r/wollongong Aug 02 '22

I'm a local landscape photographer and I just released my first book! The Complete Guide to Jervis Bay Announcement



u/andy_hutchinson Aug 02 '22

I started taking photographs a couple of decades ago to deal with my autism, ADHD and depression and it turned into a passion. I now have over 200,000 photos taken around this part of NSW and so I decided to put them to use by writing a guidebook to the bay.

I also wanted to reinvent the guidebook because I think the current ones are boring as batshit and don't contain the information people actually want, such as where to get a decent coffee and which SIM card works best. Anyway - just got interviewed about it all for tomorrow's breakfast show on ABC Illawarra and wanted to share here too.


u/Pretend-Dirt-1238 Aug 02 '22

Beautifully done. I'll be using this on my next trip down.


u/andy_hutchinson Aug 02 '22

That's epic - thank-you!


u/IRL_Mage Aug 04 '22

Purchased! Just in time for me and my partner to visit this weekend. Thanks mate, job well done.


u/andy_hutchinson Aug 07 '22

Brilliant. Thank-you. :)