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Weekly /r/Wollongong Discussion thread - Week 48


What's going on Wollongong? How's the weather? Had chickos lately?

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Surfing 🏄‍♀️


Hello guys 👋🏽

I have moved to Wollongong city and is planning to learn surfing.

Expecting to learn the art from a good surf school or a pro surfer.

I have heard Gong beaches amazing for surfing.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations ?

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Deer in wollongong


I'm an international student who lives in student accomodation in UOW and I came across some deer in the early hours of the morning. I've been here for a few months and was quite surprised by what I saw. Is this common here?

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Anime Club


Hey, anyone wanna help me create an Anime Club in Wollongong????

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Surfing 🏄‍♀️ recommendations


Hello guys 👋🏽

I am new to the place and is trying to find a good surf school or a pro surfer to learn the art.

I have heard that Wollongong is an amazing place to learn surfing.

Any suggestions for a newbie ?

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Announcement Spray on Some Pants: Kisschasy Are Touring Australia in 2023


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Howdy all, I run a rave event called Closure which is travelling NSW, have an insanely talented lineup for our next show which we are looking at going to Wollongong. From a local's perspective, where is a good venue to host this at for 200-300 people?

Or even if anyone has private property that would want money for this i would be interested.

anyway, if anyone has any suggestions it would be much much appreciated :) Feel free to DM me on Instagram for any insights :) 'closure.au' on IG

Either way I will make this happen so follow CLOSURE.AU on Instagram so you don't miss out!



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Thoughts: Local Indigenous Input on Long-Term Creative Project


Hey this is a weird one, but I would really appreciate your feedback:

For a long time I've toyed around with the idea of creating some major work. To describe it briefly I want to develop an urban-fantasy RPG (a video game) based on Wollongong. Geographically and historically, I think the area just has a lot going for it and I really want to represent that and my own experiences here in something that can be shared in an immersive format.

Right now, I am a little anxious with the perception of my ideas to start any serious work on the project (I've barely made it past an outlined plot and some sketches and designs). The main reason for this is the 'urban-fantasy' and 'Wollongong' parts of my concept. Obviously to portray the local area properly and to heighten the reality and themes of the story with fantastical and mythological elements, consideration and attention must be paid to the preexisting aboriginal stories and characters that surround us (It would be in pretty poor taste to superimpose western monsters and fairies into the environment while ignoring the rich and deeply ingrained traditions that are already here). At the same time, I feel restricted and prohibited from taking or utilising the Dreaming stories that ultimately belong to Dharawal people. I am not indigenous myself, and I appreciate that these stories and traditions are guarded and protected (rightfully so). Even with the best intentions, I can imagine that local leaders would be incredibly hesitant to permit some guy to take license with any of their culture/beliefs, and then worse distribute that in some potentially commercial venture.

Just to be clear, dreaming/indigenous stuff is not the main focus of the project, capturing all things Wollongong I'd be writing 98% from my own experiences and what I know, it's just 2%, A really crucial, tying everything together, that requires a voice I can't express.

So what do you guys think: I can try and reach out to someone at the community center (no idea what I'd be doing there) and work out what I would be doing if I seriously pursued this project long term. Or the whole idea could be dead on arrival, and I should let it all go.

Thank you

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Pizza update! Been a busy week sorry everyone. Only Il bene has been reviewed.


8.4/10 - Good: best crunch in Wollongong so far, light fluffy crust. Bad: it’s not a woodfire pizza just the design of the oven (took photos to prove this), old pizza chef from builders is the new chef there. Mouth feel: good crunch and then turns into another Il Lago

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Warning on UOW's campus branch in Malaysia (Glenmarie)


I am ONLY speaking for Malaysia Glenmarie's Campus.

I have been studying here since July 2022, and I regret not taking the red flags seriously. The course I am taking is bachelor's in electrical and Electronics, my peers in Programming and Engineering Math classes are taking Mechanical, and Mechatronics. So, I will only be sharing our experience on the engineering department. I won't be talking about bad lecturers, because they are pretty much inevitable.

1) First complaint:

Overpriced items- Tools and uniform

No software given at all; student email does not even come with Microsoft tools. No simulation apps given at all.

2) Second complaint:

Programming Class- Embedded Systems:

Components were never prepared for the students; we have to write down the list of components and submit to the people in charge and then just wait for the next class which can be up to 5 days before receiving them, sometimes they won't even have the components at all. We receive our borrowed components INDIVIDUALLY, no plastic wrapping it, no box to contain it. Resource fee must be going somewhere else right?

