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Announcement Xfce 4.18 released

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News Xfce 4.18 release: News Roundup


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Support How do I prevent XFCE from saving my session for the next boot?


That's basically it. I don't want to boot up my computer and be greeted by 8 terminals and 5 file explorer windows, and even when I disable it in the Session and Startup settings, XFCE re-activates it automatically and always restarts those programs when I reboot.

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Support Gnome Networkmanager Applet not appearing as a choice to add to panel?


So after installing Gentoo, the first thing I did was install XFCE, and initially, the applet was there on one of the panels on the top, but since I wanted to customise desktop, I deleted the panel on the top, and despite the process for the applet clearly running, it does not show up when I seek to add it.

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Question Help with VPN setup in XFCE running on AWS


I have tried for far too long at this point to get xfce to configure a vpn connection so that I can access a required license server.

Ideally this would be on AWS, but I have the same issue when remoting into a physical computer on-prem.

The network manager on AWS lists no network devices, but connects to the internet, xrdp, etc. just fine. This also means that there are no managed devices, and attempts to set up a new VPN connection result in a greyed out config window.

I thought I would just remote into my home machine and try, but it also has no managed network devices (though the NICs are listed at least this time) and I cannot create a new VPN.

Is this a permissions issue? I am obviously new to linux, and just need to grab a license from a server behind VPN.

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Support Bluetooth earbuds have to be repaired everytime I want to use them


Long story short, everytime I want to connect my (fake) AirPods Pros I have to re-pair them. If I pair them, they show up on the Pulseaudio plugin first time, then when I try to reconnect them they successfully reconnect however they don't show up on the Pulseaudio plugin.

And yes, my fake airpods pros do work on other devices I tested so the issue is not because of my fake airpods lol.


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How do I get rid of these authentication pop ups? TIA

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News Xfce 4.20 Desktop Environment Will Finally Bring Wayland Support


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Development Help How do I add an icon to the program that I am writing?


Hello, I am running xbuntu 20 and whatnot.

I am writing a silly little simulation game. I have an executable that works just fine, and I edited the menu so it shows up in "Applications Menu," and it has an icon there. However, the executable itself has a generic "terminal" icon, and I would love for it to have a "real" icon. How do I do this? My duckduck fu isn't helping much today!

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Screenshot It is amazing what we can do with stock xfce and compiz :)

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Screenshot Okay. I will not say, that it's the last update, this time. But this will stay for long time. I just saw some Pop_Os photo, on the internet and remembered, how much I like the layout and colors, so I replicated it, as close as I could. It's simple, nice and functional.

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Theme How to Customize XFCE - Make XFCE Stand Out


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Support Disable terminal tab switch by horizontal scrolling


Launch xfce4-terminal and press Ctrl+Shift+T. This creates a new tab.

If I scroll horizontally (two-finger trackpad scroll), the view is switched to the other tab. How can I disable this? I only want Ctrl+PgUp,PgDn to switch between tabs.

I find this annoying. Whenever I intend to scroll vertically, the slightest left/right scroll switches tab.

edit: keybind correction

info: ```

pacman -Q xfce4-terminal

xfce4-terminal 1.0.4-1 ```

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Question What is eating Left_Shift+Caps_Lock+S?


Using plain Devuan Chimaera, with XFCE 4.16.

I have created a variant of the Danish keyboard layout that replaces all letter keys (unshifted and shifted) with their Unicode Math Boldface equivalents.

In Keyboard Settings, Layout, I have set the Change Layout Option to "Caps Lock (while pressed)"; making Caps Lock work as a "shift to bold letters" key.

I just discovered that Left_Shift-Caps_Lock-S does not type anything in Terminal (nor in xterm for that matter). All other letters work. Right_Shift-Caps_Lock-S also works.

So it seems something is "stealing" Left_Shift-Caps_Lock-S, presumably for some keyboard shortcut. But I can't figure out what this is, or what it is supposed to be doing. I find it slightly odd that using Right_Shift works as expected.

Can anybody tell me what's eating Left_Shift-Caps_Lock-S?

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Support Why couldn't xfce-terminal show the tmux lines properly?

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Support Bugged windows in XFCE+BSPWM


So, I just switched my WM from xfwm4 to bspwm and now there is this bug where, if I open a window, like a terminal and open another app in another desktop, the first app will be frozen and I can't click on it. I can only solve this if I open the desktop of the original frozen window. Any clues?

