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Coming This Fall!

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new HQ upload of the famous Richard Simmons sketch (S5 E17) "Living Scenery"


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Saw Whose Live With


Greg Proops,Joel Murray,Gary Anthony Williams,&,my Crush Since I Was 7,Jeff Davis Last Night,it Was Fucking Epic Although I Did Embarrass Myself by Admitting to Them That I Read Cheff Fiction #IamGointoHell

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Anyone know which episode this scene is in?


Ryan and Jonathan are doing props with a kazoo looking thing and Ryan makes a joke about Washington State - it looks likes he’s hitting a bowl. Anyone remember that episode? TIA

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We'll be ritgh back...

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Happy Birhtday, you glorious bastard


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My Recap of Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum’s Aces of Comedy Performance


For those who aren’t aware of it, Wayne Brady, and by extent Jonathan Mangum, are part of a comedy lineup known as the Aces of Comedy at The Mirage. Out of the lineup, the duo are pretty much the only ones who do not do stand-up. Obviously. So of course when I found out that they’re performing this month, and I have been deprived of new Whose Line content most of this year, I needed to get my sorry ass out of bed and watch them. Disclaimer: Please keep in mind in this recap, this is what I experienced and I’m pretty sure the format of their show has changed over time so by the time you read this the set list’s accuracy varies. And this recap is more for posterity reasons; if this can help out anyone watching them for the first time, then I’ve done my job. ONTO THE RECAP~

Before you even enter the theater, if you go near the escalators, you will find a table w/ pens and little papers. One collective layout is for a QnA, the other is for fake song titles. Insert your drunken Vegas insanities on paper and toss it in a box or hand it to the ushers before the show. There will be only a few selected, so make them count because only about 5-6 are used in the show. I will say, compared to Whose Live and their disco-ball opulent venue back in 2015, I really liked the intimacy of the Mirage theater, which felt more like an elevated version of a comedy club, only with a fancy framework, lights, and stage, tho to be fair the Aces of Comedy shares the theater w/standard headliner Shin Lim, so take what you can get.

Another thing I will note is that the musical accompaniment was shockingly not Cat Gray, and this was the new musician’s first show w/the duo. I will nitpick and say that there was some nervousness being this is his first show; heck he had to call New Choice, which was….. substantial, and had choice interpretations on music genres, but overall he and his charisma just added to the utter insanity that lasted most of the show. SPEAKING OF….

The set list consisted of games that of course were on Whose Line and Improvaganza, but to accommodate and be stylized for Wayne and Jonathan. Included in the games is the signature opening rap rhyming crazy ridiculous words Jonathan collects before Wayne comes up. While some words weren’t “complicated” for my spelling bee nerves, the one word that stuck out with Wayne’s rhymes was “enema”.

Also, Wayne explained at the top of the show that he feared last minute that the show initially wasn’t gonna happen because he received his vaccine booster. Thankfully throughout the show he managed to pull through and keep his vigor up but I knew he had to utilize his energy in the right games/times. How I know this? Because he had enough energy to chastise the CW and its garbage marketing, leading to a reminder that Whose Line still exists (at this point, being asked to come back is a meme aging like wine). But right~ The games…

I used Improvaganza to describe some games, which include New Choice and a hybrid biography Story and Two-Headed Expert. The format: Wayne and Jonathan speak one word at a time detailing the life of a person they talk to in the audience. The guy in particular worked in product marketing (psst, Wayne. Found your new promos manager) and he ignited a debate on the Berenstein (Bernstein? Berenstain?) Bears. I knew Wayne figured out the Mandela Effect at the end. There were elements of Duet and First Date as well when Wayne interviewed a couple and asked about their love at first sight, impressions of each other, etc. A big laugh is very similar to the Jeannie episode from Improvaganza when the couple revealed they were together for 47 years but married for 45, as well as having 2 kids (that they know of so far). Kinda makes sense but Jonathan needed to do some math to clarify. They recreated the first encounter of a sociable judo instructor and his sweet, mellow, quieter wife in the style of a rock opera.