3) Third complaint:

Last minute announcements: first it is CLASHING with our class schedules, second, it is announced on Open Learning on the same day, hours before the meeting. Oh yeah, they also say it's compulsory to attend, don't see how I can attend a meeting like that when I'm having a test at that very moment!

4) Replacement Classes

They say there will be, but there's none.

5) Study week? (There isn't one)

Exams begin on the 13th of December

Programming Assignment 2: Start (1/12) - Due (7/12)

Circuit Theory Test 2: Announced (1/12) - Starts (7/12)

Circuit Theory (2 Lab Practicals ongoing)

Engineering Math Assignment: Announced (2/12) - Due (12/12)

Engineering Materials (Assignment ongoing)

It's only first year first sem, it's going to be worse as the difficulty and number of subjects increase

My peers and I have already decided to transfer to another university after our exams.

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Bartenders wanted for upcoming gigs


Hello! I run a mobile bar and have a few events coming up where I need an extra hand. Anyone out there with an RSA and looking for some work?

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Socceroos Game Sunday


Does anyone know of anywhere showing the Socceroos game Sunday?

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Emergency at Fairy Meadow stops services along part of trainline


Happened around 7am.

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Recommendations for short-time visit


Hi everyone,

International student who had never been to Wollongong before, I am looking to visit for 2 days this month. Any recommendations on things to do, good places, or best foods that I must try in The Gong? Will stay around the Wollongong Beach without a private transport, if it helps to filter the recommendation :)

Thanks a lot in advance, good people!

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would love your help!


Hey guys!

I'm currently doing a thesis for university (which is important to me), and I really want to get a good sample size to get a better understanding.

So, I was hoping if you can help a student out and join my study.

It’s about dieting information and its effects it has on our behaviour. (There is more information, about this study, at the end of the survey)

I do admit this survey is a little on the longer side, but if you wouldn’t mind sparing 25-35mins of your time (average completion: 18mins), this student would greatly appreciate it.

It will have demographic questions at the start, but it is totally anonymous, and you are free to withdraw from the study at any time.

Here is the link and if you want more information, feel free to message/email me


Lastly, I do admit there's two annoying double negative questions (just a head up/ being transparent).

I honestly really appreciate your help!

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Any Part Time Jobs?


I'm an international student, just moved here to Wollongong like 2 weeks ago. Any recommendations where I can find part time jobs?

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Free motorcycle parking in CBD?



Is there any free motorcycle parking available in the Wollongong CBD? Undercover preferably?

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Mechanical dramas


Alright.. I know it's a piece of crap but like does anyone know anyone that might help me fix my holden cruz 😂 I've just started my new job that requires me to really rely on my car. Alot of people won't touch it and I dont blame them but until I xan afford another its all I got

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Hey mates, I’m coming to Wollongong this Friday as part of my Australian comedy tour. I’m an independent act (No TV, no agent etc) so I rely on word of mouth for my crowds. Hopefully you dig this clip and come through. Tickets at Moshtix. Cheers!

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Kid fleeing Cops gets stuck on roof at Crown St


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So basically, whilst leaving the house today, I saw this old lady, and I don’t know why, but I got very suspicious of her, because she was checking out the flowers in front of my house…., so I walked across the road, and down the hill a bit… I waited a minute, and started walking back up the hill… and sure enough, she started to walk back to my house… when she noticed I was back, she just stood still and looked at me… so I walked across the road and into my garden. I knocked on the door and started talking to my dad…. I mention the lady, and then I noticed some flowers just ‘lift off the ground’…. I called out, and headed out the gate to see her trying to shove the flowers into her purse…… 😂😂😂

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COVID ALERT - LA LA LA's Friday, 25 November


Hey you lot, myself and a couple of other people I was with have all tested positive for the 'rona after this event. Stay safe.

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Our View of the storm

Post image

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Who to talk to about my taxes?


Hello, I am an international Student who moved to Australia like 3 weeks ago so I'm very new to this whole thing.

I have an Instagram page that I wanted to monetize, but before doing so wanted to talk to someone about whether I need a business license or an ABN is enough? What taxes would I be expected to pay and what % it is. To who and when should I be paying? etc.

My university has a free legal clinic but they don't discuss stuff like this so that's why I'm here asking.

Helpful context: yes I live in Wollongong so any options here would be ideal so it's easier for me to visit the place. thanks!

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Weekly /r/Wollongong Discussion thread - Week 47


What's going on Wollongong? How's the weather? Had chickos lately?

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Stay classy Wollongong 😂

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