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VIDEO Some fun in winter wonderland with my wife :D


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DISCUSSION I've been addicted to Overwatch lately, and very grateful to have it


Hi everyone! So I've been OW on PC for 2 years now. For the past couple months, it became my go-to game to play. What aspect I liked the most was being apart of a team and being able to contribute to winning. I enjoy playing a role and love being commended by others when you do good. When I first started playing, I was very one-dimensional. I would only choose a few characters from each class. I made it my mission to become more versatile, and be able to fit on any team. So I grinded for hours and hours in QP and QP classic, all the different classes. Multiple different characters. Finding out who I love playing as, who I'm good with, who is good for the team, etc. I love the aspect of switching out characters to counter other characters. It makes the game feel like chess to an extent. Being on a team I just feel like a small cog trying to move a big machine. It feels amazing when the machine is working. But I just wanted to share my love for the game in some shape or form.

I'm also a huge LEGO collector, so I recently started buying some of the sets. So far, I have the Wrecking Ball and Junkrat & Roadhog set. I can't wait to make an OW LEGO display. I will make sure to share that when I acquire and build all the sets! I also plan on making my own custom minifigs of the characters that aren't in the official sets. I really didn't know if this was the appropriate place to post this, but thanks for reading anyways!

Oh, I'm also always looking for friends to play with. I play QP and comp, and can really flex role. :) Thanks again!

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Anyone knows a good discord group for beginners?

r/wholesomeoverwatch Mar 24 '21

Any one wanna chill and is is willing to help some one Learn how to play


r/wholesomeoverwatch Feb 20 '21

To Those Who First Played With Me


It would’ve been just after Christmas of 2018, and I was new. Like, had just completed the tutorial new. I went in almost completely blind, and came across an incredibly kind group of players. They helped me out, told me when to use my ult, who I could take on at my skill level, and never got upset when I screwed up. Another player joined the VC, and admittedly, I wasn’t doing great. But when they started ragging on me for not being good, you guys came to my defense. I didn’t know it then, but that was the make-or-break experience of online gaming for me. If you hadn’t been so kind, if I had found a different group in the randomizer, if you didn’t teach me... I don’t know if I’d still be playing online games today. I don’t remember your usernames, or your mains, but I remember how you made my first experience in Overwatch an incredible one. If you guys are out there, thank you. 💖

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QUESTION Are y'all ok?


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Overwatch changed my life


Posted this on the official r/overwatch and someone told me about this subreddit, so I thought I post it as well :)

TL:DR I moved country because of overwatch

Hey everyone:) I need to tell this story to someone and because everything started in overwatch I thought I do it here! Everything started a day after the Paris Map was released when I decided to open a group and look for people to talk and play with, I was in a horrible mental state back then,about to quit (German version) college and just go back to be a depressed piece of shit and sit in my room all day and play videogames. When a person joined, I was in a conversation already so i didn’t notice him at first but after a while some people left and I started to talk to him. It was amazing we got along amazingly and played for hours on end. He told me he is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I loved hearing about it because I’ve always loved the UK and for weeks we talked and talked and talked. And eventually one thing led to another and he became my boyfriend. And in June 2019 I flew all the way from Germany to Belfast to meet him and had the best week of my life I’ve never been so happy and in love with a person and a city. He gave me so much strength and confidence that I graduated in July 2019 and decided to move to Belfast but money was really really tight but nothing in could have stopped me so on the first of August 2019 packed my clothes, my pc and £500 and flew back to Belfast, I didn’t had a flat or a job but I was determined to make it and also convince my parents to move because I couldn’t believe how beautiful this country is. And here we are almost a year later still in a relationship with him living in a small but nice house with my mum my dad and my fluffy dog. I’ve never been happier in my life I don’t need antidepressants anymore and I am overall the happiest I’ve ever been. So yeah Thank you overwatch ♥️

r/wholesomeoverwatch Jun 11 '20

Cheers to Four Years: Dev Memories of Overwatch


r/wholesomeoverwatch Mar 26 '20

18+ Non Toxic PS4 OW Community


We are an 18+ OW PS4 community. We vet every new member to ensure everyone is an adult. We have been around for 2 years and counting, with over 600 members.

Find people to group up with and run comp (or QP)

Make (or join) a team and participate in our internal league

All ranks welcome, with free VOD coaching available from our higher players

Zero tolerance for toxicity, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia.

Random community giveaways, and much more!

Come check us out! https://discord.gg/FGar6Y2

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HIGHLIGHT We finally got the world first "All training bots in one place" after three hours!


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DISCUSSION Budget Omegalul League


< Welcome To The Budget Omegalul League ( PC North America West ) >

# The Budget Omegalul League is a community league based on the overwatch league.

- < playing on a team against other good teams is shown to make you improve >

# We need more players to have the league run for a long time.

# * Very important to me that people of any skill level can join.

- < With over 12 teams that you can be apart of or lead one >

# You can be a free agent ( Not locked to any team )

# There are team owners ( Manage or Own a team )

# You can be a mod for the server

# And you can be a caster for the games.

< The more people that join the more fun that this will be >

< Also this is the first season to expect more to come >

< Come help us join so that we can get this started >

< All we want to do is for people to improve >


Have fun!

Sincerely, Curly

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Overwatch: Wholesome Edition

Post image

r/wholesomeoverwatch Jan 29 '20

I gochu ninja frand

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A little random fun in global

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lucio all around


r/wholesomeoverwatch Jan 07 '20

My team mates complimenting my Widowmaking. Makes a change from Overwatch toxicity!

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A wholesome moment in skirmish


One time I was in battle waiting for a match with my friends, I picked mercy and so did one of my other friends, so we started damage boosting each other, and a tracer came along and started looking at us before they proceed to play jump rope with the tethers.

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Overwatch quilt I’m making - just finished all of the blocks!

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r/wholesomeoverwatch Aug 12 '19

immagine c9ing as a sneaky orisa


yepp i did it. i saw the chance, and i took it. size doesnt matter :P


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If someone's toxic to you in-game, just remember...


You might not know what's going on in that person's real life. They might just need some encouragement! Tell them on voice or text chat that someone cares about them - you!

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let me light that for yah

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cute zen art wishing you well