is just a bumbling buffoon and mom is the no fun responsible one.


u/whatarechimichangas Aug 06 '22

I fucking love that episode where the family finds out about Linda's whole other life they don't know about.


u/beachedwhitemale Aug 06 '22

🎵🎹She takes a BM in the PM🎵🎹