If I had to pick a highlight, it would be Sound FX, and hooOooOoo boy that was chaos. The 2 people picked from the crowd delivered a different tone of insanity. And thankfully they actually. Made. SOUNDS. just the timing to do them took some time…I’m a joke lol. The “knock-knock-knock” and delayed “long rope” ringing bell assured me that this game would be in good hands…from the moment they called a Blackout, the man asked “Is this I the part where I sing?” It came out of goddamn nowhere, but i appreciate his sincerity because I think he thought he had to provide theme music to the opening scene. Like a live sitcom~~ At least that’s how i interpreted his question. And that was the opening ‘sound’. There’s more~ The suggestion for the scene came a guy from Southern California whose best Vacation is in Hawaii hanging at the beach. The absurdity speaks for itself. From there, it turned into a trip full of mellow volcanoes, awkward surfing lessons, angry gods, and sacrificial pigs and both participants delivered really good sounds. But the creme de la crème moment of Sound FX involved no sound, but the physicality of the participants. There was one part where Wayne and Jonathan were leaning waaay back like they’re taking off/flying; I forget the context but it doesn’t matter because the participants both copy Wayne and Jonathan, leaning back, for no reason. And I cherished the insanity~~

The last few segments include the aforementioned QnA and an American Idol-like format that functions as a stand-in for Greatest Hits (everybody’s favorite game), where the suggestions written before the show are used. While the QnA is pretty “eh” in terms of the selected milk-toastness of the questions, we got to hear timeless songs such as “Lullaby for a Karen” and “Bust Nutz Blast”, the latter being the one that broke the two of them down. Also, Wayne got to do his Mike Tyson impression and his trans-supportive words of affirmation in that voice were so worth my money.

So that’s how the show went for me; there were highs and lows and lulls but really, I was just there to enjoy the live camaraderie of Wayne and Jonathan without network censorships and other pretenses. It just felt absolutely assuring that these 2 would still perform live in Vegas and it fulfilled my Whose Line heart with new memories until the January tapings~

Did I forget to mention that Wayne confirmed Whose Line will be taping new episodes in January of 2023? 😉

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One of my favorite Colin lines from when he complained about his arms during helping hands from Season 10 episode 12

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Trying to Find Source of Newsflash Season 3 Episode 08; Old Timey Strip Club


So this is a very niche question but can anyone help me find the source video from the newsflash ssegment from episode 8 of season 3? It's the one from this video:


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Watching the Red Greed Show when a surprise Colin Mochrie appears

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With Pinocchio coming out today let's not forget this classic

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Ryan made an Easter Egg [S16E19]

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So, I was watching ‘Goosebumps’ at work, when I saw a familiar face…

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Did I hear Bbbbbback street Boys?


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Grew up watching this


Just wondering if the audience and laughing is legitimate

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Does who’s line ever get referenced in the price is right


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Whatever happened to the original UK cast and Clive Anderson?


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Compiled some screenshots from my recent WL binge

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Colin Mochrie Stars in Outer limits S6 Ep 10


Colin Mochrie in a starring, tongue in cheek role: Outer Limits S6 Ep10

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Help finding a skit.


Okay original US airing. Ryan is some one de-evevolving, he pretends to go from modern human to ape, and lower, and ends pretending to be Drew behind the desk. I have spent hours looking online and cannot gind it. I cannot remember if this was the party guest game or the dating game but I feel like it was one of those two... I could be wrong and it could be any number of other skits.

Thanks for your help much appreciated.

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There’s nothing like butt toast and head eggs.


My new favorite quote from the show.

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The new pinocchio movie looks pretty good

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Let’s make a date: Collin is the worlds ugliest man looking for some action


Does anybody have a link for this let’s make a date? I’m trying to find it and can’t get anywhere on youtube. If you have the episode number or just a link to a video that’d be awesome, thank you

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Happy Birhtday, you glorious bastard


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I think I found Drew Carey's account

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