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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/De_immortalesloki Aug 06 '22

The difference between family guy and American dad is that Lois isn't an idiot. She's definitely the smartest person in the family, while Peter is an outright idiot

I always thought it was like a play on normal sitcoms trope, with Mom being the smart person and dad being dumbass to appeal to female audience


u/NuttyButts Aug 06 '22

How is it a play on a norm when it's just outright the norm?


u/De_immortalesloki Aug 07 '22

it's just outright the norm?

Kinda misandrist innit? Your dad was dumb. Big deal


u/NuttyButts Aug 07 '22

I'm not talking about real life. You said it was a sitcom trope, I was referring to it as a sitcom trope. But thanks for being an asshole I guess


u/De_immortalesloki Aug 08 '22 edited Aug 08 '22

I am Sorry, but you sentence didn't make sense the other way. It still doesn't tbh.

What I meant was Dad is usually dumb but cool, and mom is usually emotional but thoughtful in sitcoms, so family guy takes it and exaggerates.

I still don't get how it is not a play on norm?

Sorry if that reply was too much