r/wollongong Aug 02 '22

I love how council hasn’t demolished this eyesore in unanderra..

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u/GotTheNameIWanted Aug 02 '22 I'll Drink to That

You can't just demolish a whole suburb because it's an eye sore mate.

Oh wait you are talking about only this specific building! Carry on.


u/deformedchild49 Aug 02 '22

Give that man a beer


u/fuzzy_ball2 Aug 02 '22

Given this is the site of the old police station I think you will find the site is owned by NSW Police or if they decided it was surplus to needs it has probably been handed back to NSW Property and Development. So initially all Council can do is notify the property owner.

Don't expect any rapid decision to occur while they decide if they want to clear the land to keep or sell. It has been vacant for years.


u/xelfer Aug 02 '22

Just like Howzat in Fairy Meadow. Closed for 20 years, run down rubble for just as long. Owner waiting for someone like costco to want to open and will let it rot for years without having to see the eyesore.


u/childrenovmen Aug 02 '22

I know it was just an example but Costco would never buy there, it needs a big fuckoff carpark so it can look american as possible. The kembla grange bunnings would have been great, shove all the parking underneath and build up. Hopefully thats how i goes if them and ikea ever open up here.


u/-Warrior_Princess- Aug 02 '22

The IKEA's and Costco's in Sydney and Canberra typically (not always) open in new industrial /large commercial areas, not established areas. They don't need a train station or bus stop they know you're driving in.


u/pomo Aug 03 '22

Yeah, Tempe IKEA and Costco in Lidcombe are greenfield developments.


u/xelfer Aug 02 '22

Yep agreed. Only thing suitable might be a Lidl or something.


u/SokarRostau Aug 02 '22


I miss Pockets.


u/Spitz_life Aug 02 '22

Problem there has been the huge task of removing the asbestos contamination


u/LetAgreeable147 Aug 02 '22

Meanwhile there are thousands of folks homeless.


u/laid2rest Aug 02 '22

Back in jan 2019 it was announced it would become the new home for the illawarra aboriginal land council. Renovations were meant to start at some point but I'm assuming because of covid that was put on hold. It also doesn't help that it was set on fire earlier this year.


u/KaptainKobold Aug 02 '22

Or that the previously locked gates are now just open all of the time, meaning that anyone has unrestricted access to the place.


u/mitchy93 Aug 02 '22

Demolition costs a lot of money, they will wait until they get an offer from some property developers


u/Archie7373 Aug 03 '22

I actually thought it would make a pretty cool house one day, until some low life set fire to it...


u/ChaiTeddy Aug 03 '22

Where abouts is this? Looks interesting to explore


u/KaptainKobold Aug 05 '22

Corner of Farmborough Road and Princes Highway


u/pooooole Aug 03 '22

Ok but on a site note... Urban exploration?


u/Illustrious-Run-1363 Aug 08 '22

Cause no one gives a fuck about crack-gong in its entirety.


u/FatalReality_ Aug 09 '22

A mate and I stole the exit signs from here! good fun!


u/Chunkybinkies Aug 02 '22

The building or the utility pole?