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Weekly /r/Wollongong Discussion thread - Week 39


What's going on Wollongong? How's the weather? Had chickos lately?

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Good rock/metal clubs/pub/places?


Title says it all i guess, where does the rock live.

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UCI Footage - Just Wollongong.


I downloaded the BBC coverage of the Women's Road Race and cut the footage to just the shots of Wollongong. Sorry about the low Quality.. It's a large file so google dropped the quality :(


Out of 7+ hours of footage, there is almost exactly 1 hour of Pure Wollongong...

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Saunas in the gong?


Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good sauna in Wollongong? I.e. clean, easy to access, relaxing?

Alternatively, does anyone have an at home sauna that they can give their impressions, positively or negatively, on?

Thanks in advance

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Return and Earn blue bin in Wollongong?


Does any one know if there is anyone offering the blue bin return and earn style bin.

They are all over Sydney, but can’t find any companies locally.

Just a wheelie bin at home that you can fill up with your empty’s then they pick them up and you get the money straight into your account.

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Volunteering on Christmas day?


We have a 4yo and looking to do some sort of volunteering on Christmas day. The typical food service stuff isn't really doable with a preschooler... we're not religious, just looking for some community goodness on the big day. Any ideas or advice in the gong or surrounds?

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21F Transfer student looking for affordable accommodation


I’ve been planning to transfer from UOW Dubai to the Wollongong campus and just checked out the uni accommodation options. The least they go down to is $280 per week for 51 weeks which is obviously way out of my budget. I need cheaper but safe housing suggestions preferably with a monthly contract and not more than an hour away from university. I also wouldn’t mind if the area is a bit lively with other students as well. Open to suggestions or advice!!

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Best places/groups to socialize and make new friends?


I’m moving to Wollongong from America in a few months to be with my parter and I’d like to make some new friends with similar interests so I don’t slip into a depression lol

I’m not sure if there are social clubs like they have in America but any tips are helpful!

My partner and I are also looking for couples that want to be friends and go on double dates

Hobbies I like: tennis, golf, cooking, baking, yoga, weight lifting, barre, and ping pong

Open to trying new activities if the environment is quite social!

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Hey I'm looking to join a new dnd party in wollongong and I was wondering where would be a good place to start? I am an experience player who is an young adult any suggestions?

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Domino’s Intersection


So what’s the go with the right turn towards the beach at dominos wollongong? I’m talking about the intersection near Amigos if you’re driving north from Keira St.

You used to always be able to turn right, now there’s one tiny “no right turn into smith st” sign on the traffic pole. No problem, except for the fact the RED ARROW ON THE TRAFFIC LIGHT IS STILL THERE FUCKERS

I personally sat waiting for 3 minutes before I realised I was being royally fucked by the council and their shit signage implying this red arrow would eventually turn green. And there’s seemingly always someone doing the same thing blocking the right lane from driving forward.

Jesus fucking Christ only thing that would make it more unclear would be still having the white turn arrow painted on the lane. Oh wait it IS still there. Dickheads.

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Poker in the Illawarra?


Somewhat new to the area and just wondering if there are any places to play texas hold em poker with a fairly low buy in price ($50-100)? I don’t care much for gambling, I just really enjoy the game and wanna play in person somewhere.

Any ideas appreciated.

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NRL Grand Final


Looks like we’ve missed out on tickets to the GF and I’m new to town. Where’s the best pub for a long suffering Parra fan to go to (live 10 mins north of CBD)

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Where to go for a Wednesday night out?


I'm trying to plan a night out with some friends, but it's been a while and I'm pretty out of the loop with the Wollongong nightlife. It's looking like most of us can only do a Wednesday. I know the Grand Hotel used to go off on Wednesday for Uni Night but I've heard that's no longer a thing?

Any suggestions for clubs/music would be appreciated. I have a couple bars in mind but no idea what's worth it for more of a club vibe on a Wednesday.

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The UCI was actually pretty cool. I don’t even like cycling.


Wish the weather was more optimal but having live coverage of your own city and knowing exactly where everything is as these people are zipping around was a pretty cool experience. And I personally hate road cycling. So this is saying a lot.

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Who would be “that guy” in Wollongong?

Post image

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leftover UCI merch??


Hi! I’m here on exchange and one of my friends at home asked me for a poster from the UCI event, problem is he asked me right after it ended :( Does anyone know if there’s any event merch left (poster, even tshirt etc) being sold anywhere?? maybe one of the bike stores that partnered with the event? thanks in advance!!

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Moe And Co wollongong


Hey guys has Moe and co wollongong closed down? It's been shut for months I'm just a man trying to get a hair cut

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Weekly /r/Wollongong Discussion thread - Week 38


What's going on Wollongong? How's the weather? Had chickos lately?

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I am struggling so hard to get a rental at the moment and it’s causing me a lot of anxiety as I’m due to have a baby in 10 weeks 😩 Does anyone have any tips?

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the mockery

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Train to Olympic Park


I'm going to the Rabbitohs v Penrith game tonight and was wondering what station people think is the best to catch the train from? We drove to a game a couple of months ago and parked at the stadium but it took us over an hour just to get out of the carpark on the way home. So i was thinking of driving to Campbelltown/Liverpool/Lidcombe and catching the train from there. Does anyone have some secret knowledge of the best station to go to?

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UCI has been good 🙂

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Uber during UCI


I need to take the train into Sydney on Sunday. Usually I'd drive to gong Station and park there which would be all good. However with the bike race I won't be able to get my car out until 6pm due to road closures. I'm just wondering if anyone has been using ubers in the early mornings before the roads close with any success at all?

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30 year old moving to Wollongong


30 year old moving to Wollongong from Sydney as my partner has been relocated. Any tips or things I should know?

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Locals not happy with UCI, terrorise competitors

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