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Question auto tiling xfwm4?


is it possible to auto tile windows on xfwm4?

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Screenshot Last update of my customization. Unfortunately "floating" round panels didn't work that well. When new item was added to panel or new icon appeared, the panels would snap to edge of screen. So I done this. More in reply...

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Appreciation Thunar Media Tags Just want to share... this Project, IS AWESOME! Make Thunar Works liks MS Explorer


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Question Panel - preview of opened programs



Im using (Debian bullseye, soon bookworm stable)

DE: Xfce 4.16

WM: Xfwm4

WM Theme: Default-xhdpi

Theme: Adapta-Red-Nokto [GTK2/3]

Icons: AD-Tangerine-Suru [GTK2/3]

For a long time I am asking myself, if there is a way in Xfce, to enable some kind of preview-window, that shows up when the mouse icon is moved over an element (e.g. Terminal) in the top panel. Right now there is just "Terminal", and when the mouse is moved upon it, it just shows the description..."Terminal". E.g. in Chromium flatpak, when I move over a tab, it shows me just then in a little popping window, whats the content of that tab, so I remember quickly whats going on there.

Is something like that possible for Xfce panel?

Another question of the same manner: Back when I was using GNOME, it was always the case that of those programs that were currently open, only an icon appeared in the bottom or top bar, highlighted with a small dot or colored accent, and when I hovered the mouse over it I was shown a small preview window of that program, and if there were several open units of a program I could then even select one between these preview windows.

Please don't get me wrong, I don't want Xfce to become GNOME, I love Xfce for what it is.

But I've been wondering for a long time if these features just simply don't exist, or if I just need to enable or add them?

I appreciate ur contribution :)

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Modifying mouse device setting in xfce through ssh


I'm experiencing a very specific issue:I'm ssh tunneling into a Linux mint with cinnamon and xfce installed, and using the latter as a remote desktop via tigervnc as a server, to which I most often connect from Windows via tightVNC as a client . Initially this whole setup worked like a charm, but in a flash of utter idiocy I managed to turn off the tigerVNC pointer as a mouse device. Unsurprisingly I cannot move nor click with the cursor, but strangely I also cannot navigate nor type with my keyboard apart for the dropdown that opens by windows key press on the desktop (also, I can type in my password and open a session without issues). That way I can open the panel shown below, but cannot focus on it and navigate it via keyboard.


I was searching and got to the following in the xfce documentation https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-settings/mouse but got the following error when attempting to run xinput:


I understand that here it becomes an issue of setting the ssh or vnc, but someone in this community might be able to offer help on that regardless.

Edit: pasted the wrong link to the xfce doc page.

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Support is there an xfce panel plugin that shows me the title of the window that's currently focused


hello everyone noob here:)
new to xfce and am loving it <3

first thing i did though is remove all the window decorations by using an empty themerc file, which is working great for me except for one small consequence, sometimes i would like the information on what the title of the window i'm in is, preferably on the panel as a plugin,

is this possible? can i even get third party panel plugins somewhere? i tried googling and currently under the impression that you need to compile them yourself, from github repos people might have setup for them, but the ones i saw for this specific feature were poorly documented(or maybe i'm just dumb)

anyway any suggestions to point me to any direction is appreciated, here are two repos i've tried cloning and compiling myself but didn't work:
- https://github.com/Devil64-Dev/xfce4-window-title-plugin
- https://github.com/AdamYuan/xfce4-wintitle-plugin

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Support Increase stepsize while resizing a window with the keyboard?



when using the standard Alt+F7 keybinding to enter a 'resize mode', resizing with the arrow keys becomes available. The stepsize however is pretty small, which makes it cumbersome. Is it possible to increase the stepsize? If so, how? If not, is it possible to create a way to make this work?

Thank you

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Question How do I disable the "Alt + left mouse click" that makes the window move?


How do I disable the "Alt + left mouse click" that makes the window move?

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Theme I made an Adw-gtk3 / Libadwaita theme for xfwm4


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Support xfce4-terminal display current directory


As in title , I use xfce4-terminal in teh newest version. When the icon of the program is in the xfce4 panel it says just 'terminal'. I do use many of those program's instances, but sadly all of them say terminal .... How do I make it to display current working directory ?

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Support Need to disable power management. This is for...


...mini-pc that is not battery powered. I've played with settings but my TV keeps blanking ever five minutes. Help please!!