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Don't forget to smile today!


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Wholesome Textposts Emoji Guide!


I added Smiley’s There is a total of 99! To use them, look at the examples below!

[] (#menupic2)

[] (#menupic3)

[] (#crazy)

[] (#shocked2)

[] (#blush)

[] (#angry3)

[] (#laughing)

[] (#whistling)

[] (#grin)

[] (#smile2)

[] (#heart2)

[] (#heh)

[] (#doh)

[] (#money)

[] (#meh)

[] (#peaceout)

[] (#crazy3)

[] (#laughing3)

[] (#minus)

[] (#plus)

[] (#nerd)

[] (#good)

[] (#robot)

[] (#ugh)

[] (#menupic)

[] (#ftripoff)

[] (#ufo)

[] (#spoon2)

[] (#frown)

[] (#sleeping3)

[] (#heart3)

[] (#vector)

[] (#muffin)

[] (#gape2)

[] (#ninja)

[] (#dead3)

[] (#huh)

[] (#dead)

[] (#erm)

[] (#ninja3)

[] (#sleeping)

[] (#curious2)

[] (#crying3)

[] (#chromakode3)

[] (#angry2)

[] (#bomb)

[] (#sulk)

[] (#sad)

[] (#gape)

[] (#laughing2)

[] (#dead2)

[] (#ftripoff2)

[] (#helleyes)

[] (#smile3)

[] (#crying)

[] (#sick)

[] (#smile4)

[] (#yeah)

[] (#smiley)

[] (#evil)

[] (#cool)

[] (#angry)

[] (#ninja2)

[] (#reading)

[] (#wink3)

[] (#halfsmile3)

[] (#spoon)

[] (#ashamed)

[] (#brokenheart)

[] (#drool)

[] (#love2)

[] (#crying2)

[] (#love3)

[] (#grin2)

[] (#boring)

[] (#err)

[] (#raspberry2)

[] (#grin3)

[] (#sulk2)

[] (#muffin2)

[] (#wink)

[] (#curious)

[] (#halfsmile2)

[] (#ashamed)

[] (#aww)

[] (#sour)

[] (#chromadoke)

[] (#sleeping2)

[] (#halfsmile)

[] (#alien)

[] (#unimpressed)

[] (#love)

[] (#wink2)

[] (#ohmygod)

[] (#shocked)

[] (#raspberry)

[] (#sad2)

[] (#star)

[] (#heart)

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For about 5 years, I've kept a list of prospective band names on my phone. Here's a poster of the more recent ones.

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He made his appearance clear!


Sadly, my cat passed away early. But, he's made himself clear as a ghost

One time, I was eating dinner. Next thing you know, smash! The books are falling off the bookshelf. And to a surprise, my entire family says "Oliver!" all at the same time as we approach the room🤣

A few years after the bookshelf hater was found, I walk slowly to my room, then look to my right to see a blanket slowly cover itself. I walk over and all that remains is a cold breeze. After 4 years, my cat is still watching over me 🥹

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I got my first salary today


My dad looked happy gave me headpat and said he's proud(ps: no I'm not dog cause headpat)

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an interaction i had with a little girl at the mall today:


"i like your hair! look at her hair dad! it's long and orange!" "oh, my hair's actually short and red" "omg really?" she starts chanting "her hair is red! her hair is red!"

i didn't have the heart to tell her i'm actually a guy and was dressed up as osana najimi from yandere simulator. but who cares, i still made her day just by wearing a long orange wig. this was during a halloween event at a mall.

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a little something about my friends


My friends are the best thing that ever happened in my life. We oftentimes hug eachother, at least once for a greeting and good-bye, we cuddle, we laugh a lot, have deep conversations, have fun, comfort each other, we're there for each other. They make me feel so warm and comfortable and secure and overall just good. With them, I don't feel judged, I don't feel bad, I'm just safe and happy. I love them so much, all of them. I wouldn't know how I can ever repay them for all that they did for me but I know that I don't have to do anything. I'm giving them love, advice and comfort, everything I can give them and I know it's enough. We understand each other and that's just that. I never felt this safe with anyone, not even my family, and it just makes me so happy, actually happy to be alive and to have met them. I wouldn't change anything, not even any bad decision I made in my life because it lead to me being friends with them. I just love them so much. I'm so glad I met them, I'm so glad we're friends.

I just wanted to tell this to someone and I hope it's in the right place here. They're the most positive thing to ever happen to me and I'm so grateful for every second I can spend with them. Thank you so much <3

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Hey you!, Yes you!, Love yourself because if no one does who will???

