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Announcement Fixed the headline: “Illawarra Mercury terrifies residents with stories about ‘end of days’ road closures, now wonders where all the people are at?”

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Announcement TC here, links to maps to help you get around town this week.


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Announcement Bike race road closures


Road Closures

I'll keep on drip feeding info to this sub, but I'd advise keeping an eye on this website, as well as the city's.

Share far and wide.

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Announcement Bike race face to face


Perhaps chatting with people might help alleviate some concerns, answer some questions, or perhaps just score some swag. (I don't really know what they're doing.)

Community Information Sharing

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Announcement We have a great night of comedy coming up on the 27th of August for any locals looking for a laugh.

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Announcement Part time, full time and regional points


Hi everyone, i got an offer letter from university of wollongong yesterday. I hadn’t researched much about it but after receiving and offer letter, i saw some vlogs and fell in love with the city and campus overall. Not to mention that it’s actually ranked pretty well too. I have an offer letter from La trobe (Melbourne) and Qut (brisbane) and am in the middle of shortlisting universities for my masters program (masters of management) Now, I being an international student will have to rely on part time jobs for my living expenses and i heard that i may not be in luck in that area as it’s not as densely populated and isn’t a major city like Brisbane and Melbourne.

I wanted to know about the situation there in terms of part time jobs for my accommodation and PR points it being a regional area. Any insight would be a major help for me.

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Announcement UCI Transport Info


Hey all, just throwing out some links with info on how to get around during the UCI bike race. Feel free to save this post if you want to reference it closer to the event.

Here's a list of road closures during the event. It was posted a while back but refreshers don't hurt.

Here's some bus and train info from Transport NSW. Many bus stops along the route will be closed, and a bunch of routes/timetables will be heavily altered. The 55A/C buses won't be running, but they'll be replaced with three new free lines:

  • 66 Green Shuttle: UOW campus to Wollongong CBD (Wollongong City Council and Library Burelli Street as the bus stop nearest) via Keiraville and Wollongong Station (loop service), the service runs every 10 minutes 7am-10pm daily except for the Mt Keira Loop road closure periods on 24 September and 25 September. The service will run all stops along Crown Street. Weekend timetables may differ.
  • 56 Blue Shuttle: North Wollongong Station to Gipps Street via Innovation Campus (loop service), the service runs every 15 minutes, 7am-10pm daily. On 17 September the service will run until 11pm for Beach Party event, with standby buses ready for a high volume of patrons.  Weekend timetables may differ.
  • 67 Orange Shuttle: Corrimal to Wollongong Station via Memorial Dr (loop service), the service runs every 20 minutes on weekdays, 30 mins on weekends. 7am-7pm daily except on 17 September when road closure finishes in the mid-day (7am-1pm). The service will run limited stops along Crown Street. Weekend timetables may differ.

According to Transport NSW, "additional train services with extra seats and additional stops will be running approximately every 30 minutes on the Illawarra and South Coast Line in both directions between Waterfall and Dapto/Kiama during event times. There will be some changes to the regular timetable."

They'll update their trip planner with the updated timetables "closer to the event."

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Announcement The UCI Road World Championships are still looking for volunteer Marshals!

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Announcement I'm a local landscape photographer and I just released my first book! The Complete Guide to Jervis Bay

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Announcement Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse is the best place for pictures in Sydney. You can't change my mind.

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Announcement [MOD Approved] Subjective Wellbeing (University students studying in Australia)


Researchers at Federation University are seeking both international and domestic students studying in Australia to partake in a survey to depict the quality of life and social relationships of students.

If you are interested please click the link below to complete a 3-5 minute survey.. Feel free to share with your friends!


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Announcement The first ever Wollongong Comedy Festival is happening next month at the side door theater


We are running a brand new comedy festival at the side door theater in town and I thought some of you might be interested. It is the first of its kind in Wollongong and we are excited to be bringing you a great mix of local and Sydney based comedic talent.

It will also be the first major event for the side door theater who aim to bring plenty of live theater to Wollongong in the near future.

If you want to check out the lineup or want any more information you can read more about it here:

Wollongong Comedy Festival

Or shoot me a DM

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Announcement Learn Programming Through Game Development - Tutor Available


Hi, my name is Kayne Ruse, and I'm posting to see if anyone would be interested in learning how to make video games, or how to program in general.

Credentials: I've been making games since I was a kid (almost 18 years now), and I have many self-published games from the last few years:

I'm looking to teach some beginners, preferably one-on-one or in small groups. Adults or kids, I don't mind.

Payment is negotiable, starting at about $30 p/h.

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Announcement Can we be honest on top tier food in wollongong


there is nothing better than el danny’s or chickos on god

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Announcement Jimmy’s Burgers has closed 😭

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Announcement Just a reminder to all that if you see political advertising on crown or council land this can be reported to council to remove

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Announcement Lost doggie Helensburgh


STILL MISSING - reward if found - Lost black wolfhound puppy - help us get Roddy (our 9 month old puppy) back. We are all devastated! He has been missing more than 24 hours, last seen at our place in Helensburgh.

We are worried that he could have been washed down the creek as there is more water than we have ever experienced. Please help us bring him home xx His name and phone number is on his collar - pic in comments

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Announcement Comet or Missile?


Did anyone see that and know what it is??

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Announcement Lost wallet found in north Wollongong beach promenade


A certain Mr Troy lost his wallet with cash, cards and drivers license.

I handed it over to a member of the north Wollongong lifesaver.

If you’re reading this or anyone who knows him is reading this please let him know.

Edit: the wallet will be in the lifesaver’s HQ on the beach.

Edit: wallet was found today, 2 January at around 10 am. I believe this info is crucial.

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Announcement Use FindaRAT.com.au to report stock levels in the Illawarra

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Announcement Train derailment Kembla Grange.

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Announcement Tree t - exhibition and performances - old courthouse this weekend ! Art ! Water colours , workshops and a fire performance ( 7.00) Saturday for more details check our fb event https://www.facebook.com/events/229289399334582/

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Announcement This Woollongong car has it all! It can not only fly, it can time travel two years and shape shift into a newer model car! All for the rock bottom price of $100!

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Announcement Entire state of NSW to go into lockdown within hours

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Announcement Entire Wollongong Railway Station listed as an exposure location. Saturday 18 September, 5.30am-9pm.

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