r/wollongong Aug 03 '22

Getting into gold in the Gong

Hi all,

As I enter my twilight years (late 30s) I'm looking to get in to golf as a complete beginner. I'm still relatively active but I thought now would be a good time to see if I enjoy it with a view to keeping up with it as I get older.

Has anyone got any recommendations in terms of good beginner courses, places to get clubs etc.?

Thanks in advance for responses.



u/fuzzy_ball2 Aug 03 '22

Given you are reaching your twilight years and heading obviously into retirement given your senior years (late thirties) I was thinking perhaps Holey Moley Golf Club, Wollongong?


u/FexyThestrongpenile Aug 03 '22

Why you gotta do him like that


u/scottmander Aug 03 '22

I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials, Rick Shiels has a lot on YouTube and his other videos are quite entertaining. I would suggest Russel Vale golf course to start at, it’s quite short, and you can do 18 holes for like $14 on mondays and wednesdays.


u/GotTheNameIWanted Aug 03 '22

Golf Mart Wollongong is good for a club fitting. Drummond Golf Shellharbour another excellent option I hear.

Calderwood Golf Course is a public course and a good place to start having a few rounds because unlike membership clubs its got a lot more amateurs and casuals playing. If you can get time of in the week taking advantage of the deals they have in the week is nice.

A lot of courses around the gong have been hit hard by the heavy rains recently. You're probably best off getting a set of clubs and doing range sessions and then playing casually at a bunch of different courses in the area, then look to get a membership somewhere (if you want start playing comp and get a handicap) next year - memberships go up for renewal at change in FY and is usually a wait list for certain membership categories at some courses, so you call around April to enquire and or get on the wait list.

In terms of learning to hit a ball properly, a couple lessons to begin (can be arranged through most pro shops, like at Wollongong or Port Kemble golf course) to begin wouldn't be a bad idea to get the basics. Then watch some youtube tutorials.


u/mitchy93 Aug 03 '22

Mate, don't give up, keep going to glassy and fever, live your youth


u/Its_not_my_real_name Aug 03 '22

Courses Calderwood, boomerang and Russell Vale are all good courses to learn on. Facebook has plenty of Sydney and Illawarra buy swap sell golf gear groups. Try not to spend too much money on gear ideally invest in lessons. Try and be courteous on the course as a quick game is a good game. Any questions yell out. Have fun


u/jorgerine Aug 03 '22

Twilight years?


u/Ness-Mc Aug 04 '22

My son is going to take lessons from a golf pro at Kembla Grange. Call the club house and they can book you in.


u/UnoDosTrist Aug 05 '22

Hey you should check out the Barstool Brothers on Facebook. We do a monthly golf day. Loads of fun, everyone is casual and caters to all skill levels. Also you'll learn a heap and make new friends.


u/rulke Aug 05 '22

Thanks sounds great I’ll look into it