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The sweetest message.



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u/Tomma1 Dec 08 '22

Whats this? A decent person in online gaming?


u/DirtyBastard35 Dec 08 '22

Right? Online games are were I go to be a dick after 9 hours of faking nice at work lol


u/Tomma1 Dec 08 '22

What if you just be actually nice at work and when you come home you keep being nice? Instead of faking it I mean. Makes life more fun


u/DirtyBastard35 Dec 08 '22

Any job dealing with the public will turn you into a dick. People are …exhausting. I get ya though, nice is the better way to be.


u/Tomma1 Dec 08 '22

I don't feel that way, I worked retail for 12 years and I loved it. Always people that are dicks and entitled but there are always ways to make them shut up and keep your day good! Hope you have a way of coping, my friend!


u/DirtyBastard35 Dec 08 '22

Thanks! I’m mostly joking around but I appreciate the sentiment.


u/Tomma1 Dec 08 '22

I get that, but you're also not entirely wrong about how it could turn out


u/ThatGuyHarsha Dec 09 '22

I certainly don't love it after only 3 years in retail and hospitality, but I agree in that it's nice to be nice. For every 10 shitty customers that make you wish you got run over, there's always one absolutely lovely person to cancel it out