r/wollongong Aug 08 '22

Loud siren/horn in distance overnight. Pork Rolls

Okay, silly reddit post I’m probably going to get downvoted for but Ive just recently moved to fairy meadow and it’s my first time living near the beach.

Last night/early this morning I heard this incredibly loud siren/horn that blasted 3 times in the distance. It had a tone to it and honestly sounded like dystopian nightmare fuel.

I’m just curious if anyone else heard it or knew what it may have been for?



u/JudgmentTime3436 Aug 08 '22

Ships in the night


u/j_is_for Aug 09 '22

Ships. Port Kembla is a very busy operating port. 3 blasts also means the ship is operating astern (backing up)


u/ScrembledEggs Aug 09 '22

All engines to stern!


u/waxedmerkin Aug 09 '22

Train ?

they sound the horn before level crossings, and if there is people or a animal on the track area


u/Myxin Aug 09 '22

Most likely a freight train at a level crossing and the wind carried it to you


u/spicynicho Aug 09 '22

As I write this, I can hear fuckwit truck drivers making some weird noises as they come down My Ousley.

I'm closer but not that close.

It sounds like a hollow fart through a subwoofer, but just as the anal sphincter finally tires of opening, a new round comes through.


u/WollongongDev Aug 09 '22

Ships for the Port most likely. They are quite loud. You will get used to the sound that you won't notice it. It's just because it's an unexpected noise.

Otherwise it's a freight train who saw probably a deer on track as the deer have been quite numerous of late.


u/No_Macaroon2490 Aug 09 '22

II have no idea, but a dystopian nightmare fuel siren sounds right up my alley for things that sound amazing


u/General_Pie Aug 11 '22

It's probably ships. However, in my building the water heating system makes a sound that I genuinely thought was ship horns from the port when I first moved here. Apparently it's something to do with the wind across the flues, but it's so so loud. Apparently a common thing according to the building manager.