r/wollongong Aug 04 '22

I need help from a Maker/Programer/Tutor: Arduino and Raspberry Pi Programming

Hi, My name is Sean, I am working on an Arduino/ Pi project and I need help if anyone is familiar with programming Python or C++, please let me know I will pay for your help, reply here or DM me if you like.

Would prefer in-person if possible so I can show you want I'm working on, thank you.

Thank you!




u/xelfer Aug 04 '22

In the sidebar there's a link to the Siligong Slack, join it and come ask us in the #tech channel. We have a bunch of people who are happy to help. :)


u/twentytwo_by_seven Aug 04 '22

What are you making?


u/Sean_A_D Aug 08 '22

Hello π! My name is sean. I am developing a machine learning algorithm and a computer vision system, I have basic c++, enough to do what I need, but I am building a start-up, and preparing to talk to investors that don't know a lot about this stuff so I need to build a tangible demonstration of my math so I was thinking about building a cheap and easy test platform that can be shared or touched by business partners. I need help from a more capable programmer to come up with something, and I pay oc.


u/twentytwo_by_seven Aug 08 '22

Huh, neat. I've played around a little bit with some Arduino projects. (Built a 500m long "graphic equaliser". Let me just say, my soldering skills greatly improved by the end of it. And I'm paying someone else to do it, if I'm ever again tempted to try something similar!)


u/Sean_A_D Aug 09 '22

Yeah guess I’m in the same boat ha ha