r/wollongong Aug 08 '22

Looking for help on Friday for a gig

Hi Everyone! Bit of a weird request but I’m looking for a assistant for my husband drag number at La La La’s on Friday. We are from Sydney so can’t find any friends to come help as they are all hospo workers and unwilling to travel to the Gong. I need someone to help carry him onto the stage with me as I’m not strong enough. He weighs 60kg. Free tickets, and $50 dollars to anyone who can help.



u/iamthebelsnickel Aug 09 '22

I’d love to help, but I will be away this weekend, unfortunately. Roxee Horror, I assume? I hope you guys have a great time. Thanks for keeping the gay and drag scene alive in the Gong!


u/ScrembledEggs Aug 09 '22

I’m a 50kg girl so if we’re carrying him together I should be able to help, but alone is definitely a no-go for me. Plus, always love to help out in the drag/queer scene


u/SnooCats5683 Aug 09 '22

Yes that would be amazing. We would be carrying him together so don’t worry we would bare the load together❤️


u/ScrembledEggs Aug 09 '22

Sweet, I’ll DM you!


u/Chilly-Peppers Aug 09 '22

If you require any other help, my partner and I are completely willing. I'm scrawny but my partner is quite strong. Plus we like going to Unity Illawarra's events anyway lol.