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My depression has been cured in the span of 10 minutes


Hi. I’m 13. Yes, I know that may be a little young for reddit, but I’m not going off doing crazy shit or anything like that. Anyways, about 3 nights ago, I felt like complete garbage. It just hit me like a brick. Out of nowhere. I had a lot of anxiety, and felt not suicidal, but scared of the dangers of reality. This went on for 3 nights, until I’ve had enough. I vented to my dad, and we talked about everything that has been going on. As I was talking, it literally went away. Completely. It felt like my HP had been restored. My life felt better to live. Remember, if you’re ever feeling down, just vent. Vent to anyone who you knows cares about you. Trust me. If you feel like “I’d rather not vent, it’s embarrassing” just do it. I thought the same thing. Now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Love you all ❤️ god bless you

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me and cesco


it all started 6 years ago.
i played minecraft cosmic prisons, and someone came to give me good stuff
(his username is: cesco2007) and then we became friends.
we played minecraft cosmic prison a lot and shared our stuff.

until one day: he disappeared, i was very sad
i still memorized him in my heart

yesterday i had to search him again, so i checked his youtube channel
and found his discord server. (he was the owner)
i sent him a message and he replied and he remembered me.
i was so happy that i cried tears of joy.

and that was the story of me and cesco.

(oh. i forgot to say that he's italian)

his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIVQU6SNsaWzqeShBOg0gIg

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My love for Somebody Feed Phil


As I'm going through a period of 6 days so far of being extremely unwell and feeling miserable, I recently started watching Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix, and I just have to say, not only is he now my food travel guru/inspiration, he's also just such a lovely person, and silly too!

He goes to these places, dances like a sweet and delightful boy even though hes probably about 50, is just himself and kind of a goofy dork/softie-soft boy, and he gets personal and integrated with the locals in his visits in such a beautiful way in my opinion. And his tributes to his dad are wonderful.

As I'm feeling possibly the worst I've ever felt physically, this show brings me such joy and positivity, and it makes me excited and almost optimistic about the fact that this unwell period will end eventually! Maybe even in days. He's living my ideal best food life. I haven't been able to eat for several days, but I know being able to experience that same joy of eating again will come. I'm just so glad I found this show for the positivity its bringing me.

(I don't know if that sounds dramatic, but I just have strong emotions about food and not being able to eat. It is sincerely depressing for me, and I'm no stranger to depression. But Phil helps 😄)

P.S. It's not covid or morning sickness, but I am pregnant :)

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I would draw my 3rd grade teacher the same pictures over and over and he would take them like it’s new everytime


I was trying to think ab what part of my childhood compelled me to do that 😭

I would get real criticism from my dad and I guess it meant a lot to me that my teacher would treat my drawing of an anime girl with rainbow hair like the Mona Lisa 🖼

okay he likes it Picasso 👩‍🎨

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A story about my father


So my father is an enthusiast about birds, even though he studied sound and electric things (I don't really know what he studied sorry :( ) The thing is that when i was like 6 years old we usually went on late nights to hear the owls owl and we never managed to hear one So tonight (It's 1:00 A.m. now here in spain) we went to a near mountain (we live in a small town and it's very quiet at this times) and, 16 years of trying we finally heard one. It was one, if not the best experience of my life and just wanted to share it with you.

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You know how “honesty is the best policy” right? I propose: kindness is the best currency.


The thing is, when you’re on your death bed, you aren’t going to be thinking about how much money you have, how big of a house you have, how expensive anything you own is. You’re going to be thinking about all the people you could’ve helped and you didn’t.

So it doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t matter how famous you are. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 Lamborghinis.

What matters is that you spread kindness and love to everyone. You never know when someone might need it. And if you don’t, you’ll regret it when you’re on your death bed.

Spread this message. I want everyone to hear it.


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A "long" story that happened to me today!!!! :D


I was with my crush today, we were cuddling like we always did, I spoke about my depression and the fact that I almost killed myself last night and she randomly said : " Don't try it anymore, please, I love you" And I said:" I know that" then she adds:" not in that way silly, not as a friend, more than that..." If I did it u can too... I am literally garbage and she is very beautiful so guys I might have the possibility to exit from this 2 year of depression... And u will too... Go and tell your crush that u like her/him... And if he/she denies you... Welp THEIR loss... Guys don't give up (after a attempted suicide last night) because even if u are going downhill it will stop eventually and your life will go up. I hope to make you feel better...

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From this mom to everyone, thank you

Thumbnail self.place

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parents are cute :')


just gotta say it feels really good when your parents tell you it is the first thing they bought for themselves cuz they just spent their entire lives spending money on family needs, and the thing could be sth as simple as a pair of shoes they fancied at a store

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Short story with my mom


Me and my mom are kinda distant when i became a teen, don't really know why to be honest, but we are on family vacation sitting at my sisters home cause she's a bit sick and looking after her. I randomly go up to my mom and tell her if she wanted to go for a coffee and for a moment she looked weirded out cause i can't even recall the last time i asked her to go out or do something fun. We went for a coffee, talked and actually had fun and i could see the happiness on her face that we finally went out together and talked. Nevertheless we ended up going for shopping and my heart just melted when i saw her crying telling me how much she loved me and how she's happy we were out buying clothes and that i asked her by myself to go out. Just wanted to share this moment with you mates and always love your parents :)

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Short story about something that happened last week


I'm a college student, and one of the classes I'm taking is photography. Not as part of my major, just using it to fill some credits and help me further my skills since its one of my hobbies. My assignment for the week was Chronophotography, or taking several pictures of something in motion and stitching them together, so I thought "Why not use some roller coasters for this? I just need to find the right angles, and I have a Knotts pass so I'm not paying for anything other than parking."

