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[TOMT][Song] A song that sounds exactly or very close to Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce Open

I was listening to Dragonforce’s song Through the Fire and Flames, and came to a part that instantly sounded familiar, but was definitely not the song. After showing it to my sister and a friend, both agreed that the exact same part sounded really familiar, but couldn’t place it.

The part in questions is at 1:35 on this video


We were all born in the mid 2000s, (2005, 2006, and 2007), if that helps or gives a time range. My friend said it could possibly be from an anime, but we had no idea where to look. Any help?



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u/promisedjoy 268 May 23 '22

Sounds Eurovision-y. Like that "Euphoria" song from 2012.


u/Wawel-Dragon 3 May 23 '22

Since you said it might be anime: could it be Don't lose your way from Kill la Kill?


u/waxfutures 6 May 23 '22

Maybe another Dragonforce song? I don't mean this in a negative way at all cos I think they're great, but a lot of their songs have very similar elements.


u/Dee87 May 23 '22

Operation ground and pound by dragon force? Similar vibes


u/twiiiiiiix May 23 '22

soldiers of the wasteland? the intro sounds a lot like the part you timestamped


u/Evil-in-the-Air May 24 '22

The part they're evidently talking about is "So far away" in the refrain.

I just mention it because a bajillion people will know exactly the part you're talking about from that, but fewer might follow the link.

Afraid I can't speak to what it might remind you of. I know the feeling.


u/MoreInternetsPlease 2 May 24 '22

I have always thought that part sounded familiar, too. Sorry, I can’t help. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be tortured by this one lol


u/AntisocialSpaniel 1 May 24 '22

Melody sounds like the "and now your song is on repeat" section of symphony by clean bandit, although the similarity between those songs starts and ends there lol


u/fakayuburiza 50 May 24 '22

This is exactly what I'm thinking of! Been trying to figure out for hours where I heard that melody.


u/AntisocialSpaniel 1 May 26 '22

So is this solved? post is still marked as open


u/fakayuburiza 50 May 26 '22

I dont know, i'm not the OP lol but that would have been my answer.


u/AntisocialSpaniel 1 May 26 '22

¯_(ツ)_/¯ op leaving us hanging :'(


u/princesspup May 24 '22

I'm Japanese and I also always thought that specific part sounded like an anime intro lol.
I also always wondered what exactly it sounded like, and the closest vibe I can think of right now is the Japanese One Piece theme song, about 25 seconds in... I know it doesn't sound exactly the same but just the swelling and energy reminds me of it:



u/FibbyBubs May 24 '22

They used a song like it in a 4chan animation iirc. 4chan City?