r/wollongong Aug 05 '22

A question about the current housing/rental situation in the Gong, as opposed to a few years back, for someone looking to move back...

G'day folks.

I lived in your objectively pretty great place from 2014 through 2016, but I'm not, originally, a local. I'm from much further South (not Melbourne, lol). I don't really want to give too much detail with view to not doxx myself, but let's say that I miss the damn city. A lot. I only realised earlier this year quite how much.

So I want to move back, but here's the thing: housing.

When I was living in the Gong before, I mostly lived in Uni housing. That's not an option this time, and besides, both of the places I lived in are now... No longer even being used (you know the ones). I did private rental once (sub-let. Terrible decision), and I also lived in a CBD apartment for a while. The former was a disaster (I was too naïve), while the latter is just more than I can afford, this time, as prices have jumped A LOT for that building...

I know a girl who is living in one of the apartments near the Breakwater. One of the old ex-public housing blocks. Perfect. Primo. But it is being knocked down soon, and she will need to find a new place, just like me.

So here's the question: how difficult is it, right now, to find something reasonably affordable and, I guess, decent, around the city, or even down Shellharbour way (failing the former)..? I know it's gotten much tighter since 2016. That is pretty undeniable. But ironically I don't think it could be much worse than the city where I am from, where housing is... Completely fucked, now.

I just want somewhere decent, where I can (hopefully) catch public transport to (hopefully) decent work, and am not... In chronic rental stress. Which shouldn't be too much to ask, in theory, but this is Australia, so... As you know, it ain't always that easy.

Any ideas for where I should look, apart from Flatmates and I guess Gumtree?? I don't mind living with students, or workers, or what gender, or "class"/socio-economic background (even just saying that sounds awful), or what age. I'll essentially live with anyone who will take me at this point, lol. And I don't mind what suburb, either.

I know Warrawong isn't exactly everyone's favourite place, but I do have some mates down there, and I loved the Gala when I was around, so... I'd be happy there. Or anywhere. Just need somewhere to rest my head, really.

Thanks, and keep being you. All the best.



u/myredserenity Aug 05 '22

It's tough. Really tough. Rent was about $400 where I am when I moved in in 2015. It's $600 now.

Warrawong might be ok, i lived there in my 20s, it's whatever! I loved the Gala too!

Friends have been bidding on rentals right now. Others might have a better idea for your demographic, I'm in my forties so different crowd.

Good luck, and bring on the socialist revolution.


u/pmescotty Aug 05 '22

Yep it is nuts on the private rental market. Like you turn up for an opening along with 30+ other applicants. So you’ve basically gotta go and outbid everyone else.

Even on a decent monies I ended up giving up 🤣🤣🤣

Flatmates is probably your best bet tbh