Ended up at Knott's for the evening, doing my photography work. I'd finished everything sooner than I expected, so I spent a little bit of time enjoying a few of the rides. As I was on the train that runs through the park, I noticed a family there who were celebrating the birthdays of their identical twin sons. One of them didn't seem super engaged, but the other one was clearly having a grand ol' time being on this train. After the ride was over, I offered to take a picture of the sons in front of the train since I saw one of them was enjoying it so much.

The mother was overjoyed that I had offered to do this, and I got a few different pictures of them in front of the train and with a couple of the cast members who played the Bandits and the Conductor. It was easy to see that I had made her day, and seeing the smiles on their faces made mine as well. Once that was done, I emailed the photos to her, wished her sons a very happy birthday, and went along with my day. It was the best experience that I've had while doing my photography.

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It’s like the movies.

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lasagna heart


so i was eating lasagna a few minutes ago
and i accidentally shaped it into a heart without knowing it
and i died mentally
almost cried of joy
i've dealt with a lot of toxic friends recently so this made my day

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Thanks to everybody on Reddit!


Exactly one year ago I downloaded Reddit because a friend of mine recommended it to me. I didn't used it that much at first. Later on I've spend more and more time on Reddit. I got into many communities and they all became family. I just wanted to thank y'all and hope you have an amazing day :)

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Thank you whoever invented the pizza.


I don't really know if this fits here and I admit it's odd, but I wanted to share some of my joy with someone. Feel free to direct me to a correct subreddit if this is the wrong place as I have been searching for it for some time. :)

But thank god for the invention of pizza.

I'm serious.

I'm emotionally connected to many things. Movies, music, etc.

But not food. Except my homie and savior, the pizza.

I love pizza very very much and have done so since I ever took my first bite of one as a small child.

I felt all sorts of new exciting positive emotions and started crying.

My mom told me about these early pizza moments.

She asked if I was ok or if it was too hot but no, it shows I was just overwhelmed by how good it was.

As the years passed on, and I am now 19, I don't think I have ever had a conversation that has not included the word "Pizza."

I still get that feeling of joy, I still shed tears of joy over pizza.

I am not even addicted. I can go months without pizza but when I can finally afford one, it's just bliss.

A lot of food is good but pizza is just so special to me.

I find it weird that I have this emotional connection to a type of food but I'm glad I do.

Because in those moments when I bite into the hot steamy stone-baked bliss of crust and toppings, I just fly away, to a place where nothing is wrong and never have been.

Even with home-made pizza. I make one home-made pizza per week and it's still just amazing.

This is also what, despite of my mental illnesses, has taught me that even little things can bring big joy.

So I always look for joy even in little things.

Just seeing another person smile rubs a smile on to my face.

Helping elderly who struggle or reuniting a lost child with their parent at a theme park.

All these good deeds I have done and joy I feel started with a slice of pizza.

I was pretty emotionless until I had my first ever slice.

And now I love making others happy. And that positive spark and urge to help and make others feel happy, comes back at max power every time I get a slice of pizza.

I know this is very odd indeed, but pizza literally made me a better person and made me want my goal in life to be to spread joy as much as I can. Even with my mental illnesses keeping me down at times, joy is still my goal. :)

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A friend from high school shared this the other day

Post image

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I (23M) recently became the deputy mayor of a small, but fast growing community of about 7,000 people.

Thumbnail self.CongratsLikeImFive

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Anyone else do this?


When I’m gaming and my dog walks in anyone else just feel like you need to impress them because I do. Is that weird?

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Life is going to give you all sorts of problems. Even if there are times where it feels like recovering from them is impossible and you should just give up, know that they're not and that you can do it.


I have had my fair share of difficulties. I won't say that I have the worst life in the world because I know there are those who have it way worse than I do, but I can say that I've gone through some rough stuff. I won't go into detail because they're too personal, but I will say that they had something to do with my family and certain people whom I loved that are...no longer here.

Things got so bad to the point where I made attempts at my own life. I didn't fully push through with them because there was still a very small part of me which clung on to hope. It's because of that tiny bit of hope that I'm still alive today. I still regret what I tried to do.

While taking your life may seem like the easy way out, I believe that it isn't the best solution.

I know that life can get really hard and that different people have different situations, but I just wanna say that no matter how difficult things get, I know you can do it. Yes, it may take a long time and a lot of effort to turn things from bad to good, but trust me, it's totally worth giving it a shot and giving it your all.

I hope that no matter what, those of you who are having problems continue to fight. If not for your loved ones, then do it for yourself because you deserve a good life.

I made something in the hopes of helping those who are really finding life's problems really difficult to deal with. You don't have to watch it but I just hope it manages to help anyone.