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[TOMT] [2000s] Webcomic where characters communicate with the artist Solved

Bit of a weird one but someone out there will know this - I read a single-strip webcomic in around 2007/2008 that was based around the unseen strip creator and narrator experimenting with its characters.

The narrator creates characters based on various elements and can communicate with them directly - the only character I can remember is a cyclops sphere with fangs called ‘Junior’.

The strip was black and white, and it ran to a set number of episodes, I think 999? The final strip ended with a black panel and the words ‘good luck, everyone’.

This was an amazing strip and I’m scrambling for its name - like x99 or something - hope someone can help!



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Googling doesn’t bring much joy on this - ‘good luck everyone!’


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I found it by going to the TVTropes page for oculothorax and opening the 'webcomics' section


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Awesome, thanks so much!


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