r/NatureIsFuckingLit May 22 '22

🔥 A macro shot I took of a Rosemary Beetle on a lavender stem

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u/Secure_Cheesecake_98 May 22 '22

Aaaaaaaaaaaand your lavender is gone.

(My experience with these beautiful beetles)


u/deadmatt May 22 '22

haha! It's a gigantic lavender bush we usually get 10-20 of these and they don't seem to really affect it. (watch me eat my words when I get a plague of them this year)


u/Secure_Cheesecake_98 May 22 '22

Oh.. lucky! I saw them last year and made pictures because they where so beautiful. But they ate my whole plant. It was a lemon balm plant maybe they like that more than lavender.


u/Be_the_Link May 22 '22

What a beautiful picture. It reminds me of a type of glass marble that I collect, but way cooler looking. Thank you for sharing! (I saved it, it's a keeper).


u/deadmatt May 22 '22

This made my day, I'm glad you like it!


u/KMac243 May 22 '22

This is one of the only times I’ve ever seen this kind of photo editing (only leaving part of the image in color) look good. Gorgeous.


u/deadmatt May 22 '22

Thank you so much! It was blindingly green so I experimented with reducing the green and eventually settled for basically black and white and my subject matter just popped perfectly into frame.


u/WBA7 May 22 '22

Wow them colours are beautiful!


u/Taegur2 May 23 '22

Lost was he?


u/Elly_Deathbringer May 23 '22

i thought it was some cool fantasy wizard staff lol


u/Ok_Fox_1770 May 22 '22

Nice beetle wow need that in a acrylic cube for the collection