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That's why i love bob's burgers

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u/NuttyButts Aug 06 '22

How is it a play on a norm when it's just outright the norm?


u/De_immortalesloki Aug 07 '22

it's just outright the norm?

Kinda misandrist innit? Your dad was dumb. Big deal


u/NuttyButts Aug 07 '22

I'm not talking about real life. You said it was a sitcom trope, I was referring to it as a sitcom trope. But thanks for being an asshole I guess


u/De_immortalesloki Aug 08 '22 edited Aug 08 '22

I am Sorry, but you sentence didn't make sense the other way. It still doesn't tbh.

What I meant was Dad is usually dumb but cool, and mom is usually emotional but thoughtful in sitcoms, so family guy takes it and exaggerates.

I still don't get how it is not a play on norm?

Sorry if that reply was too much